April 2007

Statewide Activities
Part 665 – Statewide Workforce Investment Activities Under Title I of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) SUBPART A – GENERAL DESCRIPTION 665.100 665.110 What are the Statewide workforce investment activities under title I of WIA? How are Statewide workforce investment activities funded?

SUBPART B – REQUIRED AND ALLOWABLE STATEWIDE WORKFORCE INVESTMENT ACTIVITIES 665.200 665.210 What are required Statewide workforce investment activities? What are allowable Statewide workforce investment activities?


re services to incumbent workers allowable statewide activities?

Yes. Innovative incumbent worker training programs are allowable activities that states may choose to establish and implement. Commissioner Thurmond kicked off Georgia’s successful Incumbent Worker pilot initiative in April, 2005. Seven Workforce Investment Boards received grants of up to $50,000 during 2005 to work with companies to design and implement projects. Workforce areas receiving grants included Northwest Georgia, Cobb County, Atlanta Regional, West Central Georgia, Richmond-Burke, East Central Georgia, and Southeast Georgia. Most of the projects were in the manufacturing and health care sectors, and much of the training was provided by local technical colleges. For example, a textile firm in Southeast Georgia implemented technical training for one of its divisions using a multimedia computer-based curriculum, also translated into Spanish for the company’s Spanish-speaking workers. Also, the Northwest Georgia workforce board worked with several hospitals to enhance supervisory and leadership skills for hospital workers promoted to managerial positions, with the on-line curriculum developed by a local technical college. The funding for Georgia’s Incumbent Worker initiative expired in June of 2006.

ow is performance for registered dislocated workers counted when funded by statewide funds? Will performance be for the area or the State as a whole?



April 2007

If the activities funded with 15% reserve funds serve dislocated workers, the outcomes are included in performance measurements for the area that served the customer. The Georgia Workforce System (GWS) will reflect this information. If the activities don’t directly support customers, the outcomes are not included in the performance measures. Examples of such exceptions include activities like state research, capacity building and technical assistance to local areas, evaluation, and staff development and training. We don’t anticipate many of these exceptions at this time. 665.220 Who is an “incumbent worker” for purposes of Statewide workforce investment activities?

Layoff aversion activities, including pre-feasibility studies and similar strategies, are authorized uses of rapid response funds. Please contact GDOL Dislocation Services or Career Development Services for assistance on options, resources, and opportunities for layoff aversions in local areas. 665.330 Are the NAFTA-TAA program requirements for rapid response also required activities? What is meant by “provision of additional assistance” in WIA section 134(a)(2)(A)(ii)?


s it permissible to use WIA funds as part of a layoff aversion strategy?



April 2007

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