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New Mexico State Personnel Board Temporary Recruitment Differential

Section 1: AGENCY INFORMATION (to be completed by Agency Personnel)
Agency: HR contact: Requested by supervisor/manager: HR tel number: Agency Code: HR e-mail address: Tel Number:

Current Information
EMPLOYEE: TOG Role/MC: Perm #: TOOL #: Pay Band: SSN: Bargaining Unit Covered Position: Yes No Hourly salary: $ Compa-ratio:

Proposed Information
Dollar amount of TRD: $ Percent of TRD: % Percentage calculated on midpoint NOT hourly salary. This amount is NOT subject to PERA contribution. Begin ____________________

Begin and end dates for TRD (cannot exceed 2 years): End____________________

NMAC Temporary Recruitment Differential The director may authorize, in writing, a pay differential of up to fifteen percent (15%) of the position’s pay band midpoint to an employee who fills a position which has been documented as critical to the effective operation of the agency and has been demonstrated and documented to be a severe recruitment problem for the agency. (1) A differential authorized under this provision shall be tied to the position and may not transfer with the employee should the employee leave that position. Payment of this differential shall be separate from the employee’s base salary. Agencies shall demonstrate to the office, at least biennially, the circumstances which justified the differential to determine the necessity for its continuance. (2) A differential of more than fifteen percent (15%) of midpoint or a total salary (base pay plus differential amount) that exceeds the maximum of the pay band may be authorized if approved by the director.
NMAC B “Appropriate placement” means those elements to be considered in determining pay upon hire, promotion, transfer or reduction including the employee’s education, experience, training, certification, licensure, internal pay equity, budgetary availability and, when known and applicable, employee performance. Compa-ratio means pay expressed as a percentage of the midpoint of a pay band. (To calculate divide hourly salary by the midpoint of the pay band)

Comp 07 Temporary Recruitment Differential of 3

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Section 2: RATIONALE FOR PROPOSED ACTION(to be completed by Agency Personnel) Please describe the recruitment difficulties related to geographic location, market and/or unusual or extreme working conditions. If this is related to market conditions include market salary information.

Please describe the criteria used to determine the TRD percentage for this position.

Section 3: RECRUITMENT HISTORY FOR THIS POSITION OR POSITIONS IN THE SAME TOG/MC (to be completed by Agency Human Resources)
How many times have you recruited for this position or position type in the last 12 months? What sources has the agency utilized to recruit for this position? What is the typical number of respondents to recruitments? What has the turnover percentage been in the last 24 months? (number of separations/number of positions)

Section 4: REQUIRED SIGNATURES (to be signed by the requesting supervisor/manager)
Supervisor/Manager (Print Name): Supervisor/Manager Signature: Other Agency Required Signature: Other Agency Required Signature: Date: Date: Date:

Section 5: REQUIRED INFORMATION (to be completed by Agency Human Resources)
Yes No Required Information Is this request entered into HRS? If this is a “hot action” is the PAF attached?

Resources) Provide details as to why you recommend approval of this action. If you have an alternate recommendation, please indicate below:

Section 6: HUMAN RESOURCE RECOMMENDATION (to be completed by Agency Human

Comp 07 Temporary Recruitment Differential of 3

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HR Manager (Print Name): HR Manager Signature: Date:

Approved Approved alternate salary of $________ Compa/ratio_______ Disapproved

For State Personnel Office Use ONLY
Reviewed by: Approved by: Alternative recommendation: Justification: Date: Date:

Comp 07 Temporary Recruitment Differential of 3

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