Fulton County Workforce Area

Health Care Retraining Partnership Project
Hooked On Health

In August 2003, the Fulton County Office of Workforce Department was awarded a grant through the Georgia Department of Labor to implement an initiative to address the critical shortage of professionals in Georgia’s health care industry. The Fulton County Office of Workforce Development used the grant to fund the Fulton County Health Care Retraining Partnership Project, later named “Hooked On Health.” Two significant projects were accomplished with the grant: the Internship Program created an avenue for developing partnerships, networking, and career preparation for high school students in the health care arena, and Health Care Awareness Sessions were conducted in several of the Fulton County middle and high schools. A Health Care Project Specialist worked with the Fulton County Schools and was instrumental in ensuring the successful implementation of all project activities through communication and coordination with project partners and program participants. The program goals and objectives were: • To increase student awareness of health care careers. • To decode some of the common misconceptions about the health care field. • To help students develop career goals. • To provide students with educational and scholarship information relative to health care careers. • To identify high quality candidates for health care careers. • To provide community relationships through employment, training, and mentoring. • To enhance the employability of young people through hands on employment. The students who participated in the Internship Program were between the ages of 16-18 and interested in pursuing a career in Health Science. Fulton County Department of Health and Wellness, Piedmont Hospital, and Atlanta Medical Center hosted the 25 participants. The internship consisted of two sessions, lasting six weeks each. Students were able to work after school hours and on weekends for at least 10 hours per week in various departments, including the following: Radiology/Medical Imaging, Nursing, Dentistry, Medical Records, Respiratory Therapy, Business Development, Health Education, Clinical Laboratory, and Patient Care Coordination. In June 2004, outstanding Fulton County High School students, sponsors, and partners were honored at the 1st Annual Hooked On Health Recognition and Awards Ceremony - which paid tribute to the 25 students who completed paid internships. In March 2005, three students were selected to attend the 19th Annual Symposium on Career Opportunities in Biomedical Science in California, and will also be attending the 2005 Summer Program for Biomedical Research at Morehouse College. For additional information, please contact: Fulton County Workforce Area (404) 730-4751

Revised March 14, 2005