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International Ski Federation (FIS) Athletes’ Commission Terms of Reference



The FIS Athletes’ Commission (“Commission”) is defined in the International Ski Federation (“FIS”) RULES (TERMS OF REFERENCE) FOR THE FIS COMMITTEES. The Commission is an entity of the FIS. Accordingly, Commission members must adhere to any philosophies, policies, and strategic plans adopted by the FIS. The general purpose of the Commission is to represent the interests of current and aspiring FIS athletes (“Athletes”). In contributing to the achievement, and the development of philosophies, policies, and strategic plans of the FIS, Commission members shall rely on their unique perspective to promote the views and concerns of the Athletes. The Commission is entitled to formulate its own terms of reference, subject to the provisions of the FIS By-Laws and the approval of the FIS Council. 2. PURPOSE

Commission members will represent Athletes and act as their voice within the FIS. For example, the Commission will: 2.1 General a. Discuss and address issues concerning FIS Athletes in general; b. Serve as a source of Athletes’ opinion and advice and present to the Council, Committees and/or sub-Committees viewpoints and wishes from the Athletes with regard to current or contemplated policies and programs. c. Provide a forum in which FIS members may share and develop information or ideas as they relate to Athletes. d. Pursue the development and maintenance of systems that will define and secure Athletes’ rights. e. Actively represent the interests and concerns of Athletes. 2.2 Primary Responsibility a. The Athlete Commission’s Primary responsibility, as an advisory body, is to report directly to the FIS Council the specific viewpoints and/or wishes in regards to matters that are considered General in Nature and that represent the best interest of all FIS Athletes. The Athlete Commission’s scope can be said to be General and Global; it does not represent the specific interests of individual Disciplines and/or Nations. 2.3 Secondary Responsibility

a. The Athlete Commission also has a Secondary responsibility to provide a voice and a pathway for Athletes and Disciplines to directly engage the FIS Committees and subCommittees. The Athlete Commission understands that although Discipline specific matters are not handled at the Commission level; members of the Athlete Commission should, however, have an official pathway to their Discipline Committees and subCommittees and should be given voting rights within the given framework of these committees. This secondary role of the Commission should be called “Athlete Commission - Discipline Delegate” and represents a body and/or function that can be said to run below or parallel to the primary roles and responsibilities of the Athlete Commission. The FIS Council should amend the “FIS Committee Rules” to properly outline and identify the structure and level of interaction between the Athlete Commission and the FIS Committees and sub-Committees. 3. COMMISSION MEMBERSHIP 3.1 Elected Members

a. Commission membership will be determined by an election taking place at the respective FIS World Ski Championships every four years; elected members must be active athletes at the time of their election and may serve until the end of their term even if they retire during it. b. 4 representatives of Alpine Skiing (2 ladies, 2 men), 2 representatives of Cross-Country Skiing (one lady, one man), 2 representatives of Freestyle Skiing (one lady, one man), 2 representatives of Snowboarding (one lady, one man), 1 representative of Nordic Combined, 1 representative of Ski Jumping. 3.2 Appointed Members

a. 1 athlete representative of the World Anti Doping Agency (“WADA”) will be an exofficio, non-voting member of the Commission and should normally be an active or retired FIS Athlete. b. 1 athlete representative of the International Olympic Committee (“IOC”) Athlete Commission will be an ex-officio, non-voting member of the Commission and should normally be an active or retired FIS Athlete. c. If necessary, 2 or 3 additional members can be nominated by the Council 3.3 Chairperson and/or Vice-Chairperson

a. The Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson are elected by private ballot by the members of the Commission for a two (2) year term; which may be renewed after completion of the term. b. The past Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson shall be available at the request of the new Commission for a period of one year, as an ex-officio, non-voting member of the Commission, to attend meetings and the next FIS Conference. c. Ensure the Athlete Commission has sufficient knowledge of the affairs of FIS Athletes and is alert to its obligations in relations to these Athletes, FIS and its stakeholders.

d. Assist the Athlete Commission in reviewing and monitoring the Mandate & Strategic plan and directions of the Athlete Commission and the achievement of its objectives. e. Ensure there is cohesion of direction and purpose at a policy and strategic level. f. Communicate with the Athlete Commission to keep it up to date on all major developments, including timely discussion of potential developments. g. Co-ordinate the agenda, briefing packages and related events for Athlete Commission meetings. h. Set the frequency of Athlete Commission meetings and review such frequency from time to time as considered appropriate or as requested by the Athlete Commission. i. Chair the Athlete Commission meetings; ensuring meetings are conducted in an efficient, effective and focused manner. j. Ensure, with the assistance of Commission members, that there is an orientation program for new Commission members and an ongoing development program for existing members aimed at increasing the Commissions’ familiarity with FIS, its structure, and the Commissions’ unique responsibilities within the framework of this structure. k. Undertake speaking and/or other public engagements in connection with the Athlete Commissions’ activities. l. Represent the Commission in its interface with FIS Governing body, FIS Athletes and other Stakeholders. 3.4 Term and Vacancies

a. The term for Athlete Commission members shall be 4 years b. Any vacancy occurring in respect of Elected Members may be filled at any time at the discretion of the Athletes’ Commission provided that such vacancy must be filled with an individual who would have been eligible to be nominated for election for such position at the last applicable Athletes’ Commission election. c. Exclusions to membership within the Athlete Commission (i) Any athlete who has committed a doping offence is not eligible for election to the Athletes’ Commission. If a serving member commits a doping offence during their period of membership, he/she will be removed from the Commission Retired athletes at the time of election will not be considered for membership to the Commission.



STRUCTURE AND GENERAL DUTIES OF COMMISSION MEMBERS a. Each Commission member will be expected to make their best effort to participate in all Commission meetings. b. Each Commission member is expected to represent their respective FIS discipline members who are not on the Commission. The Commission member is responsible for providing information about the business of Commission to his/her respective discipline

members and acting as a liaison through which they can communicate concerns to the Commission. c. Commission members shall make best efforts to communicate face to face at least once annually in conjunction with FIS meetings and at least 3 other times annually by phone or video conference about the activities of the Commission. d. The Commission is divided into working groups to better manage various topics that may arise. The working groups will be outlined in the Commissions’ Strategic Priorities Document. 5. COMMISSION MEETINGS a. The Commission, though not necessarily so limited, shall strive to hold four (4) meetings (3 via conference call, 1 face-to-face) annually. Face-to-face meeting to coincide with FIS Congress or Calendar Conference. b. Quorum for Commission meetings shall be considered a simple majority (more than half) of the voting members. c. At the first such meeting following every FIS World Ski Championships, the Commission shall elect two (2) officers of the Commission - Chairperson, and ViceChairperson. The term for these officers shall be two (2) years and may be renewed. d. The duties of the Chairperson, or, in his or her absence, a Vice-Chairperson, include, among other things, the preparation, in consultation with the FIS, of meeting agendas, the chairing of the meetings, the communication of Commission opinions and recommendations to the FIS, requesting assistance for FIS staff with stenographic, translation, duplicating, mailing and other needs. e. At the request of the Commission, the FIS shall provide the services of a facilitator to assist with the planning and organization of Commission meetings and to serve as a resource person for such background or other information as may be required for Commission deliberations. Such facilitator will attend or participate in Commission meeting, at the discretion of the Chairperson. f. All Commission meeting expenses, together with Commission member expenses associated therewith, shall be borne by the FIS in keeping with the FIS guidelines established for that purpose.