Chapter 1 (The Dream) In a realm called Matencon trouble was brewing from the darkest city in the darkest

castle you could hear a faint evil laugh even on the plaint you call earth and that is where this story begins.

I gave a sudden jump as I awoke from the most peculiar dream. I was underwater making star fish in the sand when a mermaid swam from the abyss. I was shocked to see her stunningly beautiful face. She was a pale color of peach with long flowing bubble gum pink hair. Her eyes were a bright shade of cream and held the look of someone who was terrified. When she saw me she hastily grabbed my pale arm and pulled me behind a rock when she let go there was a slight burning sensation on the spot that she had touched me. I tried to ask her what was wrong but was interrupted when I saw pink and black sea horses riding toward me. I was surprised when I saw they were pulling a hot pink chariot behind them. When they approached us I saw a woman standing on the chariot. No she was not a woman she was a god for her face was a sparkling tan with her long golden hair

flying behind her it was no wonder she looked like a god. Her beauty was supported by a flowing silver cape that glinted like a brand new shiny quarter. The goddesses reach us and flashed me a stunning smile. Why would the mermaid be afraid of that? She reached her hand out gesturing for me to take it. When our hands meet something started to happen. Her golden long luxurious locks turned black and straight. Her tan skin became pale and her silver cape turned quickly pink she now match her chariot and looked terrifying. I tried to release my hand but it was locked in hers. I could hear a ear piercing laugh and that’s when I woke up. I decided that there was no more reason to lie in bed so I went down stairs for breakfast.

It was a grim, glum, rainy Friday in New York which was the sign of spring. When I walked into my walk in closet I gave a slight jump as I saw my reflection. My long curly brown hair stuck to my forehead and sweat was all over my pale skin. My green eyes were red a puffy. When I got over my reflection I threw on some jeans and a bottom down t-shirt and started to walk to school. I was half way there when I heard a shot behind me.

‘’Hay Tiger lily’’ It was my best friend Katie and as always she was as perky as ever. ‘’Hay Katie’’ I replied when she caught up with me. ‘’What’s up?’’ She started to skip merrily at my side ‘’oh I just wanted to say happy Halloween!’’ She yelled in my ear as she gave me a piece of candy. I love Halloween I mean what’s not to love with the scaring and the spooking. ‘’Oh and happy 15th birthday’’ she added I think that was the main reason for loving Halloween. ‘’Thanks Katie’’ I said appreciative. ‘’No problem’’ she trilled in her sun-shine voice. I always felt weird standing by her she was really popular and everyone wanted to be her friend but everyone seemed to miss me as they stared into her peach sunny face. ‘’So’’ she said twirling her long red hair and batting her big blue eyes ‘’ I was thinking maybe cause it’s your birthday we could go to a little get together at my house?’’ She questioned she knew I knew that when she said little she meant big. ‘’Katie I don’t think’’ I began but she stopped me in mid sentence. ‘’Look I now that big ‘’get together’’ aren’t your thing but I swear there only be you me

and Macy’’ she said excitingly and sincerely. ‘’Well if you swear it’s going to be the three of us what time should I be there?’’ I asked feeling slightly cheerful that we were going to have a girls time together. ‘’At eight in front of time square and you won’t want to miss this.’’ She replied trying not to blow the secret, she was always bad at that. I was so in tuned with the thought of having a ‘’get together’’ that I didn’t even relies we were at school until Macy squeezed a hug so tight I couldn’t breathe. ‘’Happy birthday lily’’ she said her short black hair bouncing in the wind. ‘’Hope you like it’’ she said as she placed a rectangular package in my hand. ‘’Oh Macy you didn’t have to get me anything’’ I blushed. ‘’I now but I wanted to’’ she replied in her small voice her brown eyes glinting in enjoyment. I unwrapped a gift a flush color still on my cheeks and I had to force back a sigh. Another manga Macy loved Japan and everything in it and hoped to write her own manga someday but I hated them though I never said that in front of her she was way too sensitive. So I perked up as best as I could and said ‘’Macy this is great thank you so much.’’ She giggled

‘’Read the title’’ she edge on I looked down and almost gasped in surprise ROSAELIE AND THE PRINCE OF DARKNESS by: Macy Jigger ‘’Macy you wrote this’’ I exclaimed I’ll actually read this one I thought. ‘’It’s no big deal’’ she instead now blushing herself before I could say think you the bell rang for first period and I almost sprinted to home room.

Chapter 2 (Evil Erin) Meanwhile in Matencon the Evil Sorceress Erin was standing over the orb of darkness talking to her minuend and brothers Elawn and Triscin ‘’finally with this necklace I will rule the realm!’’ Erin laughed as she showed the black necklace to her brothers.

‘’Well that’s nice and all but what does it do?’’ Asked Elawn as he scratched his bald head. ‘’With it I have the power to enslave all minds so nothing can stop me now’’ she replied with a wicked grin. She was about to place it around her neck when something swooped from above and swiped it right from her hands. ‘’You’’ she called as a boy with brilliant blonde hair landed beside them. ‘’Quick get him before he gets away’’ she called to her dumbstruck brothers but before anyone could do anything the boy jumped out of the window most would think this was the end for the young man. But if you new Todd Williams you would just laugh at the stun faces of evil for he had a paritshut and always came prepared for anything. The boy could not let Erin take over the minds of the gaxley so he decide to take it to earth were she could never find it hopefully. He wrapped the black necklace into his jacket and headed to earth. He knew if he wanted to conceal the necklace from evil Erin it would not be enough to just put it on earth he would have to hide it in a jewelry store and that is exactly what he did and oddly enough it was a placed called Perkins a jewelry store owned by my mom was it fate or just a matter of luck, on Todds side.

Back on earth school had ended and Katie was walking home when she had rembered that she had not gotten me a birthday present she had just walkled past Perkins and turned around hoping that my mom was not working that day she strolled past Aulis and Aulis full of jewelry that rich people would ware just to say ‘’look at me am flashing’’ or ‘’ I have way more money than you so I’m going to be a show-off.’’ Katie still could not find anything that was perfect for me and she was just about to give up and go to the dollar store when she spotted a black necklace she knew I was going to love it so she quickly picked it up and asked the chash ear how much it cost. The shop keeper was confused and said that he had never seen this necklace before so he said that she could keep it and said it was on the house. Katie happy that she had gotten me something heriad home to get ready for tonight not even wondering why the shop keeper had not seen the necklace before or were it had come from. I oblivious to the fury stureing in Matencon was happily getting dresses for tonight wondering what in the world we were going to do and why Katie and Macy didn’t want me to miss it. It was

7:30pm and I was just about to leave for time square when my mother called ‘’Lily’’ and was forced to go back to the living room ‘’What mom?’’ I asked in a rush. ‘’ Were do you think your going’’ she questioned ‘’We made dinner reservations for your birthday member’’ Oh no I totally forgot about that I can’t cancel on Katie though I worried in my head. ‘’A mom I kind already made plains with Macy and Katie tonight’’ I told her watching her face as I said so knowing that she got made easily. ‘’Oh’’ she said slightly taken back ‘’Well I guess I you really won’t to go that’s fine’’ I looked at her shocked she never let me put friends before family. ‘’Emmm well thanks mom so I guess I will see you latter’’ I said as I hurried out the front door so not to give her a chance to take back what she had said.


It was five minutes till eight and me and Macy were still waiting on Katie to show. I was just about to speed dial her when she came sprinting up the road. ‘’I’m sorry I’m late’’she panted wiping sweat from her brow. ‘’ I just needed to wrap this’’ and she handed me a red velvet box and again I felt the heat of a flush creeping up my neck and in embarrassment I quickly duck me head before they could see it. I slowly open the box and glimpse a look at the most gorgeous necklace my eyes have ever glanced upon. The silver chain was wrapped around the black gemstone that laid on gray satin. I felt my mouth drop and hurriedly brought it back up. ‘’Thank you Katie’’ I finally managed to say ‘’were did you get it?’’ I questioned. ‘’I got it at your mom jewelry store but no one there seemed to know where it came from.’’ She said a perplexed tone in her voice. She then glanced at her watch and gasped. ‘’We have to go or were going to miss the show.’’ She said hastily. ‘’Wait what show’’ I asked looking at them. But before any of them could answer a cloud of lightning shattered the still nights sky and screams of terror erupted from all around me. Just then a

boy was at my side and suddenly grabbed me in his arms before I had time to think let alone scream everything became a blur and silence came as fast as the screams had came and when I opened my eyes we were no longer in time square.

Chapter 3 (The expiation) ‘’Let go of me’’ I screamed trying to wiggle my way out of the strangers arm.He hesitantly relived his hold and I scrambled to get away from him. Before I could take another step fowerd