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0104, Monday, 2013-09-16 1 st journal, Mayan day 13 (Ascension) Muluc / Offering or Water

3 Steps to Heaven
The World's Most Beautiful Waterfalls - heavenly! Ancient Egypt & Alternative Story Of Mankind's Origins (Full Documentary) Abraham Hicks - Heaven on Earth Video Journal
Here it is, around 1 am, and I'm charged up , again. Not sure why, but then, I feel no need to know why . I'm still content with the “what” of it, and feel no lack in not knowing the how or why. I'm not even sure there is one, at this point – a how or why. Or rather, it seems to me they very much depend on one's perspective – and when you have a flexible perspective – well, who needs a bunch of different why's? I'm sure I don't. So, what is here to be shared? In this always-new, alwaysNowHere universe, what arises – what comes up? Just Joy – only that. The Joy one can have in the moment can be intense – or gentle . Right now it's gentle, yet fulfilling. As a human, it's rather strange to feel no lack of any kind – to be content. Life is so distinctly and endlessly different from what the child me was taught about it. Those old teachings turning out to be either false or simply incomplete has become more the norm for me than the exception, these days – and I know I'm not alone in that. And there's a comfort in our togetherness , in not making this trek all alone – unless “alone” can be taken to be or mean “all

one.” Coming into or home to the NowHere , and only that, is very strange – well, at first, at least. It grows on you, though, so I highly recommend it. There is such beauty in its simplicity , which is absent a lot of thought that's usually taken up with past and future things – which are not necessarily even relevant to NowHere. We could all do better without a lot of that mind chatter , I'm sure. It leaves more room to be present in the NowHere – to notice so much more of that. For instance, once upon a time I wouldn't interrupt the writing of a journal for anything optional – such as to pet the cat who just jumped up into my lap. That's not the case, now. Instead, by being more aware of my NowHere moment, I'm more attentive to what it brings my way. I respect and respond to my cats more – though I'm normally quite attentive to them, too. Be in Heart to get the full message, the full feel of what's being shared, here, as the words by themselves don't carry it. It seems the journaling – the consciousness that produces that – is more integrated into my life and awareness, now. I don't fear not respecting it or losing the flow of it by taking time out for a kitty-snuggling break. Heck, that may be what brings my next inspiration, for all I know. So I don't think about such things, anymore, or do any planning for what's coming up, preferring to just feel my way by Heart flow. My experience is that this always works. I never lose out on anything by being Now- centric . Actually, it's rather the reverse – I miss out on my very life, itself, by being in mind all the time. I much prefer the deeper “level” of experiencing available via NowHere in Heart. That's not to say it's not still a very strange time in my life as Theresa-Ann. It is. Yet it seems I wake up each day, richer than I was the day before – more content . It gets easier all the time to let Heart lead so mind can follow, no longer being in charge as it was during those earlier decades. Hey, I only have great things to say about the body growing older . I like it! There is physical wealth you can buy or inherit, and then there is

what we could call spiritual wealth – for lack of a better term. I sometimes like to say that, unlike so many of the world's wealthy people, I can spell “enough.” It seems most of them can't, never finding a point at which they are happy and content – ever and always seeking more , instead. They get so much wealth, sometimes, that they couldn't possibly spend it in 20 lifetimes – yet still they seek more . They don't know how to spell “enough,” much less what it means. They are like the bottomless pit . If how I feel about Life could be boxed up and sold, it would be simply priceless . There is no possible price tag for true Peace and contentment – or for the Joy of the Heart. How about you – do you recognize the priceless treasures that are yours ? Most of us don't, yet we're all rich in our own ways. Perhaps it just takes recognizing that to bring you into real in-joyme-nt and the simple pleasures of NowHere. They are always there with you. Do you notice? Mostly, we tend to let mind run the show, which means we forever find ourself in a hurry , skimming quickly over our NowHere in our race to get ThereThen – not such a good strategy for in-joyme-nt, I'd say. Yet I don't think there's a way to tame the mind or calm it sufficiently to appreciate the simple NowHere. Like a race horse, it is f orever geared up to run like the wind – to somehow “get ahead” - as if one could do such a thing. It's all relative , as we eventually see. One man's “ahead” is another's “behind.” I really do seem to be coming into a space where I see that the only real meaning things have is what we assign to them – and that's tremendously variable, of course, since we're all unique. Yet rather than appreciate that uniqueness, we find the self struggling to run with the rest, to conform to this or that group or standard that others have laid out as the best way to be, thing to do, or things to have. We're forever putting the self last in the midst of this chase – after what, really? Mostly, we don't even know. Maybe we have a general feeling of malaise – of something not being quite right or comfortable. So what is that?

If we were present in our NowHere this would be a wonderful thing. We would see in that feeling a message from Source – about what? About our NowHere – some adjustment calling to us to make it better – to bring us more in line with Higher Self and Source. The messages are much clearer when we're fully present to receive them – which we're not unless we're fully focused on Self & NowHere in Heart. I really love that phrase. I find it so complete, so fully selfcontained, holding everything that's most important in every situation: Self & NowHere in Heart. When we allow that to be our major focus, then we, too, feel complete – or at least, that's available to us, there, as it isn't in past or future focus. Watching how I feel – being sensitized to that – and being alert to spot old beliefs that are ready to go – this is my way of being, these days. I like it. It lets me be functional, and yet – well, more conscious , more present, somehow. The words are inadequate, but if you're in Heart, the communication is there. This Heart is your Heart, you know. We may be unique , but we're also still One . We have access to one another if much deeper ways than those of which most are aware. It goes well beyond telepathy and such things – we are truly one and the same, in our deeper being. Maybe it's like the drops that go to make up the ocean or river or lake. They all exist, yet on one level they are indistinguishable. It takes a waterfall to begin to sort them out. I'm attaching a beautiful link to a waterfalls video. I cried my way through practically the whole thing in grateful amazed tears , and in prayer for the blessing of each and every drop and atom of that awesome, amazing water. Surely, oh surely water, itself, is divine . It is entirely too amazing to be anything less than that. See if this one doesn't touch you in some tender, appreciative places. The power is in you to see it this way – if you wish. You quite literally have heaven within. It's all inside . Heck, all will one day recognize that even the supposedly “outer” world is also within – but that's not needed for this. It turns out that we are free to take Jesus' words literally - “The Kingdom is within you.” That's the way of it, and the entry pass consists of being

present NowHere. How long we can stay depends on our beliefs . If we still retain a lot of the old training, the programming of our youth that was called “education,” then we won't likely stay in Heart Kingdom for very long. Thought intrudes , bringing this, that, and the other to our attention – which takes us out of our center or central focus. It seems to me that my ability to stay in heaven is correlated fairly closely with how much I've let go of those old beliefs , attitudes and ideas , submerging or releasing all in favor of being present, NowHere. That's no final pronouncement or anything – just a current hunch. I'm so very aware, though, of how we all take things so very differently – how the personal trek through our own amgodiments (lifetimes) has molded our perspective on just about everything. What we believe we're quick to say is true – but is it, really ? If so, then how can the other fellow have such a different take on the very same experience? I'm glad I've pretty much ceased expecting to find any real truth, here in 3D. Oh, I still love and revere truth as much as ever – I just know it's a thing of higher dimensions than this one. Being multidimensional , as we all are, however, that doesn't daunt me. Instead, I'm having great fun pulling as much of the I Am as possible into my NowHere, to manifest That. Heck, why not, right? I'd like to close – perhaps – with the reminder that there's no better thing you can possibly do than to follow your bliss – your own personal joy. It serves both you and your fellow man and creatures, all at the same time. It may even lift them up into their own joy, if they're sufficiently Present to be tuned in to their own Self & NowHere in Heart, especially. NowHere is forever and always our point of power , my friends. There's no stronger or better “place” to occupy that this. I strongly suggest getting out from under the domination, out from under the thumb of left brain . You may like to start out by simply observing your self-talk . It will tell you quite a lot. Now sure, it will likely be uncomfortable to pay attention to that. I find that, as I stick with NowHere, often enough I'm taken into something that doesn't feel all that great. I have a belief that

helps me out with this, though. It's because I know that everything that comes my way brings only blessing , that the life I live and the world I see is so different from that of many others. It doesn't have to be. Heaven is truly available to all of us. Yes, it requires engaging with Heart, and with the present moment. Yes, it requires the surrendering of quite a lot. Well, like maybe all of the contents of consciousness that are outside of the NowHere. Sure, that can seem challenging – but is it, really? I no longer find it to be so, though once I did. Would that I could take everyone into their very own Heart space, their own personal heaven, even if only for a peek. Only you are empowered to do that, however. I don't find that anyone else can do it for me, though heaven knows I've tried to enter in with many teachers and guides. Yet can we just keep it really simple? Follow your bliss – that's one major part that leads to all the right places. It's really simple, too – do what feels really good, deep inside. When faced with a decision, go for the one that feels best. Center in Heart before making all decisions, letting Heart be your guide, your counselor. Right now I can't think of anything else that's needed but bliss following and to stick strictly with only Self – Self & NowHere in Heart – that says so very much. It really covers the bases. Let me know if there's one you see it doesn't cover – just be sure to come to it from Heart and not head, though. I don't respect what any mind says, including my own, on such topics as this (unless you're new to my journals, of course ;). I do respect mind in its own sphere – but for me, Heart is primary. Mind is second. That's when it comes to spiritual things. Mind is ever so useful when doing accounting or physics – yet there is room for Heart even there. In those cases and similar ones, mind plays the lead part, letting Heart play second fiddle. Yet mind must ever respect the Heart, listening up when it has anything to say. Heart is ultimately very respectful . It will not intrude unnecessarily. It will not be bossy and want to rule. That is strictly a mind tendency that I find absent in Heart. What I'm saying is that it is completely safe to trust your Self – your

deep inner Self found via Heart. It may take some experimenting and a bit of time to be able to sort out what is emotion and what is Heart sensing . Heart is far deeper than mere emotion – though emotions can be very strong, of course. Still, they're not what I mean when I say capital-H Heart . Perhaps it's a bit like the difference between talking and telepathy . While they may do similar things, they're quite distinct – not the same. The biggest blessing may be the loss of most of your self-talk . As we become more conscious, more aware of our present moment, we function far less on the auto-pilot that enables the incessant mental chatter . We take ownership of our own consciousness, in a way, and quickly determine that we don't choose to be endlessly badgered, and by none other than self. Good grief! Hmm - “good grief.” I don't think so. Nope, that phrase just left the vocabulary. That's another thing that I notice – how focus in NowHere brings more self-awareness to our use of language . Hey, the world was created by sound – by the Word – and it seems the pyramids may have been constructed by those who had the Mystery School teachings around sound and sonic vibrations and frequency. So words count – don't let mind convince you otherwise. Be highly suspicious of any logic it will use to get you to ignore the implications of your words. I guess it makes sense, in terms of a sort of logic, that to narrow/expand our focus to Self & NowHere is to make the little things count. After all, of what is your Now composed beyond those little things? The cat jumping into your lap, the birds songs as they feed, the things you need at the store, so you put them on the list. Lists are nice – they let you unclutter consciousness so that you may abide in the NowHere with less of mind's chatter. So make lists if you like.* Many things will come to you as ways to respect your present moment – to clear away the clutter that makes it hard to distinguish Heart guidance from the future or past rambling thoughts. You are unique . You are also divine . You are unstoppable , once

you find your way to and stay in your point of power – yes, the NowHere. That is where intuition is sharpest, where guidance from Higher Self is most available – even though it come via a still, small voice. On clearing out much of the mind clutter, that voice becomes very much more audible. Pretty soon it's second nature to hear it. Well, okay, so I did find one more thing that's pretty central and important – to take up, to remember your divine identity . This might be the one thing worthy to be added to our very short list of things centrally important, paving our pathway into our own personal heaven, right here on earth. Now yes, this heaven is a higher dimensional place or space, but don't let that throw you. Via your divine identity, it's easy to remember that you, too, are multidimensional. You have no real limits beyond those you've chosen via your choice of beliefs. So you can experience and live in this higher dimensional heaven while your feet still walk the earth, very much in 3D. It may be that we are daily less in 3D and more in the higher dimensions. Change, lately, has been that intense that I think it's possible we're really morphing , right here and right now, into our Light Body being – transcending bodily death. Yet that doesn't really matter, as no matter what, we can still experience this heaven in earth. For this, it doesn't require that all men lay down their arms, cease their fighting, and make worldwide peace. That would only be the icing on the heavenly cake. This internal Kingdom or heaven is not dependent on anything external . In it, you have sufficiently taken your power back from all things external, choosing to vest it in Self, instead, and in Heart. So you are self-sufficient in that. Sure, we all need each other, physically, to get things done on earth – to be clothed and fed and so on. Yet our happiness, our attitude or internal state do not depend on any outer circumstances. Our contentment flows from within . We are self-sufficient like a star simply radiating light. It needs no reason to do that, and nothing in its environment will stop its shining – only something internal. It's funny, for in a way, we're all able to become deeply self-

sufficient , no longer depending on people or outer circumstances for our internal state, for our joy. Yet at the same time, we're also becoming more one , more unified. Very strange – kinda like going backwards and forwards at the same time . Though it doesn't make good 3D sense, yet that doesn't matter, now. We're going Home, and Home is in Heart where we're unlimited and ever so free . Follow your bliss , friends = 1. Let your focus come into only Self & NowHere in Heart = 2. Remember your divine identity = 3. These are the three main points the journal has put forward as being sufficient in themselves to help us gain entry into our own personal heaven. For starters, you could at least choose to believe that this internal heaven exists , and that it's possible for you to find your way into it. That would be a good start. Our thoughts are hundreds, even thousands of times more powerful than we've ever been taught. They are used to structure and create our own personal reality – thought and belief. I feel many of you ending with me in Heart, having truly partaken of what has been offered, here. It's a really great feeling. Let's injoy going into Self-ness and how that brings us all into Oneness , somehow. I, for one, don't need any explanation for this. It's enough to simply experience it – and that is universally available. May you be infinitely, eternally blessed. Namaste ~♥~

* I can also see ahead to a case where we have no more need of lists. Being in excellent Heart focus would take care of seeing to it that exactly the right things were purchased on any visit to the store – without need of or reference to lists.

PS It seems to fit, here, to share an earlier work called Profile of an Ascending Soul. Let it transport you into your own heaven, within:

Welcome to Our Kingdom of Heart
I Am That I Am, every I Am; all that which is, all that which is not. Not a body, nor a mind, nor yet even a soul in a body; I am all of that, and none of it, and more... I am not the whole god, the whole of Source; I do but partake of its essence, as a drop of water to the ocean depth. Retaining sufficient “independence” to appreciate Spirit’s joyous, even hilarious sense of humor, I retain individuality, even while losing identity. Thus, out is in, and in is out. In the timelessness of the present, of the ever-present Now, I am one with all Life. As Love, I am the foundation of that Life, of all of Cosmos, the entire quantum hologram. I am at the heart of every atom and electron, as its essence, as That Love. Unlimited to the 3rd dimension, to time and to space, I travel freely in awareness, where I will. As all time is Now, is simultaneous in 5D and above, I live all lifetimes, past, present, future—everywhen— right now, concurrent. I access them at will, and by grace. Thus now is then, and then is now, in this Kingdom of Heart. As all space is here, and quantum entanglement is, I am also everywhere at once, with full access to the whole by going within. Thus, in is out, and out is in. Thus there is here, as here is there. (No, this is not nonsense; this is quite real, even scientific, lol.) May I welcome you to the Kingdom of

Heart? I find my Being wherever I go, in the endless multi-dimensionality of Cosmos. Omnipresent, wherever I go, there I am, already. Thus here is there, and there is here, and all, every electron and cell, are conscious, sentient, and aware. I Am that awareness in this Kingdom of Heart. I am the dark, I am the Light; I am the One where both abide. Where is that coin with only heads, with only tails? Are heads then 'good,' and tails 'evil?' What utter nonsense! I am awake! As the One, the All That Is, I am fearless, for what have I to fear from I? I am the Love that is them both; the one not better than the other. In perfect Peace and Harmony, I am all things to all people, all beings; I Am Life. I Am all beings, each one my sight, my eye (“I”), my fresh perspective on the whole. I Love them all, no favored sons. Woven through each as the one whole, the Joyous, Loving One, I Am That I Am. So, in is out, out is in, here is there, yes is no, up is down, light is dark and dark is light...and all is One. And ultimately, Love is the answer to every question. Change is the only constant, and Paradox reigns supreme on the threshold of Truth. Welcome one and all to our true reality - our Kingdom of Heart!


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