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Document Name: Specifications (Mechanical) Date: March 7, 2009 Rev. Rev.



PART 1 GENERAL 1.01 WORK INCLUDED A. B. 1.02 Plumbing fixtures and trim. Thermostatic mixing valves.

RELATED WORK A. B. C. Section 15400: Plumbing Systems Section 15100: Valves, Cocks and Faucets Section 15050: Mechanical Works General Requirements


APPLICABLE CODES AND STANDARDS A. ANSI A 112.18.1 A 112.19.2 B. ASTM A 268-75 American National Standards Institute: Finished and Rough Brass Plumbing Fixture Fittings. Vitreous China Plumbing Fixtures American Society for Testing and Materials: Specification for Seamless and Welded Ferritic Stainless Steel Tubing for General Service. Specification for Steel Sheets for Porcelain Enameling. Method of Salt Spray (Fog) Testing. Specification for Brass Die Castings Specification for Brass Sintered Metal Powder Structural Parts. Corrosion Testing of Decorative Chromium Plating by the Corrodkote Procedure. Specification for Electrode posited Coatings of Nickel Plus Chromium

A 424-73 B 117-73 B 176-70 B 282-70

B 380-65(1972) -

B 456-71

C 554-71

Test for Grazing Resistance of Fired Glazed Ceramic Whitewares by a Thermal Stock Method. Recommended Practice for Production and Preparation of Gray Iron Castings for Porcelain Enameling.

C 660-70


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Document Name: Specifications (Mechanical) Date: March 7, 2009 Rev. Rev. 0 Project: AL RAJHI STEEL (CUT & BEND PROCESSING BLDG) - JEDDAH Owner: AL RAJHI STEEL CO.




Submit Manufacturer's product data with specified model and specification and installation instructions in accordance with applicable sections. Manufacturer's catalogues containing technical specifications for all fixtures, trim and accessories proposed. Three color samples where other than white fixtures are proposed. Drawings showing proposed method of installation for all fixtures. Manufacturer's installation instructions. Certificate of compliance for materials.


C. D. E. F.


GENERAL REQUIREMENTS A. Provide new fixtures, free from flaws and blemishes with finished surfaces clear, smooth and bright. Fixture colors shall be selected on site to suit Supervising Engineer finishes' schedules. Colors selection shall be approved by Supervising Engineer. Provide plumbing fittings. Visible parts of fixture brass and accessories shall be heavily chrome plated. Fixtures shall be product of one Manufacturer. Fittings of same type shall be product of one manufacturer. Protect fixtures against use and damage during construction.





JOB CONDITIONS A. Check millwork shop drawings. Confirm location and size of fixtures and openings before rough-in and installation.


PRODUCT HANDLING A. Deliver materials in original, unopened protective packaging to prevent damage to the material and finish. Store all fixtures in an upright position, aboveground in a dry place. Trim and accessories shall also be stored above ground in a dry place.



COLORS A. Color of all fittings shall be selected on site Co-ordinating with architectural and furniture finishes schedules and color schemes. Sample colors shall be submitted as indicated and all color selection approved by Supervising Engineer.



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Document Name: Specifications (Mechanical) Date: March 7, 2009 Rev. Rev. 0 Project: AL RAJHI STEEL (CUT & BEND PROCESSING BLDG) - JEDDAH Owner: AL RAJHI STEEL CO.

PART 2 PRODUCTS 2.01 ACCEPTABLE MANUFACTURERS A. The Contractor shall submit to the Supervising Engineer the names of three manufacturers and their products which will be acceptable under this Section. Approval of the manufacturer or product must be obtained before proceeding with associated work. Units shall be the product of a Manufacturer regularly engaged in the production of these units issuing complete catalog data for same. Items of same function and performance are acceptable in conformance with applicable sections.




The Contractor shall refer to the fixtures/fittings schedules for exact location of each plumbing fixture. WATER CLOSET 1. Western Type Vitreous china, floor mounted, floor outlet, round front siphon jet action bowl, close coupled tank with water saver trim, complete with open front seat and cover and tank fittings (use American Standard or approved equal).



PERENNIAL SPRAY A. Every water closet shall be provided with an approved type perennial spray (Ideal Standard or approved equal). Perennial spray shall consist of push button operated self-closing valve, flexible stainless steel hose, vacuum breaker, aerator nozzle and chrome plated wall hook (Ideal Standard or approved equal).



LAVATORIES AND WASH BASINS (American Standard or approved equal) A. B. Vitreous china, wall hung, front overflow, complete with supply and drain fittings. Vitreous china, counter top, front overflow, complete with supply and drain fittings.


SHOWER (AMERICAN STANDARD or approved equal) A. Each shower shall be complete with hot and cold supply, mixer and drains.


KITCHEN SINK ( ELKAY, USA or approved equal) A. Stainless steel, single bowl, with drain board, complete with hot and cold supply mixer and drain fittings Stainless steel, double bowl with drain board, complete with hot and cold supply mixer and drain fittings.


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Document Name: Specifications (Mechanical) Date: March 7, 2009 Rev. Rev. 0 Project: AL RAJHI STEEL (CUT & BEND PROCESSING BLDG) - JEDDAH Owner: AL RAJHI STEEL CO.


FAUCET / HOSE BIB A. B. Ablution faucet shall be provided. Hose bibb shall be chrome / bronze with hose connection.


FIXTURE SUPPORTS All wall hung plumbing fixtures shall be furnished with the fixture Manufacturer's standard chair carriers or wall hangers furnished with the fixtures. The Contractor shall furnish all necessary bolts and fittings required for a complete installation.


All toilet accessories shall be as per architectural specifications.

PART 3 EXECUTION 3.01 SUPPORTS A. All fixtures and equipment shall be mounted level, sure, rigid and flush with wall or floor as appropriate. Drill holes carefully to avoid chipping block or tile. All supports shall be concealed unless noted otherwise. Furnish and set all hangers, supports, brackets, etc., for proper installation of all fixtures and equipment. Supports shall be in accordance with recommendations of the Fixture Manufacturer, and if built into partitions or walls, shall be set as wall construction progresses. Contractor shall be responsible for stability of all fixtures and furnishing all chair carriers or other materials necessary to accomplish this.

B. C. D.


FIXTURES A. B. C. All fixtures shall be free from imperfections, true as to line, angles, curves and color, smooth, watertight, complete in every respect. It shall be the responsibility of this Contractor to guarantee proper selection and coordination of all fittings and parts relating to each fixture. Make connections to all supply lines and drains. Supplies to all fittings shall be fitted with angle valve. Install each fixture with trap, easily removable for servicing and cleaning. At completion, thoroughly clean plumbing fixtures and equipment. Provide chrome plated rigid or flexible supplies to fixtures with screwdriver stops, reducers and escutcheons. All exposed pipework shall be chrome plated. All fixtures shall be left thoroughly clean and free from all marks and foreign substances. Contractor shall replace all leaky faucets and valves prior to final inspection. Adjust all flush valves for quiet operation and period of flush. All faucets shall have visible indices. All trim shall be permanently stamped with Manufacturer's identification visible after installation.
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D. E.


G. H. I.


Document Name: Specifications (Mechanical) Date: March 7, 2009 Rev. Rev. 0 Project: AL RAJHI STEEL (CUT & BEND PROCESSING BLDG) - JEDDAH Owner: AL RAJHI STEEL CO.


Caulk around all fixtures and adjacent surfaces with a white silicon sealant, fungicidal type. Install hose and faucets, hose connections and fittings as indicated with vacuum breakers. They shall be installed as required by ASME A40.8. No plumbing fixture, device, equipment, or pipe connection shall be installed that will provide a cross connection or interconnection between a potable water supply and any source of non-potable water, such as a drainage system, a soil or waste pipe, or a boiler or chiller where the water may be chemically treated.




FIXTURES ROUGH-IN SCHEDULE A. Rough-in fixture piping connections in accordance with the following table of minimum sizes or as required for particular fixtures: HOT WATER Lavatories Shower Kitchen Sink Water Closet (Tank Type) Floor Drains Ablution Faucet 15mm 15mm 15mm 15 mm COLD WATER 15mm 15mm 15mm 15mm 15mm WASTE 40mm 50mm 50mm 100mm 50mm WASTE VENT 40mm 50mm 50mm 50mm -


PAINTING A. All painting shall conform with applicable sections.


CLEANING A. All cleaning and disinfecting shall conform to applicable sections.

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