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Secret Chemicals that Allow Us to Live Forever

By Rick Campos



Drugs: Imbalanced and Unhealthy

Drafs: Electronically Unstable

What Can Drafs Really Do?


Drugs: Imbalanced and Unhealthy

Many drugs have good reputations as “medicines” or as curing agents. But at a basic mathematical level drugs are ugly and imbalanced. All the drugs that exist fall into one of two categories Odd-Even/Even-Odd or Odd-Even/Even-Even. Before I explain what this means, let’s take into consideration that there are odd elements and even elements. The odd elements are Hydrogen (1), Lithium (3), Boron (5), Nitrogen (7), Fluorine (9), etc, etc. The even elements are Helium (2), Beryllium (4), Carbon (6), Oxygen (8), Neon (10), etc. etc. A molecular substance can have a net total of odd element atoms that is either odd or even and a net total of eve element atoms that is odd or even. Let us take salicylic acid, a common headache medicine also known as
Aspirin, its chemical formula is C12-H24-N2-O4. The odd elements are H and N, and if we add up how many

atoms there are of these we get 26 which is an even number, so this chemical is Odd-Even. The even elements are C and O of which there are a net total of 16 atoms, which is an even number, so this chemical is Even-Even. Ideally, you want a chemical to be Odd-Odd and Even-Even, that is what a draf is, but we will get more into that in the next chapter. You can check out any other drug for yourself and you will see that it falls into either of the two categories previously mentioned (odd-even/even-odd or odd-even/even-even). It is because of this balance that drugs are harmful. Every single drug has a lethal dosage factor (LD 50 or LD 100) meaning that at a high enough dosage it will kill you, and although it was previously unknown, the reason is due to this balance of odds and evens. In other words drugs are poisons that can kill you but are believed to be helpful at “the right amount.” The truth is drugs are not helpful at any amount and by this definition even water is a drug because its chemical formula is H2O, which makes is odd-even/even-odd. Even the water that we slowly entrust with our health is ensuring that we eventually die.

Drafs: Electronically Unstable 3

So what are drafs? As stated earlier a draf would have to have an odd-odd/even-even configuration, and chemicals like this do exist even in our bodies, but they are electronically unstable so they are not yet drafs. They have an unpaired electron which actually makes them harmful to living cells and DNA. Because they have an unpaired electron they look to other molecules to provide that electron and in the process take it from other molecules, which may be in DNA or the structure of a cell. In order for these chemicals to be drafs and be useful as a health promoting chemical they would have to retain their odd/even configuration and be electronically stable. Now, I am not a scientist and I am not claiming to know exactly how to do this but I imagine it might be done with electricity, perhaps introducing the right electrical current to a chemical that is a free radical or an ionic substance with odd-odd/even-even configuration would stabilize it electronically. The truth is this is something that needs to be researched and I have written several letters to the National Science Foundation to get them to investigate this idea but have gotten the run around every time. What needs to happen is that pressure needs to be applied to get them to be interested in stabilizing free radicals and ions electronically for the benefit of humanity. The reason drafs are beneficial to an organism is because of their odd-odd/even-even balance. Because they are so naturally balanced they are more likely to heal an organism than to harm it unlike drugs, which are not balanced well numerically. Their balance of odds and evens is their healing property. Having a odd number of odd element atoms and an even number of even element atoms makes them very health promoting and they could even extend our lives indefinitely if taken every day. We must put pressure on scientists to stabilize these chemicals electronically so that we can begin using them for our health. They will definitely make us live longer and better lives. I have written to the largest pharmaceutical companies, all of them, time and time again about how they should undertake a project dealing with the stabilization of free radicals for their viability as medicine but every time I have either gotten no response or a letter saying that they are not interested in my idea. The truth is that this is a radical new idea (no 4

pun intended) and pharmaceutical companies are addicted to selling drugs and nothing more. They don’t want to look into something that could extend our lives indefinitely they just want to make money and drugs sell. But what they do not realize is that drafs would sell even more. Another thing is that they may not believe that this will work and therefore see no point in investing the time and money into researching it, but the truth is the only way to know if it works is to develop an actual draf, stabilized, and test it. My prediction is that the first draf they discover will be found to be able to cure any disease and after that they will only discover stronger and more effective drafs. There are other kinds of free radicals that are also electronically unstable and their configuration is oddodd/even-odd. I would call these simplexities if they were to be stabilized but I think these would have no medicinal value and may be just as harmful as drugs if not more so. That is all I will say about chemicals with this kind of configuration.

What Can Drafs Really Do?

Curing every disease isn’t all that would happen if drafs were introduced to the public. Our lifespan would also be extended probably indefinitely. Drafs are unlike drugs in that they don’t have any negative side effects or a lethal dosage factor. You cannot overdose on drafs. As a race our I.Q. would increase dramatically because of drafs. The average I.Q. would be 400 or 500 in children in adults it could be as high as 1000. Drafs would make us considerably much smarter. With this kind of intelligence there would be almost no problem we could not solve logically. Our technology would improve vastly. We would have far more efficient vehicles probably efficient enough to make interstellar travel possible. We would be physically stronger if drafs became available to the public and everyone used them, and problems like addiction to drugs would not be a problem anymore because drafs cure that and drafs are not addictive at all. Another possibility that jumps out at me is the recreational use of psychoactive drafs. Since they are 5

drafs they wouldn’t be harmful and would actually be making you faster and smarter while entertaining you. You can do a draf psychoactive without feeling guilty that you are doing something to hurt yourself or your body and/or mind. Psychoactive drafs could be just as powerful as psychoactive drugs except that the effects would not be deleterious. Whereas drugs slow you down mentally and affect your sanity, a mental trip on a psychoactive draf you leave you feeling smarter, faster, and saner as well as happy. Psychoactive drafs wouldn’t confuse you like psychoactive drugs do. Psychoactive drafs put things in better perspective and clarify things for you. In short, you cannot abuse drafs no matter how often you do them, and all they can possibly do is benefit you in some way. So we can live longer, better lives with drafs, is there anything they can’t do? Well, they can’t kill you, so that’s a plus. If you are a scientist or you have any influence in the scientific community, please use your influence to get the scientific community to begin researching how to electronically stabilize free radicals and ions so that we can create drafs. There may even be a way to create drafs from other existing chemicals while skipping the free radical step. For example is an electronically stable form of HO2 could be made directly from treating H2O that would be very beneficial. HO2 is a radical that occurs naturally as a byproduct of cellular activity in our bodies but because it is still electronically unstable it is believed to be harmful. Stabilized HO2 however would be healthier than water to drink if it were a liquid at room temperature and atmosphere.


We have no reason not to investigate drafs further. If you are someone who is well off you can help by offering a reward to entice scientists into researching the electronic stabilization of free radicals for use as medicines. You could do something like the following:






Radicals must contain an even number of even element atoms and an odd number of odd element atoms. You must provide proof that you have stabilized such a chemical. Chemicals that can be stabilized include but are not limited to C6H5 C6H5(CO3) HO2


C6H12N7O8 Or chemicals like these. You could do something like that, obviously more detailed and the amount of money is discretionary to whatever you are willing to offer or can afford. But that is not the only way we can put pressure on the scientific community to produce drafs, if enough of us simply write letters to, we could get them to pay attention to this issue of electronic stabilization of free radicals and thereby end up with drafs. The reason they have not done it is that they do not see the value in even attempting to do this but if we show them that there is value and if there is enough public pressure on the matter than there is now they will be forced to react. The fact of the matter is drafs are valuable to mankind, our beautiful future depends on our ability to electronically stabilize free radicals. Diabetes, AIDS, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and all kinds of genetic and non-genetic disorders will meet their end with the onset of drafs. So please support the creation of drafs and the creation of a new world by writing to your government’s scientific agency and making them aware of the plight of electronically unstable free radicals.