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FIS Athletesʼ Commission Friday, 22nd May 2009, at 14:00-18:30 CET in Dubrovnik (CRO) 1. Welcome and Roll Call FIS President Gian Franco Kasper welcomed the Commission members to CavtatDubrovnik (CRO) for the first meeting of the newly-elected Commission and expressed his pleasure at the level of attendance. All members were present: Albrecht Kilian (BUL) – menʼs Alpine Blais Ryan (CAN) – menʼs Freestyle Bray Juliane (NZE) – ladiesʼ Snowboard Huttary Karin (AUT) – ladiesʼ Freestyle Jauhojärvi Sami (FIN) – menʼs Cross-Country Kostelic Ivica (CRO) – menʼs Alpine Küttel Andreas (SUI) – Ski Jumping Ligocki Mateusz (POL) – menʼs Snowboard Marchand-Arvier Marie (FRA) – ladiesʼ Alpine Pärson Anja (SWE) – ladiesʼ Alpine Randall Kikkan (USA) – ladiesʼ Cross-Country Schmid Jan (NOR) – Nordic Combined President Kasper recalled the history of the Athletesʼ Commission at FIS and highlighted its role as connection between the FIS Athletes and the FIS Council within the FIS structure which he briefly outlined. He also reviewed the general process of decision-making at FIS. Sarah Lewis, FIS Secretary General, also welcomed the Commission at the FIS Calendar Conference and wished it the best of luck. She noted that the constitution of the Commission would need to be officially confirmed by the FIS Council in its next meeting in June in Vancouver (CAN). (Note: The Council confirmed the Commission as elected). 2. Election of Chair President Kasper summarized the importance of the Commission electing its own leadership. Given that the members did not know each other, he asked whether the Commission would prefer to elect an interim chair and then decide on the later course of action upon further reflection. The Commission agreed and Kilian Albrecht was elected as Chair of the Day. President Kasper wished the Commission a good meeting and indicated that he is looking forward to receiving its feedback.   3. Recording of Meeting

Ryan Blais asked the Commission to decide whether the meeting would be recorded in an effort to increase communication and transparency. The Commission decided with a majority that the meeting would be recorded and, if necessary, edited before publication. 4. Fight against cheating in sport Sarah Fussek from the FIS Anti-Doping department reviewed some of the key pillars of the FIS program, particularly under the new WADA Code. A detailed discussion ensued in particular concerning ADAMS. Key points included: • Registration is required for SMS updates to athlete whereabouts. Each athlete can do this by registering their mobile number via e-mail to The mobile number for SMS updates is +41 79 376 5561. FIS will look into sending a confirmation SMS back after receiving an SMS whereabouts update. (Note: Feature is now available). Alternatively an athlete may choose to register their mobile number directly in ADAMS. In this case, a confirmation SMS is not currently available. • ACTION ITEM: FIS agreed to try to put together a list of resources relating to allowed drugs by country. (Note: Feature is now available) • Ryan made the proposal for the members to continue discussion for improvement suggestions on ADAMS on with focus on improvements that FIS can implement. (Note: A discussion group has been set up). • Marie Marchand-Arvier discussed a French program called Athletes for Transparency and other national programs for athletes voluntarily revealing complete testing information. Question was raised whether FIS should have a similar program to help FIS athletes to show that they are clean and potentially reduce the burden of whereabouts reporting in the future. • ACTION ITEM: FIS to inform the Commission about timings of releases of ADAMS to the newly founded test group in which FIS is a member. The expected timeline of new release is before the Vancouver 2010 Games. • ACTION ITEM: Members to report back to Sarah F. about items of interest in Anti-Doping for next meeting.   • ACTION ITEM: FIS to enclose to the minutes the most important links on FIS website or to other Internet resources such as new WADA Code and the latest version of FIS Anti-Doping Rules. General: Rules:

doping/medicalantidoping/rulesandforms.html Drugs databases: 5. Frequency of drug testing in and out of competition Kikkan Randall, Cross-Country • Kikkan Randall presented feedback from Cross-Country athletes requesting more random testing and more in-competition testing. FIS explained its focus on out-of-competition testing, as mandated by the new WADA Code, based on recent experience showing its enhanced effectiveness in catching cheats. • ACTION ITEM: FIS to request comment from the FIS Anti-Doping Expert on lack of blood testing in Alpine and the lack of availability of their own results to athletes when the tests are negative. • ACTION ITEM: FIS to send testing statistics 2008 & 2009 as part of minutes along with FIS Fact Sheets on hemoglobin limits. FIS Testing Statistics 2008/09: Previous seasons: FIS Fact Sheets: (June 2008) (December 2008) See also additional links at the bottom of the Fact Sheets.  

6. Additional Member Initiatives: • Athlete Communication & Transparency Ryan Blais, Freestyle Ryan Blais explained the rationale and goals of the new web platform at The Commission decided that sign-up would be required to participate in the discussions. All who register will be welcome to participate including coaches and NSA officials. Ryan agreed to make the necessary technical changes and provide an instruction sheet for the Commission members to moderate their own discussions. ACTION ITEM: FIS to link to from the FIS website following its confirmation by the Council. FIS to create a separate page on the Commission. ACTION ITEM: FIS to help communicate about the web platform as part of

staggered promotional effort towards athletes, teams/coaches and officials as well as National Ski Associations. ACTION ITEM: Commission to develop plan to reach the most FIS athletes. • Athlete/Discipline Representation Ryan Blais, Freestyle Ryan Blais suggested that the constitution of the Commission should be enlarged at a minimum to include representation from all the Olympic events. I.e. the Commission would need to include total of three Snowboard and Freestyle athletes each to reflect the highly diversified nature of these two disciplines. ACTION ITEM: Commission to consider submitting a motion to the Council for its next meeting (Deadline Oct 1 2009). • Standardized equipment control procedures for World Cup events/ Standardized protest procedures for World Cup events Karin Huttary, Freestyle Karin Huttary explained the need for a clarification of procedure of how athletes are consulted on items relating to equipment across disciplines and the procedures for petitions in such issues. The same applies for protest procedures and their application. In many cases such rules seem to exist though may vary across disciplines. The athletes request more opportunity to influence definition of such rules.   ACTION ITEM: Commission to ask the Council to clarify and unify the procedures by which the Commission members can bring topics related to sport rules directly to their main discipline Technical Committee whereby it will address all general topics directly to the Council as per current rules. ACTION ITEM: FIS to share with Commission key contacts within each disciplineʼs Technical Committees including their Working Groups. (See attachment to Minutes: FIS Directory 2008). ACTION ITEM: Commission to identify ways to collect most effectively the feedback from their peers in their respective disciplines. Note: Challenge of locating contact information! • FIS Athlete Arbitration procedure Kilian Albrecht, Alpine Kilian Albrecht discussed the need for defining a procedure by which the athleteʼs rights are defined and can be secured in any conflicts with their own National Ski Associations. He suggested the Commission might consider this as one of the long-term projects during its tenure. ACTION ITEM: Ryan & Kikkan to research examples of existing national procedures for grievances.

• Financial support for severely injured athletes Kilian Albrecht, Alpine Kilian Albrecht discussed the need for financial safety for those who have been severely injured while skiing. Several private foundations seem to exist such as the Thomas Fogdö Foundation and the Franz Klammer Foundation. FIS too has the so-called Marc Hodler Foundation which supports athletes with insufficient insurance coverage. ACTION ITEM: Commission to compile a list of similar foundations and make such information better available. Possibly also consider setting up yet another similar fund. • Distribution of World Cup prize money (top 10 vs top 20 vs top 30) Andreas Küttel, Ski Jumping Andreas Küttel outlined recent discussion especially in Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined about sharing the same amount of prize money among more athletes. The Commission noted that the prize money amounts had not been increased in several years in most disciplines.   ACTION ITEM: FIS to share link to prize money distribution for 2008/09 season as part of minutes. ACTION ITEM: Commission to submit to the Council that it is good to have more athletes receiving prize money especially in the current times of financial distress but request it to consider making such changes over time along with increases in total amount. • (Minimum) standards for World Cup organizers including checklists and general respect for athletes Kilian Albrecht, Alpine Karin Huttary, Freestyle The Commission members discussed the fact that currently there are no clearly defined, detailed rules for what the organizers are expected to provide for the athletes at an event, such as regarding accommodation, board, athlete hospitality and other services (e.g. WIFI). ACTION ITEM: Commission to define simple rules for athlete treatment in the form of a checklist addressed directly to the organizers. • Increasing value of FIS World Cup: Marketing and calendar planning Karin Huttary, Freestyle • Athlete sponsoring rights; Charities, Non-Profits & Affiliations Killian Albrecht, Alpine Ryan Blais, Freestyle The members noted that the athletes are hurt by the current financial situation, possibly with the exception of the worldʼs very best ones. Niklas Carlsson provided an update from the part of FIS Marketing and relating to current rules.

• Male and female connection athlete Karin Huttary, Freestyle Not discussed 7. 4th IOC International Athletesʼ Forum: Feedback for discussion on ʻSocial and professional life of athletes during and after elite competitionʼ Pernilla Wiberg Not discussed due to lack of time. ACTION ITEM: Anja to talk to Pernilla to find out more details. Commission to consider establishing a program that helps athletes during and after career.   8. Presentation of FIS Injury Surveillance System: Findings after 3 seasons Tonje Wåle Flørenes, Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center Not discussed due to lack of time and postponed to next meeting 9. Other Items Ownership of listed Action Items: In principle, the athlete suggesting a general topic is in charge of taking it forward. Any suggestions to be submitted to FIS Council are due in final form on 1st October 2009. Communication: Until the election of chair/vice chair via e-mail, generally all communication is directed to entire Commission. FIS Newsflash portraits: During the upcoming months, each member will be featured in a short interview in the FIS weekly newsletter published every Wednesday. Riikka to contact each member individually some two weeks prior to their portrait publication. 10. Next Steps Focus on electronic communications. All members to join and encourage other athletes to join. Skype conference calls to be held once a quarter on average. 11. Next Meeting Next official meeting will be held during the FIS Congress 2010 in Antalya (TUR).

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