Atlanta Regional Workforce Area

Personal Care Aide/Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) Bridge Project For Hispanic Citizens Partners in Long Term Case Staffing is a community initiative headed by The American Association of Retired Persons to provide CNA training with necessary English Language Instruction to Hispanic Citizens in Metropolitan Atlanta Counties. Other partners include Emory University Center for Health in Aging, The Latin American Association, The (Georgia) Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, GAHSA Institute on Aging, The Hispanic American Center for Economic Development, Southern Home Care Services, DeKalb Workforce Center, and Atlanta Regional Commission Area Agency on Aging and Workforce Development Division. In July 2003, the partners began planning to train Hispanic workers for the health care workforce. Incorporating English language instruction into the occupational skills training was identified as the major challenge in the program design. While CNA training is the most desirable qualification for home care workers, it is not the only option for those who provide services in an individual’s home. Demand for home workers is growing an increasing rate with multiple opportunities for employment in long term care for workers as both personal care aids and companion-sitters. Proposed customer service flow for the project: • Marketing to the target population will be spearheaded by the Latin American Association and the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Customized orientations for the project will be provided at the Latin American Association. • Assessment of English/Spanish Basic skills, interests, and aptitudes with special attention to appropriateness of a health care career will be done for each applicant. • Rung One – Personal Care Aide. Customers may elect Personal Care Aide as an employment opportunity, and must achieve successful completion of a nurse aide training and competency evaluation program. • Rung Two: Certified Nurse Assistant: A customized curriculum, offered through training providers on the Georgia Eligible Provider List, will include instruction for the CNA technical training along with the English language instruction emphasizing working in a medical setting. • Students will be enrolled in CNA training with an Individual Training Account at a school on the Eligible Provider List • Students will earn CNA certification and be certified to be employed and work ready at the end of the training. • Life skills training (e.g., obtaining car insurance and credit) will be included. • Completers will have the opportunity to move up the nursing career ladder to Licensed Practical Nurse by challenging academic CNA I training For additional information, please contact: Atlanta Regional Workforce Area (404) 463-3326 Revised August 26, 2004