Georgia Mountains Workforce Area Customer Success

Ms. B applied for Workforce Investment Act (WIA) assistance in November 2004 after learning about the program through the Georgia Department of Labor Career Center in Toccoa. In 2003, Ms. B was facing a layoff when her longtime employer, Marconi Corporation, announced they would close their Toccoa plant. Through the employment services of Etcon Staffing, Ms. B started to work for the Reach Toothbrush Unit of Johnson and Johnson. Although she was a temp, Ms. B loved her job there and had hopes of becoming a regular, full time employee. Ms. B worked at Johnson & Johnson for nearly nine months, but they too closed their doors for good in 2004. Ms. B was excited to hear about a new manufacturing plant to be built in northern Hart County, but she realized that in order to gain successful employment, she needed to make changes in her education status and to reinvent herself. Ms. B enrolled at the Hart County Adult Learning Center (ALC) to improve her basic math, English, and reading skills. While there, she successfully accomplished her goal by achieving a grade level that would enable her to qualify for additional WIA training. TI Automotive broke ground for a new 145,000 square foot, $30 million dollar plant in July 2004. Assistance was provided in cooperation with the Georgia Department of Labor, Georgia’s Quick Start program through North Georgia Technical College, and TI Automotive with employment applications and training information for the nearly one hundred people TI ultimately plans to hire. Ms. B was one of those under consideration. The criteria for getting a “guaranteed” interview with TI Automotive is to become a successful graduate of North Georgia Technical College’s Certified Manufacturing Specialist (CMS) course, a 15 credit hour certificate program that may lead to a diploma or associate degree in Applied Manufacturing Technology. During her studies at the ALC, Ms. B was accepted in the CMS certificate program at North Georgia Technical College as a provisional student. She began her CMS classes of the 2004 fall quarter. By the end of the quarter, Ms. B had obtained a 4.0 GPA, then successfully completed the CMS program and all provisional class requirements to receive her CMS Technical Certificate of Credit in March 2005. Ms. B plans to pursue her employment option with TI Automotive when they begin the interviewing process in June 2005. For now, and because she never wanted a handout or assistance, Ms. B has accepted an employment offer from Bosal Manufacturing in Lavonia beginning April 2005. Ms. B continues to improve her educational skills by taking computer classes while working second shift at Bosal. Ms. B has reinvented herself. She proved that with determination and the tenacity to make change happen, and with the right plan of action - she was able to overcome many obstacles to be gainfully employed once again. For additional information, please contact: Georgia Mountains Workforce Area (770) 538-2724

April 26, 2005