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Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Architecture) Lecturer: Ms Azrina Binti Md Yaakob ( COURSEWORK BRIEF FOR PROJECT 2 - Final Design and Cost Plan (40%)
Project Overview Students shall be divided into groups of 5 – 6 students each, acting as a Design Team. Each group is required to use the approved studio project and the initial cost plan prepared for Coursework Project 1.

Each Design Team is required to submit a cost plan report to the Client for their final design approved for construction. The report shall include but not limited to cost plans, design reviews and alternative materials and construction methods adopted. A separate report shall be prepared for your directors on your measurement working, source of cost data, adjustments of elemental costs, cost comparison, value engineering, etc.

Introduction This coursework is a continuation of Project 1 where design are been developed until the final design is approved for construction. Through this development process, there will be cost comparison between different materials and different method of constructions to be used. A review of these options and recommendations to arrive at the final cost plan. Objective of Project The objective of this project is to emphasize the importance of cost, value and design implications and to the ability to produce cost assessments and cost comparison of different construction methods and materials. Learning Outcomes of this Project    Students will be able to carry out cost comparison of a selection of different materials and construction method.. Students will be able to introduce the cost element into the design process to promote value for money. Students will be able to produce design development appraisal and make recommendation to Client.

Task - Methodology Based on their Project 1, the Design Team held a meeting with the Client on ways to cut the overall estimate by 15% by suggesting changes to the design, material selection, construction method including some value engineering suggestion. Prepare cost comparisons and decisions adopted to arrive at a final cost plan.

Elective – Costing for Architecture (ARC 3622): August 2013

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Submission Requirement Students are required to prepare the following reports: 1.  Cost comparison of alternative materials and methods  Cost saving options adopted through value engineering  Area Schedule  Confirmed Finishes Schedule  Final Design drawings (in A4 or A3 size) 2. Initial Cost Plan Report to Client.  Measurement take-off sheet  Cost comparison and savings calculations  Any other supporting documents Submission Date The reports must be submitted by 4. Report to your Director on basis of Cost Plan prepared.00 pm on 30 October 2013 in both hard copy (Printed A4 or A3 size).  Final Cost Plan. Assessment criteria The assessment for Project 2 shall be based on the following:  Understanding the stages leading to Final Cost Plans  Ability to carry out cost comparison of different materials and methods  Appropriateness and accuracy of cost data used  Ability to measure area and calculate cost of finishes Marking Criteria Marks shall be distributed as follows: Group Component (40%)  Accuracy and appropriateness of final cost plan  Source of cost data used  Measurement and cost calculations TOTAL : 60 marks 20 marks 20 marks 100 marks Elective – Costing for Architecture (ARC 3622): August 2013 2|Pa g e .

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