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the world’s finest fryer filtration & management system

We are dedicated to saving our clients money,
creating a safer work environment, and providing our partners
with the tools to increase the quality of their product, all the while preserving the environment.

How will the FiltaFry service benefit you?
FiltaFry provides an eco-friendly, mobile onsite service for the micro-filtration of cooking oil; the vacuum-based cleaning of deep fryers, and full fryer management. By partnering with your local FiltaFry technician, you will receive a comprehensive fryer management service, which includes temperature calibration, oil filtration, and a thorough vacuuming of each fryer. We remove oil from your kitchen at the end of its usage cycle and have the capability to turn it in to biodiesel. The regular filtering of your oil reduces the onset of chemical breakdown, extends the life of oil, and creates better food presentation.

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Our client list includes, but is not limited to:
Restaurants McDonalds Macaroni Grill Ruth’s Chris Universities Alabama A & M University of Texas Emory University Hospitals JFK Memorial Hospital Blue Cross Blue Shield Emory Medical Entertainment Venues Nationwide Arena Six Flags Compuware Sports Arena Hotels Holiday Inn Hilton Marriott Contract Services SodexHo Aramark


Kitchen Solutions

The many benefiTs of a filTa Group parTnership:

Oil Savings
Oil is an expensive consumable that has a limited lifespan. Crumbs, salt, and other impurities introduced to the oil through the deep frying process, reduce the lifespan of the oil, requiring frequent oil changes. FiltaFry saves you money by coming in and micro-filtering impurities out of the oil, which extends its usefulness. FiltaFry’s micro-filtration process reduces the original oil disposal amount by 50%. That’s, on average, approximately 10,000 pounds of used cooking oil annually per restaurant.
Because of the FiltaFry service my oil consumption has dropped from approximately 20 35lb containers of oil per week to approximately 12 containers. Roger Weideman General Manager Golden Corral

Savings Snapshot
Previous Fryer Costs
3 fryers - 50lbs capacity ea. 9 boxes of oil p/wk $35 p/box = $315.00 (Oil cost) 2 hrs p/wk = $20.00 (Labor cost) Total cost p/wk: $335.00

aFtEr FIltaFry
Current Fryer Costs
3 fryers - 50lbs capacity ea. 4.5 boxes of oil p/wk $35 p/box = $157.50 (Oil cost) $67.50 x 1 = $67.50 (Service Fee) Total cost p/wk: $225.00

$335 .00 - $225.00 = $110.00
Savings per week after paying for the oil & our service fee.

Yearly Savings


*This claim and the table above represent the savings possible with the use of our service. Typically, FiltaFry will micro-filter and detail the fryers once per week, as well as handle the disposal of all the used oil.

Increased Employee Safety Increased Food Quality
The FiltaFry service is performed during a convenient and opportune time to extend the life of premium cooking oil. We will remove over 99% of carbon from fryers, resulting in a consistently superior food product. A Filta partnership has been known to: Reduce burns, by limiting employee fryer management. Decrease employee slip & falls, by keeping the area clean from oil spills and other hazardous materials. Increase restaurant profits by reducing insurance claims.

BurnS & InjurIES HOw tO EnSurE PrEmIum FryIng OIl QualIty
1. Filter oil regularly 2. Sustain proper cleaning of the equipment 3. Proper design, assembly, and maintenance of the equipment
Robertson, C.J. 1967. The practice of deep-fat frying. Food Tech, 21:1, 34-36.

SlIPS & FallS
Restaurants paid out, on average, $5,386 per establishment for slips and falls each year.
*Restaurant Insurance Corporation 11/2006

Restaurants experience a 25% savings when they report low to average injuries. A difference in the restaurant payout is $1,400 per year. *Department
of Labor & Industries 11/2006

“... we have noticed a phenomenal change in the way our product is being received by our guests. The food looks and tastes delicious and our cook times have also been reduced.” Brad Murphy - Manager - TGIFriday’s

“In the past, it was a problem getting the cooks to filter the fryolators and also change the oil. This always caused the grease to deteriorate long before it should and add to the expense of constant changing. The service also decreased the instances of someone getting burned by hot grease.” George Butler - Director of Dining Service Olin College of Engineering - Sodexho Campus Services