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New Mexico State Personnel Board Temporary Salary Increase

Section 1: AGENCY INFORMATION (to be completed by Agency Personnel)
Agency: HR contact: Requested by supervisor/manager: HR tel number: Agency Code: HR e-mail address: Tel Number:

Current Information
EMPOLOYEE: TOG Role/MC: Perm #: TOG Role/MC: Perm #: TOOL #: TOOL #: Pay Band: SSN: Bargaining Unit Covered Position: Yes No Hourly salary: $ Compa-ratio: Bargaining Unit Covered Position: Yes No Hourly salary: $ Compa-ratio: %

Proposed Information
Pay Band:

Dollar amount of increase: $

Percent of increase:

Begin and end dates for TSI (cannot exceed 12 months): End____________________

Begin ____________________

NMAC Temporary Salary Increase An agency may, with the approval of the director grant a temporary salary increase of up to fifteen (15%), for a period not to exceed 1 year, from the effective date of the salary increase, for temporarily accepting and consistently performing additional duties which are characteristic of a job requiring greater responsibility/accountability and/or a higher valued job. The director may approve temporary salary increases above the maximum of the employee’s current pay band. The agency shall discontinue the temporary salary increase when the temporary conditions cease to exist or at the end of the 12 month period, whichever occurs first.
NMAC B “Appropriate placement” means those elements to be considered in determining pay upon hire, promotion, transfer or reduction including the employee’s education, experience, training, certification, licensure,

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internal pay equity, budgetary availability and, when known and applicable, employee performance. Compa-ratio means pay expressed as a percentage of the midpoint of a pay band. (To calculate divide hourly salary by the midpoint of the pay band)

Section 2: RATIONALE FOR THE SALARY PROPOSED (to be completed by Agency
Personnel) What are the specific duties characteristic of a higher salary pay band that the employee is performing in addition to their regular duties?

JRQS: Education: Experience: Education: Experience: Supervision: Licensure: Management: Licensure:

Employee Qualifications:

Years________Months________ Years________Months________ Years________Months________

Describe the employee’s education and/or experience in the particular field or type of work and how it correlates to the employee’s proposed salary:

Section 3: REQUIRED SIGNATURES (to be signed by the requesting supervisor/manager)
Supervisor/Manager (Print Name): Supervisor/Manager Signature: Other Agency Required Signature: Other Agency Required Signature: Date: Date: Date:

Human Resources) Yes No Required Documentation/Verification Is this request entered into HRS? If this is a “hot action” is the PAF attached? Verified employee is performing regular duties PLUS additional duties. Verified additional duties are temporary – not new duties permanently added to employee’s job. Verified additional duties are characteristic of a higher classification.

Section 4: REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION/VERIFICATION (to be completed by Agency

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Section 5: HUMAN RESOURCE RECOMMENDATION (to be completed by Agency Human
Resources) Provide details as to why you recommend approval of this action. If you have an alternate recommendation, please indicate below:

HR Manager (Print Name): HR Manager Signature: Date:

Approved Approved alternate salary of $________ Compa/ratio_______ Disapproved

For State Personnel Office Use ONLY
Reviewed by: Approved by: Alternative recommendation: Justification: Date: Date:

Has agency described how the employee will be fully competent in the job and/or other supporting factors. Yes____No_____ Duties are assigned due to vacancy of another position and the higher position has been verified on the TOOL. Yes____No_____

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