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Practices to Do for Success 1) GIVE RISE TO BODHICHITTA.


BODHICHITTA. Make it a habit to think that all of your actions of body, speech and mind will be done for the benefit of others. Cultivate the aspiration to attain enlightenment for the benefit of all sentient beings, and nurture this precious altruistic intention as dearly as mother cares for her child. 2) Do TONGLEN!

When you breathe out, think that you are giving everything to all sentient beings. Give all your merits of the three times and your body, like a wish-granting jewel, all your possessions, and so on. Give them to all sentient beings as you breathe out, and when you breathe in, take all beings sufferings and their causes, all the undesirable things, onto yourself, and destroy your self-cherishing thought.

TongLen is a meditation done in conjunction with ones breathing, and in relation to ones parents, friends and enemies, to all beings gathered around oneself. As one breathes out, imagine that with the exhalation out goes all ones happiness and all the causes of happiness, all the good karma that one has, in the form of white light rays. These light rays go out to all beings to touch them, so that they obtain present temporary happiness and the cause for the ultimate happiness of buddhahood. With inhalation one imagines that all the suffering, the causes of suffering and the bad karma that beings have are drawn into oneself with the incoming breath, in the form of black light rays. These black rays enter and merge into oneself, so one thinks that one has taken on the suffering of all other beings. Thus this Sending & Taking meditation involves giving away happiness and taking on suffering, in combination with ones breathing. What does this meditation accomplish? Generally, happiness & suffering occur as a result of karma, ones good or bad actions. If someone has done a good action, then naturally from that there will come a result of happiness. That person will receive the result of happiness that cannot be denied him or her. Likewise, suffering occurs as the result of bad actions. If someone

has done a bad action then the only result that can be obtained from that is suffering, which cannot be avoided. In doing this meditation one changes the attitude of seeing oneself as more important than other beings; one will come to consider others as more important than oneself. The normal attitude that people have is to think that it does not matter if other beings are not happy, it does not matter if others are suffering, but it is important that oneself is happy & free from suffering. One normally considers oneself, takes care of oneself first, regarding oneself as more important than others. Through doing this sending & taking practice it is possible to change ones attitude so that it does not matter if oneself is unhappy or suffering, but it does matter that others are happy & free from suffering. Thus one develops the attitude that one is able to take on the suffering of other beings. Some people new to this practice get worried because they think that by doing the practice they will have to lose happiness and experience suffering, which makes them fearful. However, there is no need for this anxiety because whatever happens to oneself is solely a result of ones karma. Doing this practice does not bring suffering. Other people do the practice with great expectation, with great hope. They think of a friend who is ill, unhappy or otherwise suffering and they visualise this friend during the meditation in the hope that they will remove the suffering. When they find it does not work they lose hope and become disillusioned. This also is not what the practice is about. The point is to cherish other beings as important, rather than regarding oneself as important. So there is no need to have worry, fear or expectation. However, it is not true to say there is no result from the practice. In the immediate present one is not able to bring happiness or remove suffering, but by doing this practice one will gradually cease to cherish oneself over others. Instead, one will develop the wish to practise in order to benefit other beings, eventually leading to the ability to help beings, teach and train them in the Dharma, and so forth. Consequently, one will be able to give them happiness and relieve them of suffering, and offer them whatever qualities and abilities that one has. This is the relative bodhicitta. The ultimate bodhicitta is approached by pacifying concepts and dualism: all ones thoughts are calmed; ones clinging to dualism assuaged; one just rests in the state of peace, of meditation. One dissolves into emptiness and just rests in the true nature of the mind. This is the ultimate bodhicitta.

-Thrangu Rinpoche


REJOICE in the merit, happiness, virtue, positive potential, and amazing,

inconceivable causes of happiness, merit, and virtue created by all the buddhas, bodhisattvas, and all sentient beings of the ten directions and three times, and especially your root spiritual teachers, Shakyamuni Buddha, and all other great gurus, arhats, pratyekabuddhas, monks, nuns, lamas, retreatants, and all Dharma practitioners (and any other great spiritual masters with whom you have a connection).

Each time you rejoice in your own past, present, and future merits, it doubles or triples them. You collect so much merit by rejoicing, or feeling happiness about other sentient beings merit. If you rejoice in a sentient beings merit, and the level of the persons mind is lower than yours, you collect double the persons m erit. If the persons level of mind is equal to yours, you collect the same amount of merit. If the persons level of mind is higher than yours, then you collect half their merit. Since there are so many sentient beings, you can imagine how much merit you collect. You will want to practice rejoicing all day long, and night. If you rejoice in the merit generated by one bodhisattva in one day, you receive half of the merit. Because bodhisattvas have realized bodhicitta, they seek only the happiness of others, so whatever activity the bodhisattva does collects so much merit, every second. Can you imagine if you get half of a bodhisattvas merit for one day? Now you can see how incredible it is to get that kind of merit, without rejoicing, would take 13,000 yea rs! You can see that this is a great thing to do, and is so easy to do. You can collect merit within seconds that would take 13,000 years. You dont need to prepare anything, just your thoughts. You can do this while walking, jogging, eating, lying on the beach: any time. So, this is a really fantastic practice, if you want to have quick success, great wealth, realizations of the path, and benefit others, especially if you want to achieve enlightenment in order to liberate sentient beings from samsaric sufferings, and bring them to full enlightenment. You should rejoice in all the virtuous things done by any person. If you can do this you will
accumulate merit equal to that person. The great Dzogchen master Paltrul Rinpoche said, If you want to accumulate merit without doing anything, rejoice in the merit of others. You can

just sleep, lie in your bed and listen. If you hear that someone is doing a good thing, rejoice in that and you can accumulate merit. -Garchen Rinpoche 4) MAKE OFFERINGS to your Gurus, Lamas, Spiritual Teachers, and Spiritual Friends.

Whenever you meet someone who has the same guru as you, you can offer him or her chocolate, water, or money anything that you have with the thought that he or she has the same guru, and so is the sam e as the gurus pores. If you offer to many Sangha members who have the same guru as you, then you are making offerings to that many pores of the guru. This is the easiest way to collect a lot of merit through offerings. By offering just one candy, flowers, or a grain of rice to a statue of the Buddha or even a visualized Buddha, you collect a lot of merit. But making offerings to the gurus pores collects more merit than offering to all the buddhas, Dharmas, sanghas, statues, stupas, and scriptures, not only in this continent and this world but all that exist in all the universes and all the directions. Making offerings to any pore of the guru with this attitude creates much more merit than all of these offerings.

No matter how much money you have even 10 billion dollars it is nothing compared to this benefit. You will attain temporal happiness and ultimate happiness from this good karma, as well as all realizations up to enlightenment. Even after you achieve enlightenment, the many qualities of a Budd has holy mind still cause so many sentient beings to become enlightened. These are the benefits of just that simple act of making offerings to the gurus pores.

These benefits should be understood, so that when you make offerings to the gurus pores, you think correctly. This is the best business. If your business needs

purification, or is short of merit, then this is what you should do to create success for your business.

By making offerings to the gurus pores, with the remembrance that they are the gurus pores, you collect mind -blowing merits. With this business of making merit, there is no risk, and the benefit is always there, every time, no matter what. There is no risk of deflation or loss. By making offerings, or charity, the karmic result is ongoing. There is no negative change, and it wont go decrease due to inflation.

So, if you can make offerings to the Sangha with this in your mind, whatever you can give, even just for a few days or one week, or just give a general donation to the Sangha, the most important thing is to think that you are making offerings to the gurus pores.

By using these methods, you can collect the most merit. If you collect a lot of merit, suddenly a miracle can happen that you wont be able to believe not only great success in business, but suddenly everything booms in your life. Similarly with realizations, miracles can happen. Of course, miracles do not happen without causes and conditions.

5) Make offerings to all of your Spiritual Teachers students. Give texts, money, food, support, friendship, time, kind words, smiles, service, and anything else that they might need or want. Making offerings to the Gurus disciples is like making offerings to the Gurus pores.

6) Make offerings to EVERYONE and EVERYTHING all sentient beings.

Never pass by an opportunity for generosity constantly look for opportunities for generosity. Seal this generosity with view of emptiness. Practice charity even with small things, like giving food to animals and people. You can even offer charity to ants, so that you can collect as much merit as possible.

7) DO PROSTRATIONS to all the buddhas, bodhisattvas, the Gurus, and the Triple Gem.

Make extensive offering at your altar (or any other altar) to the Guru, the Buddhas, the Dharma, and the Sangha, and all holy beings and holy objects such as all the lamas, yidams, deities, dakas, dakinis, Dharma protectors, bodhisattvas, arhats, pratyekabuddas, shravakas, statues, stupas, thangkas, and scriptures, all of which are of the nature of bliss and emptiness, and of the nature of your own root Teacher.

9) Keep precepts as much as possible, such as the Sojong/8 Mahayana Precepts, the 5 Lay Precepts, the Bodhisattva Precepts, and any other precepts that you have received from your teachers.

10) Recite the short D Sum Sangye Barchay Lamsel (Dispelling Obstacles from the Path) prayer to Guru Rinpoche many times.


CHI NANG SANG-WAI BAR-CHHAY ZHI-WA DANG SAM-PA LHN-GYI-DRUB PAR JIN-GYI-LOB OM H HNG VAJRA GURU PADMA SIDDHI HNG (English Translation) Buddha of the Three Times, Guru Rinpoche: Lord of All Spiritual Accomplishments, Sovereign of Great Bliss: Dispeller of All Obstacles, Dynamic and Wrathful Tamers of Maras: I pray to you bestow your blessings! Pacify outer, inner, and secret obstacles, And grant your blessings that our wishes may be spontaneously accomplished! OM H HNG VAJRA GURU PADMA SIDDHI HNG Translated by Erick Sherab Zangpo.

11) Recite the Diamond Cutter Sutra many times.

This is a most precious text, where Buddha showed ultimate truth. This is the way Buddha liberates sentient beings, by revealing the truth-not by washing away our negative karma with water, or by taking them from our body with his hand, and not by transferring realizations.

12) Recite the Arya Sanghata Sutra many times.

When you recite the text, you will understand how much merit you collect by printing this sutra. It can bring miracles.

13) Recite the Sutra of Golden Light many times.

14) Recite the Heart Sutra many times.

15) Print many copies of the Diamond Sutra, and give them away to others.

16) Print many copies of the Arya Sanghata Sutra , and give them away to others.

17) Print many copies of the Sutra of Golden Light, and give them away to others.

18) Print many copies of the Heart Sutra, and give them away to others.

After you have printed these texts, keep them respectfully in a high, clean place. You can also give copies to people. If you keep some in your house, you can make offerings and prostrations to them, and in this way collect incredible merit. If you have many copies, when a stupa or large statue is built, these extra texts can go inside them. It has to be the complete text, with no missing pages.

You are so fortunate even to see these texts. There is incredible benefit to having them in your house. According to the texts, if you even have one copy of them in your

house, your house becomes a holy object, and all the devas of the three times come there and protect your house. This is what you should do to make your life easier.


The Heart Mantra:


The Quintessence Mantra:

OM MANI DHIRI HNG PHAT [Through reciting this,] all wishes will be fulfilled, and so on; the benefits are inexpressible.

Translated by Erick Sherab Zangpo. Generally, in the text, it says to recite it three times a day, but you could recite it two times, and keep the text in your wallet or car or somewhere handy. This can help in business and bring wealth.

Buddha taught such things because his omniscient mind knows the various ways to help others. He knows exactly which methods fit each sentient being. Out of great compassion, the Buddha gave various mantras to help to remove suffering. He taught these various methods while showing the unmistaken path to be free from samsara, to achieve liberation, and to achieve enlightenment.

This mantra is much more valuable than a sky filled with diamonds, gold, and wishfulfilling jewels. This ordinary kind of wealth is nothing compared to the benefits of this mantra. Just seeing this mantra directs you to enlightenment. Your life becomes irreversibly led toward enlightenment. The mantra can purify the ten non-virtuous actions and the five heinous actions. It can prevent you from being born in the three lower realms. The same is true of touching, keeping the mantra, and also hearing the mantra. Just remembering the mantra becomes an offering to all the buddhas.

This mantra is called the Great Increasing Jewel Fathomless Celestial Mansion Extremely Well-Abiding Secret Holy Mantra. See if you can recite it just ten times a day. It is a very, very special mantra. Buddha taught these mantras because different sentient beings appeared at different times with different problems, and requested Buddha for help. Buddha gave various methods, even manifesting as different deities. By using these means for the Buddha and others you are repaying the Buddhas kindness.

20) Recite this sutra many times: The Maha-Lakshmi Sutra

In the Indian Language [Sanskrit]: Mahashri Sutra [or Mahalakshmi Sutra [i]] In the Tibetan Language: Plchhenmoi Do [dpal chen moi mdo] In the English Language: The Maha-Lakshmi Sutra
HOMAGE TO ALL THE BUDDHAS AND BODHISATTVAS! Thus have I heard: at one time, the Blessed One, the Transcendent and Accomplished Conqueror, was abiding in Sukhavati, the Land of Bliss.

Then, the Bodhisattva Mahasattva, the Noble Lord Avalokiteshvara, went to the place where the Blessed One was, and having gone there, he fully prostrated at the feet of the Blessed One, and, circumambulating the Blessed One three times, he sat down on one side. Then, the Blessed One gazed at Maha-Lakshmi, and spoke the following words to the Noble Lord Avalokiteshvara: If any fully-ordained monk, fully-ordained nun, novice monk, novice nun, or anyone else should come to know, to keep, to read, to write out, or to have others write out the Twelve Names of Maha-Lakshmi, then their poverty will be eliminated, and they will become rich. Then, all of the gathered assemblies prayed deeply, saying, May it be so! Then, the Blessed One uttered the Twelve Names of Maha-Lakshmi: PEL DEN MA PEL TRI MA PAY-MAY THRENG CHEN NOR GYI DAG-MO KAR MO DRAG-PA CHHEN MO PAY-MAY CHEN JEY-PA MO D CHHEN MO ZAY JIN MA RIN-PO-CHH RAB JIN MO PEL CHHEN MO

(In English)

She Who Is Endowed with Glory She Who Is Enveloped in Splendor Possessor of a Rosary of Lotuses Sovereign Lady of Wealth She Who Is Pure She of Great Renown

Lotus Eye She Who Is Efficacious She of Great Light She Who Gives Food She Who Wholeheartedly Gives Precious Gems She of Great Resplendence

(The mantra)
SYDYATHEDANA/ JINI GRINI/ SARVA ARTHA SADHANI/ SHASHINA ALAGA SHIMANA/ NSHAYA SIDDHANATU MANTRA PADAI SVH/ OM BIGUNI BARAMASU BHAGE SVH If anyone should recite this during the three times of day[ii], then they will be victorious over all disharmonious circumstances. They will be endowed with excellent fortune. They will be endowed with not knowing the exhaustion of wealth. Furthermore, everyone will perceive them as being like their children, will be delighted by them, and will act exactly in accordance with their bidding. If one should always read this out-loud continuously, then even if Brahma commits wrathful actions, one will be unharmed, and moreover, one will come to serve under many Buddhas! The Blessed One bestowed those words, and the Bodhisattva Mahasattva, the Noble Lord Avalokiteshvara rejoiced; he vividly praised what had been spoken by the Bhagavan, the Transcendent and Accomplished Conqueror. THE MAHA-LAKSHMI SUTRA IS COMPLETE. Translated by Erick Sherab Zangpo.

This practice is for overcoming financial difficulties, especially if someone is causing you financial problems, but also to empower financial endeavors that are dependent on others to bring success.

This can be given to anybody who has difficulties such as not having wealth. Also, those who are having great difficulties finding a job and who have no money, or who have a lot of debt, a difficult life, and who are unable to pay [their bills]. Doing this practice is one method, one solution. Especially if the person has the karma, it is possible that this practice could make a difference. It could help those who have financial difficulties or difficulties with wealth.
21) Recite mantras! All mantras create merit when recited. Here are some special mantras for success:

The Essence of the Six Far-Reaching Perfections Dharani (The Essence of the Six Paramitas Dharani) NAMO DHARMAKYA SAMBHOGAKYA NIRMANAKYA/ TADYATH/ DNA PRAMIT/ SHLA PRAMIT/ KSHANTI PRAMIT/ VRYA PRAMIT/ DHYANA PRAMIT/ PRAJ PRAMIT SARVA DHARMA SHNYAT SVH Translated by Erick Sherab Zangpo.

(recite six times daily)


Merely by reading this all actions will be successful. Brain sicknesses (headaches), heavy contagious diseases, zombies, and all spirit possessions will be defeated. Merely by remembering this mantra, all of them will let go and will let you go. If you are hungry, you can go into town, recite this seven times, blow on your hand, then wipe your face, and you will find food. You can recite it over water or face cream and then wash your face with the water or put the cream on your face. If you do this recitation, you will be able to answer when there is an argument, e.g. when others are talking about your mistakes. If you chant this mantra on flowers or fruit, then whoever you give these to, that person will like you.
The Amitayus Long Life Mantra (especially for the long life of your gurus): OM AMARANI JIVANTAYE SVH The Akashagarbha Mantra OM SVASTI KAML KSHIVI PULA SAMBHAVA/ DHARMADHTU GOCHARA SVH Translated by Erick Sherab Zangpo.

This mantra has unbelievable benefits. It is the bodhisattva Akashagarbha mantra, Bodhisattva Essence of Sky. You can recite it and wear it. You can wear the mantra all the time, except at nighttime, because it might fall under the body, under the arms or shoulders, and this will result in negative karma. Otherwise, you can wear it all the time, especially if you are going to request something, or at any time when success is important. Of course, just wearing the mantra, without meditating, will not bring extensive realizations and enlightenment. From ones own side, you have to have good karma. Good karma for success is like a big fund. Merit, good karma, is like the seed for the crops, and the mantra is like the water and soil. The mantra helps the good karma, if its there, to ripen quickly.

This work was inspired by the teachings of Lama Zopa Rinpoche and Khentrul Lodro Thaye Rinpoche. All words in italics are quotes from Lama Zopa Rinpoche and his translations.

*** Inspired by the teachings of Lama Zopa Rinpoche and Khentrul Lodro Thaye Rinpoche. All words in italics are quotes from Lama Zopa Rinpoche and his translations. This work is dedicated to all beings may they always have success. Compiled by Erick Sherab Zangpo.