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Surprisingly. Another problem plaguing the music industry is increasing piracy. 3. Over time. At this Some of the themes of their songs are Sufism. the band has witnessed many changes both external and internal. Still. The Indian rock band scene is very complex as compared to the more organized Western music industry. Survival in such a market is a constant challenge.000 Rs 15. In such conditions the Indian rock band scene has been volatile. Indian Ocean has been able to carve a good fan base for itself because of its relentless efforts and exceptional music over the years. Participation may be individual or in teams of maximum 3 members.iimkbackwaters. jazz and fusion have earned them a cult following.iimkbackwaters. PRIZES 1st Prize: 2nd Prize: Rs 25.000 ELIGIBILITY & REGISTRATION 1. All teams must register first register for the event on www. Their unique sound of Contemporary Rock mixed with classical. Their band has managed to maintain this inimitable sound in all their albums and have attained some rave reviews from the (one registration per team) Backwaters Committee IIM Kozhikode Web: www. Definitely exclusive in what they do. Formed in the early 90's Indian Ocean has been one of the spearheads of the Indian Rock scene. Music companies are reluctant to release albums as most of the popular songs are leaked online and official CD sales are low. Indian Ocean have toured all over India and played all across the globe. which earns vast amounts of money through royalties and extensive merchandise Email: backwaters@iimk. the band is looking to re-launch itself and come out bigger and better than ever before. Participation is open to all students pursuing MBA / Post-graduate programs 2. it is not immune to these problems. a significant proportion of the target population is still unaware of rock bands in India and even the top performing bands fail to enjoy the cult status that Western bands enjoy. You are supposed to design a branding and marketing strategy for re-launching the brand and also find solutions for the problems that have been plaguing the Indian rock band industry for decades.EVENT PREMISE Indian Ocean is a contemporary fusion music band with jazz laced rhythms. A significant factor polarizing the Indian music fan’s choice is the plethora of Bollywood songs thrust upon us every . Teams can be comprised of participants from the same college / institution or from various colleges / institutions 4. environmentalism and mythology.

Go to market approach and channel selection to increase reach and drive sales e. and effect of proposed solutions. A summary PPT of not more than 15 slides on your final solution and its basis . 3. phone numbers and mail IDs should be mentioned in the submission email. Team name. Submit – Clear analysis of facts. names of team members. quantitative analysis if any. You must answer the following questions as part of your solution: a.ppt or . 2. Exact dates of the final round will be communicated to the shortlisted teams in due course. research results if any.doc or . Backwaters Committee IIM Kozhikode Web: www. with the subject line “Mbryo_<Team Name>_<College Name>”.com Email: backwaters@iimk.pdf form). phone numbers and mail IDs. Final Round: Based on your submissions. causes. SUBMISSION GUIDELINES 1. Submissions will have to be mailed to mbryo@iimklive. names of team members. 2. etc. The starting slide of the PPT and cover page of the word document should contain the team name. 2013). and target new segments c.pptx form) and the word document (in . Submissions should consist of the PPT (in .iimkbackwaters. describing and justifying your solution with references to sources. Measures to tackle piracy and improve sales through various channels 2. Demonstration of clear understanding of the situation. Creating a Go-to-market strategy and action plan to create high awareness at low costs and that can be seen as distinctive in the music industry d. Detailed branding strategy to promote the brand and its singers. EVALUATION CRITERIA 1.FORMAT & DELIVERABLE Round 1 1. 3. A detailed word document of not more than 5000 All postulations to be supported by proper data / references. participants / teams will be shortlisted and invited to IIM Kozhikode for the final round for presentation of their solutions during “Backwaters 2013” (October 25-27th. respective institutes. Identify the current target audience of the brand and perception of the brand among the people b. respective institutes.

On discovery of such infringements. 2013 3rd 2013 3rd October. 2. 3. 4.iimkbackwaters.iimkbackwaters. the respective team(s) will be disqualified with immediate effect. Participation will be governed by the “Backwaters’13 Terms & Conditions” posted on the website ( . IMPORTANT DATES Launch Date: Registrations Open: Registrations Close: Round 1 Deadline: Round 1 Results (tentative): Final Round: 18th September. The amended Terms & Conditions will be effective immediately upon being posted on the website.iimkbackwaters. 2013 10th October. 2013 18th and may be subject to change at any time without specific Backwaters Committee IIM Kozhikode Web: www.COMPETITION RULES 1. Each team will be permitted to submit only one entry in the competition. 2013 23:59:59hrs 23:59:59hrs 23:59:59hrs 23:59:59hrs 23:59:59hrs * 25-27th October. The decisions of the organizers of the contest and the panel of judges will be final and binding on all the participants. There must be strictly no plagiarism / IPR infringements in the submissions. It is the sole responsibility of the participants to regularly visit the website and be informed of any Email: backwaters@iimk. IIM Kozhikode You can also follow us on and www. 2013* *(exact date to be informed in due course) Backwaters Organizing Committee.