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Some useful vocabulary used in a discussion Giving ones opinion I believe that I think that In my opinion, / As I see it If you

want my opinion, I feel that From my point of As far as I know / To my knowledge To be honest, I believe that I would like to say that I have the impression that It is my (firm) belief that I must admit that I must say that I am (quite / absolutely) sure that I am certain that I am not really sure that / if I am convinced that I strongly believe that I am (certainly) in favour of (-ing). It is obvious that / It is evident that It is clear that / who I assume that / I suppose that I can see why... Its easy to see why I (can) understand why It`s hard to understand why Asking for opinions So what do you think (name) ? What is your position / view on ? How do you feel about this / the ? What is your opionion of / about ? Wouldn`t you agree that ? Entonces, que piensas.? Cual es tu visin sobre? Como te sientes acerca de ? Cual es tu opinin acerca de ? No estas de acuerdo en .? Creo que Me parece que... En mi opinin... Si quieres mi opinin... Desde mi punto de vista... Que yo sepa... Para ser sincero, creo que... Quiero decir que Parece que... Yo considero que... / Pienso que... Debo reconocer... / admitir que.. Tengo que decir que... Estoy (bastante, totalmente) seguro que... Estoy seguro que No estoy tan seguro que / si. Estoy convencido de que... Realmente creo que . Estoy a favor de Es obvio que / Es evidente que . Est claro que... / quin... Supongo que / Imagino que... Entiendo (por) que No me cuesta entender por que... Comprendo por que... Me cuesta entender por que...

Introducing an issue / Referring to points I would like to say that I only want to say that I would like to add that I would like to comment on I would like to mention a different point. I would like to raise a further problem We shouldn`t forget that One mustt foregt that There is no denying the fact that We have to ask ourselves why... I certainly ask myself why We (also) have to take into consideration that We have to bear in mind that As I`ve just said, Referring to another participant I would like to come back to the point has just made. Well, according to As we`ve just heard from Let me just take up the point has made. Agreeing I (totally) agree with you on that (point) Compartimos el mismo punto de vista con respecto a Estoy de acuerdo con... I agree that I agree with what you say about What you say about is right. You are (totally) right about You are quite right there. It is (certainly) true that.. I know exactly what you mean. I would like to support ... in what he says. Without a doubt Exactly ! / That goes without a saying ! Of course... Arguing for I am in favour of (-ing) / support (-ing) I call for / demand Estoy a favor de/ Yo apoyo. Yo pido/ Yo exijo Es (muy) cierto que... Te entiendo perfectamente. Me gustara apoyar a en lo que dice. Sin lugar a dudas Exacto ! Claro que Tienes razn en lo que dices con respecto a... En eso tienes toda la razn. Estoy de acuerdo contigo en lo que dices de... Me gustara volver al punto/ tema Bueno, de acuerdo a Como hemos escuchado de Permtanme continuar con el tema Me gustara decir que Solo quiero decir que Me gustara agregar que . Me gustara comentar que Me gustara mencionar algo distinto. Me gustara plantear otro problema. No deberamos olvidar que No debemos olvidar que No podemos negar que Nos tenemos que preguntar por qu Yo me pregunto por qu Tambin tenemos que considerar que Tenemos que tener en cuenta que Como acabo de decir

I suggest (-ing) / propose to do sth. Disagreement / Doubt I think you are right up to a point. Yes, up to a point As much as I do agree with you about.., I still feel..

Yo sugiero./ Yo propongo

Yo creo que tienen razn pero hasta cierto punto. Si, hasta cierto punto. Tanto como estoy de acuerdo contigo sobre, aun creo que .

I do see your point, but (I`m sorry, but) I dont agree with you. I disagree with you on Thats not how I see it. I`m sorry to contradict you, but Do you really think so ? / Do you believe that ? I am not sure that / if I don`t know whether Thats very unlikely (to happen) I wonder whether / if I doubt that Its a mistake to believe that You must be joking ! (fam.) Are you kidding ? (fam.) I think that it isnt as simple as that. I would like to correct what has just said. I think that you are exaggerating (a bit). Thats an exaggeration. Theres a contradiction in what you`ve just said. Arguing against I am (certainly) against (-ing). I strongly criticize I completely disapprove of (-ing) I would definitely question Checking that you`ve understood What exactly are you trying to say ?

Entiendo lo que dices pero. No pienso lo mismo. No estoy de acuerdo contigo en que... Yo no lo veo as. Siento llevarte la contraria / contradecirte Realmente piensas / crees (en) eso? No estoy seguro que... No s si Eso es muy improbable (que suceda) Me pregunto si Dudo que Es un error creer que/ en Debes estar bromeando! Ests bromeando? Creo que no es tan simple. Me gustara corregir lo que .acaba de decir. Creo que ests exagerando (un poco). Eso es una exageracin. Hay una contradiccin en lo que acabas de decir.

Estoy en contra de. Yo critico. Yo desapruebo Yo cuestionara

Que ests intentando decir exactamente? Que quieres decir exactamente?

I`m afraid I don`t quite see what you mean. So, if I understand you correctly, Do you really mean to say that What exactly do you mean by that ?

Me temo que no entiendo lo que quieres decir. Entonces, sit e comprendo, tu Quieres decir que Qu quieres decir con?

What are you (really) getting at ? Could you say that again, please ! Could you be more explicit ? Understanding I see. / I understand. I realize that. / I see what you mean. You have made yourself quite clear. Correcting misunderstandings Thats not quite what I meant. Dont get me wrong. What I meant was that Look, to put it another way, Let me put it another way. The point I`m trying to make is that Well you see, its like this: Interrupting Sorry to interrupt, but May I interrupt you for a moment ? Mind if I say something ? Can I just make a point ? Dealing with interruptions I haven`t finishes, if you dont mind . If I might just finish I haven`t got to my point yet. Let me just make my point. Assurance But its true, I tell you. Its a fact, I assure you. There`s no doubt about it. You can take my word for it.

Que quieres decir con esto? Puedes repetirlo? por favor. Puedes ser ms explcito?

Entiendo. Me doy cuenta que Te has explicado bien/claramente.

Eso no es lo que quise decir. No me mal interpretes, lo que quiero decir es Mira, en otras palabras Permteme explicarlo en otras palabras. El punto es Bueno ves, es as:

Disculpa la interrupcin pero Puedo interrumpir por un momento? Te importa si digo algo? Puedo decir algo?

No he terminado/termin, is no te importa Si pudiera terminar No he aclarado mi punto an. Permteme dejar claro el punto

Pero es cierto Es un hecho, te lo aseguro No hay duda sobre Tienes mi palabra que