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Discuss the similarities & differences between artists transformation of everyday objects. In relation to the three artworks.

Artists Choose to shock, Entertain and challenge traditions depending on what they want to accomplish from their work. These particular artworks by Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray and Meret Oppenheism not only have similarities that compliment each others work, but also a huge gap of differences. These artworks such as Bicycle Wheel by Marcel Duchamp, Object by Meret Oppenheims and Rayograph by Man Ray have some signicant characteristic, one which is that these artworks are all everyday objects. These Objects have deep and clever meaning to them. Man Rays Rayograph was made without a camera, the objects used in the Rayograpgh are everyday objects, his Photograms can be seen as strange and useless, whereas Marcel Duchamp Bicycle wheel has the same effect on the audience since Bicycle Wheel cant be sat on or used for anything, as well as Object by Meret Oppenheims, since the tea cup, spoon and plate cant be consumed from, due to the fact that its made of fur. These Artworks confuse as well as amaze and challenge Artists because of their unorthodox work. These Artists mixed their Artworks to create something with a more profound meaning. By doing this it caused a sense of realization of how pointless these everyday objects are. Meret Oppenheism, Man Ray, and Marcel Duchamp gave these objects signicant meaning to them, because of this, they are considered imaginative.This is evident in Object by Meret Oppenheims, when she made a simple tea cup, spoon, and plate into fur, and its also apparent in Man Rays Rayograph since he uses a simple Photogram and every day objects behind the photogram, not to mention Marcel Duchamp Bicycle Wheel which consists of a simple (upside down) bicycle wheel attached to a stool. These useless objects test what is now considered art. Every Artwork has its own unique, different intention when created as well as a different purpose, inuence and inspiration. For example the inspired meaning behind Object was that Meret Oppenheims was inuenced by Picasso who remarked on Oppenheim's fur-covered bracelet, which was the source of the inspiration of Object. The intention of Object was to transform something so fragile and small into something that seemed much less delicate. Since the cup is made out of fur it looks like a cup that can ght back, the fur represents the teeth. The intention of this Cup is to repulse others when imagining themselves drinking from the fur cup.

The purpose or intention of an artwork is usually what draws individuals to it. The Rayograph was a way of Man Ray of showing individuals new ways of seeing things, this delighted and inspired other individuals in the process.The Bicycle Wheel on the other hand had a different purpose, it was simply made to challenge art. This artwork was made so it could show a nonfunctional machine. In conclusion this comes down to the fact that these surrealist artists have a remarkable amount of similarities which complements their outcome, but also differences which makes them stand out in remembrance.

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