BPOV “Bella! Bella! Wake up!” a low husky voice said, “Its time for you to go to work.

” I sighed and rolled over looking into Jake’s eyes. “5 more minutes.” I said closing my eyes again. “Alright your making me use my secret weapon.” he started tickling my sides and I started laughing. “Ok…..im…gonna…….” I couldn’t finish the sentence I was laughing so hard. “Are you gonna wake up?” “Yes” I said still laughing. “Good. I don’t want you to be late on your first day of the semester,” he gave a small kiss “Now go get ready.” EPOV I rolled my eyes “Alice please I don’t wanna go to school. It reminds me too much of her.” The pain in my chest increased, every time I think of her the pain comes back. I miss my Bella so much. Its been 5 years. The five most longest years of my life. “oh please Edward.” She said unleashing the puppy dog face “this has to be one of the best cities besides forks because there’s barely any sunshine here.” Stupid little town. (Insert any town you know that has so sunshine besides forks lol I don’t know any) I sighed. “Yeeeeeeeey. That’s a yes now let me get you dressed.” I groaned this will be a very long day. BPOV I ran to my classroom. Stupid rain. I had to choose today to wear heels I which I knew it was going to rain. Today is going to be a good day im teaching English at Beacon High. My favorite subject. I stood by my desk watching the students file in. Ahh what a great day this will be the students already look excited. I walked to the front of the class. “Good morning students welcome back from your winter vacation.” EmmetsPOV Geez im getting tired of high school I lost track of count how many times ive been in high school. Good thing I got Edward or jasper in all my classes or else I would die of boredom which is not even possible for me to do! I looked at my schedule great English is first. It’s not so boring I guess. The principal I still rambling on about stuff I don’t care about.

“Oh you’ll love your English teacher this is her first year teaching but all the students love her she’s so sweet and kind.” Oh lord the principals gotta thing for our English teacher. Edward what kind of stuff is he thinking about “You don’t wanna know” he said in a voice so low only I could here. I chuckled out loud. “What’s funny Mr. Cullen?” “Oh I was just thinking about how much fun im gonna have in English today.” “Not too much fun I hope.” It was Edwards turn to laugh. The principal just glared. “Anyway here is Ms. Swans class. Did he just say what I think he said? He opened the door. Holy crap its Bella but the Bella I know. She still smelled the same but she did not look the same. She was smoking hot im so glad Rosalie can’t hear what im thinking I would get slapped. Bella hair had grown all the way down to her back and was in neat curls. She wore a black skirt and a nice purple shirt. Whoa am I seeing what I think im seeing. Bella in heels! Bella in some frigging heels. This was not high school this was grown up Bella and grown up Bella had grown up a lot. EPOV I wonder how long me and Emmet stood there staring at Bella before the principal cleared his throat. “Take your seats in the back please.” We hurried to our seats. “O how wonderful new students welcome to my class.” Bellas voice made me stop breathing its been so long since I heard her voice it sounded so delightful. This is going to be a problem. Dang the new Bella is hot I kicked Emmet with my foot and gave him a death glare. I already had to hear that from 20 other people in the class. Too bad students cant date teachers This is my favorite class of the day Man I wish I could…… I had to tune out all the voices before I did something very bad. BPOV Oh my gosh Edward is in my class. Im teaching Edward. The pain that I thought was gonna come never did. I thought I would feel pain if I saw the Cullens again but I don’t feel any pain at all. APOV Im just sitting in class thinking about when what new shoes im gonna buy after school then I see it.

Edward and Emmet are just staring at their new teacher. “Take your seats in the back please.” “O how wonderful welcome new students.” Then she turns around and smiles. –End visionOh. My. God. Was that Bella!!?? I can’t wait till school is over. And the day drives on. ************ I will not let Edward keep me away from Bella this time I march right up next to Bella after school while shes going to her car. “Hey Bella wait up!” “Oh Bella I have missed you so much. Im sorry im so very sorry for leaving please forgive me Bella.” I said hugging her “Of course theres nothing to forgive What have you been up to?” “Oh you know shopping.” I said stepping back to see what she had on. Whoa. “Oh my gosh Bella im so proud of you when did you improve your fashion sense. On my gosh you love shopping come shopping with me please please please.” “Ok.” Oh my gosh she didn’t even hesitate. I hugged her again. “Ill walk you to your car.” “Ok if you could call it a car.” She said. Then I froze JPOV “Wheres Alice Edward She usually by the car by now can you hear her thoughts?” Then I heard her scream and ran to where I heard her. “Alice Alice are you okay.” I asked frantically then I felt it. The excitement. I tasted all the moods around me. Surprise.excitemeant.shock.happiness. The excitement is too much. I felt it effecting me and I got excited. I don’t even know why I was excited. “Alice why are we so excited?! Hey Bella OH BELLA ITS YOU ITS REALLY REALLY YOU IM SO EXCITED.” I said yelling By then everyone came over and was looking at me crazy but I was excited. Why the hell am I so excited?!! Edward help me im to excited cause Alice is so excited its affecting me Then I screamed. I felt Alice calming down so I could calm down and I did thank you! Everyone started laughing. “That was not funny.” “Dude you scream like a girl.” Emmet said laughing. I ignored him and turned to Alice.”

“Alice why are you so excited.” I asked feeling her excitement I sent a wave of calm to her that could not happen again. “I got my best friend back.” She squealed. Whoa. Is that Bella is that Bella? It couldn’t be she looked……..hot! Embarassment.shock.humor. I must have been staring. BPOV Jesus Christ why does everyone stare at me I thought the Cullens were used to me already. I turned to Alice “I have to go home and cook dinner foe Jake and me” I smiled “see you later?” I looked down at my bag. “Oh shoot I forgot my leathers.” I picked up my phone and dialed jakes number. “Hello” “Jake I seemed to have forgotten my leathers will you please bring them to me?” I said sweetly. He laughed. “Of course Bella I would do anything for you.” I giggled “Ok see you soon” I turned around to see 5 shocked faces. “What?” “Who’s Jake, Bella?” whispered. I smiled “Oh hes my boyfriend.” I said waving it off even though I knew he would propose to me soon. Everyone was staring at me again. “What!?” JPOV I started to focus on Bellas emotions only I was confused. Happy.excited.irrated.love. it was quiet for a good minute before Emmet finally asked “Why do you need leathers to get in a car Bella I know your not THAT obsessed with clothes.” She blushed “Well I don’t actually drive a car I err ride a motorcycle.” Amusement.shock.anger. I couldn’t feel anything after that all I felt was anger. Not again. “A motorcycle.” Edward exploded “you have a motorcycle why?!” “Yes Bella why do you have a motorcycle why! Why! Why?” I exploded the anger got to me everyone looked shocked. The last thing you need is 2 mad vampires. “Stop yelling at her!” a new voice said. First the sound then the smell the awful smell what IS it?! “Bella are you okay did they hurt you im sorry I couldn’t get here faster are you all right?!” “Im fine really Jake lets just go.” She said taking her bag then she put on a smug smile “race ya.”

All of his anger and anxiety disappeared happiness returning it. “Your on!” he said grinning. Bella had all of her leathers on by now and was getting on her red bike. “Marks set go!” she said speeding off. Jake jumped on his bike with a grin. “Cheater!” he yelled after her and speeding off to. What just happened? EPOV I was frozen I couldn’t believe what just happened. Thoughts flooding my head. What just happened? Yey im going shopping with Bella Who woulda thought Bella riding a motorcycle Bella was hotter in those leathers I hissed at that one coming back to life. Bella with motorcycle with guy named Jake that smelled bad I don’t understand. “Edward what was that” “I don’t know” Im sorry this part was probably boring don’t worry the next part will be a lot more drama Jacob and Edward fighting please review and give me ideas I need ideas.