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How is ArTES different?

ArTES is a community driven, autonomous public High School with a focus on the arts. We proudly serve the students of San Fernando, Pacoima and Sylmar.

How you can help:

Donate goods such as paper, office supplies, paints, art supplies, food Donate a gift card that we can use to shop at your business for the things we desperately need 465 students and 20 teachers create a highly personalized environment with meaningful personal connections. Every teacher knows every student. Arts integration is used as a means to engage students Sequenced arts electives such as Dance, Graphic Design and Sculpture create a variety of artistic experiences Small, dedicated staff: teachers and staff know each other and work together. Everyone goes the extra mile to ensure student

Student Citizen

How you will benefit:

All donations are tax deductible You will receive a certificate of appreciation you may display at your business ArTES will display a certificate on the Sponsor Wall in the office for parents, students and visitors to see. Their appreciation will generate more business for you!

ArTES Cesar Chavez Learning Academies 1001 Arroyo St San Fernando, CA 91340 (818) 837 6429 John Lawler, Principal

Partnerships and Sponsors

ArTES fosters close ties with many local and national arts, educational and cultural organizations. Foundations,

ArTES Voices
Being in Dance Company is amazing because I am involved in all the school events. I have made more friends here than at any other school and I am proud to graduate from ArTES next year. Selena, 12th Grade ArTES has changed my perspective of school. Instead of just doing bookwork, we have opportunities to express ourselves through art. Its the perfect school if you are into any form of art! Armando, 12th Grade

organizations and individuals

have genero

At ArTES I have been a lot more motivated to do my work. ArTES gives me opportunities to do what I like to do like Art and DJing. Everyone is supportive so I feel like I can achieve. Selvin, 11th Grade

Individual Donors: Jane Centofante Thomas Fritz Art & Alison Kern Lawrence J Stupski Ian Robinson Bill Curry Martin Howard Jayne & Hans Hufschmied Bill Morgan Thomas Pellechia

Something that is unique at ArTES is that the principal and the teachers know the students well. They address each students weaknesses and truly build on their individual strengths. Silla Lottier, Parent

For more information please contact Principal John Lawler at (818) 837 6429 or Federal Tax ID Number