Guia de ingles 6° básico septiembre Name:____________________________________________ 1. Write the expression in spanish Guess what! You bet!

Way to go!

2. Match the words from the box to the most suitable picture to say how they feel: scared happy surprised hungry nervous sleepy sad thirsty angry in love great ill

3. Complete the sentences with the missing word to fill in the crossword:

6 5 1


8 3 2 4

Agregar un cuadro al final del 3 y uno al final del 1.

1. I didn't know you were coming to the party. I am ___________ 2. I studied a lot and I got a good mark in my test. I'm quite _______________ 3. I can't wait for lunch. I'm ______________ I need to eat something. 4. My teacher didn't come to school yesterday because she was ______________ I think she had a cold. 5. When my sister sees a mouse she is _____________ and she starts screaming. 6. I want to go to bed. I'm tired and _____________ 7. My friend Helen is ____________ with me because I forgot to call her for her birthday. 8. The girl is ___________ because she can't find her dog.

4.Complete with the superlative.
1. This is a BIG school =» This is the 2. That was an EASY exercise =» That was the the test. 3. This is a COMFORTABLE armchair =» This is the armchair in this shop. 4. This is a NICE cheese burger =» This is the burger of the McDonald's Company. 5. That was a very BAD conversation =» That was the conversation I have had. 6. That was a DIFFICULT exercise =» That was the exercise of the test. 7. He's got a GOOD pen =» He's got the 8. This is an INDIFFERENT pupil =» This is the pen of the class. pupil of my cheese school in London. exercise of

class. 9. He is a FUNNY boy =» He is the boy in the world. young

10. He is LESS young than the others =» He is the of my class.

5. Complete with the correct adjectives

Interesting-polite-cold- exciting-bravenoisy -funny
1. My brother is the least ________________________ in my family. 2. My car is the least _____________________in my neighborhood. 3. Geography is the least ___________________ class in the school.

4. Peter is the least ___________________student in my classroom. 5. The tortoise is the least ________________animal on the world. 6. This film is the least _______________ that I have seen. 7. Alaska is the least ____________________country in the planet.

6. translate a. El es menos inteligente que tu__________________________________________ b. Tu eres menos atractivo que mi amigo____________________________________ c. Pamela es menos popular queMaria____________________________________ d. Mi perro es menos valiente que mi gato___________________________________ e. Este árbol es menos alto que esa planta___________________________________

hacer la guia y estudiar materia ptn mes agosto.

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