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The primary purpose of The California Psychological Inventory is to predict future behavior and understand prior actions. The test is an excellent means of assessing work attitude and behaviors and how one might approach a work-related task. The test is easily administered and can be completed in approximately one hour. The CPI measures the individual on 14 different behaviors as well as levels of achievement, independence, intellect, and flexibility. Finally, in overall summary, the CPI indicates a level of feminine or masculine approach to work behaviors and tasks. The 14 behaviors and levels of achievement are then summarized in an assessment of Personality Types as indicated by Alpha, Beta, Gamma or Delta. For example, a student pursuing a B.S. in Accounting may score high on Independence, Responsibility and Self-Control. They may, however, score low on Sociability and Capacity for Status. In reviewing this profile, the individual would probably not function well in a social office setting but would prefer a work space that is somewhat isolated. Also, they may not work well with groups of people but prefer one-on-one contact for problem solving issues. Their personality type would probably be identified as Alpha Type, which is indicative of an authoritarian, strong-willed and steadfast worker. Behavior identified on the California Psychological Inventory include: Dominance Capacity for Status Sociability Social Presence Self-Acceptance Independence Empathy Responsibility Socialization Self-Control Good Impression Communality Well-Being Tolerance

Behavioral avenue on the California Psychological Inventory include: Achievement via Conformance Achievement via Independence Intellectual Efficiency Psychological-Mindedness Flexibility Femininity/Masculinity Personality Types identified on the California Psychological Inventory include: Alpha Types Beta Types Gamma Types Delta Types