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Central garden of the news Town « AKID OTHMANE » of Ain Temouchent in Algeria

Aïn Témouchent is created from more than 15 000 years. It is a city and a Wilaya (state) of the west of Algeria. The name of the city is from the Arab « ayn » (source or fountain), and from Berber « Ouchent or touch » (the chacale) giving in Arabic (Aïn El-Diba); in Latin, one called it Albulae. Aïn Témouchent occupies a privileged geographical situation because it is in proximity of three large cities (72 km in the east of Oran, 65 km in the north of Sidi-Bel-Abbès, and 63 km in the east of Tlemcen). Aïn Témouchent is 504 km in the west of Algiers.

1. History of project:
Wednesday December 22, 1999, at 18h 36 mn 55s, a seism of an amplitude of 5.5 on the scale of Richter struck the town of Ain Temouchent and the villages surrounding of Sidi Ben Adda, Ain Tolba and Ain Lâalem, making 28 dead and 150 wounded including 50 in a serious state. Following this seism, a program of rebuilding was implemented in September 2000, to start the construction of the new city "Akid Othmane» with 3400 residences, parks and public equipment, in several sections during three years. The construction of this new town was followed by the World Bank experts, who required the presence of landscape installations for programme success the life tally of the citizens. It is with an aim of making a success of the landscape aspect in the new town, which the wilaya (state) of Ain Témouchent, called upon our agency « l mpe t végétale » specialised on ’ ri e e n the landscape architecture in Algeria. « Akid Othmane » new town of Ain Témouchent 1

2. The “ Akid Othmane” central garden of the new city:
As we took all the initiatives necessary for the success of this project installation, this dwellings company succeeded in taking up the challenge to complete this single Algerian installation in the deadlines. After its completion, the new town central garden was visited by the president of the Algerian republic « M. Abdelaziz Bouteflika » in December 2003 and was congratulated by the experts of the World Bank. This landscape garden was participated in the following international Awards:  2005 ASLA Awards program.  2006 ONU-Habitat – Dubai Award.  2006 Dubai Cityscape Architectural Review Awards.  2007 Agha Khan Architecture Award.

General view of the central garden

Following our analysis with the authorities of Ain Temouchent and the World Bank, in February 2003, with an aim for creating a landscape park of one (1) ha in the new town, the authorities decision was given us the green light to begin the study for installation the central garden near the place palm trees in the heights of the city. In July 2003, when we are completed the project studies of the central garden, the site building was started, under the responsibility of our agency « l mpe t vgetale » and with a ’ ri e e e n local company of building “ .. C , accustomed to build URM.” residences of dwellings and without any experiment in the field of the landscape adjustments or plantations.

Central garden from the palms place 2

The central garden of the new town in Ain Temouchent is composed by three different parts, the first two parts constitute the phase 1 of the project installation and the third part constitutes the phase 2 of the central garden.

2.1. The phase 1:

The phase 1 of the central garden

Layout of the phase 1 of the central garden This phase is constituted by the low part and the high part. A. The low part: is conceived to according the broad outlines of the gardens Islamic style and in order to make the continuity with the architectural style of buildings in this new town.

Sight of the low part of the central garden This phase 1 of the central garden, have the paramount functionality of the role like a public park of approval and also like the educational role of a botanical garden, because it contains almost the totality of the decorative plants used in the parks of Algeria. 3

B The high part: is in height of the low part and it is in the continuity. This part of the phase 1 have the building materials make in an indissociable unit whith the low part, while being completely different in term from of functionality, because it plays the role of drill urban with his many trees, which make benefit to the visitors for the freshness in the central garden during the hot aestival periods of Ain Témouchent.

2.2. The phase 2:

Sight of the high part of the phase 1

Layout of phase 2 of the central garden The phase 2 of the central garden 4

The Third part of the central garden, which constitutes the phase 2 of the project, is conceived in order to give continuity to the first phase of the garden, with functionality completely different with those of the phase 1. This phase of the central garden is intended primarily to give the inhabitants of the new town, a place, of recreation and entertainment, whith the equipment of plays for the children and old people.

3. Objectives archieved by the installation of the the landscape central garden in the new town of Ain Témouchent:
  create for the citizens of the new town, a better tally   To of life.   allow the inhabitants of the new town for finding a  To  place of relaxation, rest, recreation and also a space for meeting between families, in the feet of their buildings.     Introduction of the strategic position for the site and his relief into the design of the garden, inspired from the topographic data, geographical and history of the area to succeed in the make of the garden for Algeria in general.  show in Algeria, the capacity for integration of the   To Islamic garden concept in the context of landscape installations in Algerian urban environments.

View of the phase 2

Landscape architect: Meziane Abdellah From the E.N.S.P of Versailles in France

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