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Announcements National Anthems of Canada, Norway, and The United States Wedding March from Sigurd Jorsalfar Suite Peer Gynt, Suite 1, and Solveig's Song from Suite 2 Music For the Dancers
Seksmannsril Feiar med Vals Reinlander etter Johannes

Edvard Grieg Edvard Grieg

Nordmanns Forbundet (The Federation of Norsemen) was founded in 1907 as an international organization that provides solidarity between Norway and Norwegians abroad. It furthers the cause of Norwegian culture and Norwegian interests worldwide. The Northfield, Minnesota chapter of NF was founded around 1930. The chapter traditionally meets quarterly to hear distinquished speakers or performing artists. The Winter Quarter meeting featured Mr. Einar Vanebo, Director of the Oslo International Summer School, who spoke about the pioneering efforts at international academic exchange over the past 50 years, and the Spring Quarter meeting featured a banquet along with a program of Scandanavian vocal music performed by Mr. Dan Dressen, Chairman of the St. Olaf Music Department. For information on how to become a member contact either Mr. Dagfinn Moe, the Northfield Chapter Commissioner, or Dr. Solveig Zempel or Torild Homstad at St. Olaf College. The Sons of Norway is a large and active social and insurance fraternity of men and women of Norwegian descent, or any one else who wishes to participate. It has Lodges throughout the United States, Canada and Norway. The Sons of Norway magazine, The Viking, is a monthly glossy magazine that reports on the many social, educational and insurance related activites of the organization. It has excellent connections and benefits for young and old alike who are interested in learning more about, and preserving, their heritage. Northfield's Lodge, Nordmarka #585, meets the 2nd Saturday of the month at 7:30 p.m. at St. Peter's Lutheran Church. For information on how to become a member please call President Keith E. Homstad at 645-5111 and leave a message. You can also find the Sons of Norway on the internet at The Cannon Valley Regional Orchestra next year will celebrate twenty years of bringing orchestral music to the Cannon Valley area. The orchestra is composed of talented musicians from all walks of life in Northfield and the surrounding area and performs several concerts each year in various locations. Paul Niemisto is the founder and conductor of the CVRO, which is part of the Northfield Arts Guild. The CVRO welcomes your involvement as an audience member, financial supporter, or musician. Interested performers should contact the Northfield Arts Guild at 645-8877 for membership information.

Veselica, International Dance Ensemble of St. Olaf College Fiddlers of the Cannon Valley Regional Orchestra Wedding Day at Troldhaugen Gangar, from Lyric Suite Alla Marcia, from Norwegian Dances Herder Songs (Kveding) Kaia Klockeman Valdres-Marsj Johannes Hanssen Edvard Grieg Edvard Grieg Edvard Grieg

March Recessional (with Children) Anna Lisa Hembre Rustad, Hardanger Fiddle

Personnel Veselica
Anne von Bibra, Director Andrea Conger, Aaron Kuhlman, Vanessa Moore, Karen Pauly, David Smith, and Gabor Tozser, Dancers

Nordmanns Forbundet TheSonsof Norway TheCannonValleyRegionalOrchestra

Cannon Valley Regional Orchestra
Paul Niemisto, Conductor
Violin Virginia Culhane, Northfield Sophie Dahle, Northfield Robert Hanson, Northfield Clara Hardy, Northfield Petraya Juelfs, Northfield Deb Knutson, Owatonna Anneli Lukk, Northfield Devin Mowat, Northfield Anna Niemisto, Northfield Alison Wallace, Faribault Jen Wallace, Faribault Viola Meg Hargreaves, Northfield Richard Skewes, Faribault Paul Tarabek, Northfield Cello Lindsey Freer, Northfield Janet Gustafson, Owatonna Barbie Koester, Northfield Tom Niemisto, Northfield Jane Rinehart, Northfield John Stark, Northfield Bass Aaron Anderson, Northfield Kevin Clements, Northfield Nathan Wallace, Faribault Flute Susan Carlson, Cannon Falls Regina Zakrajsek, Northfield Cathy Penning, piccolo, Northfield Oboe Cindy Breederland, West Concord Kari Heimer, Northfield Clarinet Kathy Szydlo, Northfield Judy Tarabeck, Northfield Bassoon Jackson Bryce, Northfield Paul Weller, St. Olaf Percussion Kay Hanson, West Concord Sonja Ziemann, Owatonna Horn Joan Vance Behr, Northfield Trish Culbert, Faribault Brian Rardin, Faribault Barb Wornson, Northfield Trumpet Richard Cook, St. Olaf Rod van Scoy, St. Olaf Trombone Carl Behr, Northfield Mary Dunnewold, Northfield Todd Harvey, Northfield Tuba Martha White, Northfield Harp Elinor Niemisto, Northfield

Syttende Mai
A Norwegian Cultural Celebration

Featuring: Veselica International Dance Ensemble Anna Lisa Rustad, Hardanger Fiddle Kaia Klockeman, Singer

Acknowledgments We are grateful to the United Methodist Church for providing its facility and to the Northfield Arts Guild for its support. Torild Homstad and Solveig Zempel, Joint Presidents of Nordmanns Forbundet, participated in program planning. Keith Homstad, President, and Margaret Bendrickson, Social Director of Sons of Norway, are coordinators for treats and coffee. Joan Behr and William Child, members of the CVRO Board, were responsible for publicity and program printing, respectively. This concert is made possible in part by grants provided by the National Endowment for the Arts, the McKnight Foundation and the Minnesota State Arts Board, through an appropriation by the Minnesota State Legislature.

United Methodist Church, Northfield Sunday, May 17, 1998 at 3:00 p.m.

Syttende Mai
The 17th of May is Norway's "National Day" that celebrates the signing of the Constitution of 1814. By this constitution Norway regained a measure of its independence from the Danish crown. However, it was not until 1905 that Norway elected her own king, Håken VII and became completely independent from her neighbors, Sweden and Denmark. It is a day of celebration of freedom, independence, and the rule of law. The national flag flies everywhere! People dress in their best clothes, especially if they have the traditional "bunad" typical of the original area of the country they come from. Everyone is wearing a bit of ribbon in red, white and blue—the colors of the flag. There are parades and concerts, picnics and family gatherings throughout the whole land. The Royal Family of King Harald and Queen Sonja with their children greet the people formally from the balcony of the palace in Oslo as they watch the grand parade up Karl Johann Gate. It is a time for feasting and celebration. We salute the people of Norway and join with them, their King and Government, in giving thanks to God for the freedom and rights they cherish. May it always be so!

National Anthems
O CANADA C. Lavallee

O Canada! Our home and native land! True patriot love in all thy sons command. With glowing hearts we see thee rise The True North strong and free; And stand on guard, O Canada, We stand on guard for thee. O Canada! Glorious and free! We stand on guard, we stand on guard for thee. O Canada! We stand on guard for thee! JA, VI ELSKER DETTE LANDET Rikard Nordraak

Veselica is a sixteen-member student ensemble which celebrates the dance traditions of different nations. Their recent spring concert featured dances from Armenia, Indonesia, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Turkey and the Ukraine. Veselica is sponsored by the St. Olaf College Dance Department and directed by Anne von Bibra. Kaia Klockeman performs a type of ancient Norwegian singing called "kveding." Kaia and her mother have traveled to Norway to study and listen to this uniquely national style of folk singing. Ms. Klockeman is in eighth grade in the Northfield Public Schools. Hardanger fiddle, a Norwegian folk instrument, is played by Anna Lisa Hembre Rustad. She is a graduate of St. Olaf College where she majored in music and Norwegian and studied Hardanger fiddle with Andrea Een. She is currently music admissions-instrumental music coordinator at St. Olaf.

Ja, vi elsker dette landet, som det stiger frem Furet værbitt over vannet med de tusen hjem, Elsker, elsker det og tenker på vår far og mor Og den saganatt som senker drømme på vår jord, og den saganatt som senker, senker drømme på vår jord!

Edvard Grieg (1843-1907)
The greatest figure in Norwegian music, Grieg wrote compositions of great lyric and melodic beauty, which were, in large part, intensely nationalistic. His deep interest in Norwegian folk music and dance, along with his sensitivity to the magnificent scenery of his country, determined the character of much of his music. Perhaps the best known work in this category is the incidental music for Ibsen’s Peer Gynt. Grieg never enjoyed robust health but played, conducted and composed with energy. His works include songs and choral compositions, violin and piano sonatas, chamber music, and orchestral pieces. He enjoyed the peace of his picturesque villa, Troldhaugen, near Bergen.