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Lord Voldemort has a son!? Hello, I’m Paige and I’m a big Harry Potter fan.

I’m telling you this because my first story will be based on Harry Potter. ‘Lord Voldemort has a son’ will be about Lord Voldemort’s kid. He has a son in my story not a daughter because for some reason people really like reading stories about a daughter and not a son. Well I’m going to be unique and different with my story! Name: Aaron Salazar Riddle Father: Tom Marvolo Riddle (Lord Voldemort) Mother: Isabella Cynthia Lash (Died when Aaron was a baby) Girlfriend: None Age: 15 Aaron’s history: Aaron used to go to Durmstrang School of Magic but now he must go to Hogwarts to spy on Harry Potter and Albus Dumbledore’s granddaughter. (Dumbledore’s granddaughter will be reveled later in the story)But none of the teachers or Albus Dumbledore know that they will soon be meeting Lord Voldemort’s son, for he will use his mother’s last name during the sorting ceremony. Aaron’s Personality: Aaron has anger issues but he is normally a very kind person. Aaron believes that muggles should be treated as equals and nothing more or less. (Of course his father doesn’t know that little detail about him)Aaron is tortured with the Cruciatus Curse whenever he disobeys or is rude to his father. (Which he does very often). Begining of chapter 1 “Aaron!!!”... "Aaron!!!"... “AARON SALAZAR RIDDLE!!!” Uggg...I turned over and looked at my clock 7:15 was glowing in bright green numbers. “AARON!!!!” Oh great dad’s calling. I’m dead meat for ignoring him. Well whenever dad calls me I’m dead meat so it doesn’t really matter. “AARON RIDDLE!!!!” “I’m coming, I’m coming”. I yelled as I pulled on my jeans and walked downstairs. “Yes” I said rudely when I was downstairs “Yes father” Voldemort corrected glaring daggers at me “Yes father” “Why have you been ignoring me boy?!” “I haven’t father!” but a second too late, I realized I lied too quickly. Anger flashed in my father’s eyes and I knew what he was going to do but I couldn’t get to the stairs fast enough.

“CRUCIO” The next thing I knew, there were thousands of needles as hot as fire stabbing every place on my body. Even places I didn’t even know existed. I didn’t scream I was not going to give my father the pleasure of knowing he was hurting me. All I did was let my body twist into unnatural positions until the pain stopped and I was lying on the floor gasping. “Do not lie to me boy I find it very insulting” I didn’t respond because of the pain but I knew I had to brace myself for more pain as a consequence. “CRUCIO” This time the curse was a lot worse. All of my bones were breaking. Splintering into small shards that stabbed my muscles. The pain was so intense I wanted it to end, I wanted to black out, I wanted to die... Then as suddenly as it started, it stopped. “Do you understand me boy!?” Voldemort said angrily. “Yes father” I replied for about the 9,814,654,398 time since I met him. (Of course I’m just stressing the number). “Now go get dressed and get your things, you are to go with the Malfoy’s to platform 9 3/4 to attend Hogwarts this year” I nodded and quickly ran up the stairs ignoring the aching pain all over my body. I ran not because I was so eager to obey my ‘wonderful’ father but because I didn’t want to get in any more trouble. I slammed the door to my room shut and decided to take a shower. I walked out of the bathroom and into my room and looked at my body in the mirror. My cheeks tinged pink when I realized I forgot to put my shirt on when I went downstairs. Well too late now. Ignoring my embarrassment I realized my 6-pack had bruises all over and my back had 4 deep gashes dripping blood everywhere. Before I stepped into the shower I grabbed a bar of soap with healing potion in it to help heal my cuts. I can tell you it stung like hell but if I didn’t use it; it would take forever for my cuts to heal. When I was done my shower I put on a black t-shirt so my cuts wouldn’t show through and pulled on a clean pair of jeans. I looked at my clock it now said 10:34 so I grabbed my school trunk and headed downstairs. At the bottom of the stairs I saw what looked like a small multi colored cord. Then after stepping closer I realized it was my snake slash! I lost him about a week ago! “Slash come here where have you been!” I said in parseltongue When I walked into the living room I heard my father speak from behind a blood red arm chair. (Well I think its blood red but I can’t be sure because my father never has more than 2 candles burning in each room so there isn’t much light). “Aaron grab some Floo powder and go to the Malfoy’s or you will be late” he hissed. After a second I realized he was speaking to me in parseltongue. A was about to leave but I paused. “Father, can I bring slash?” I asked in parseltongue “Only if no one sees him; now GO!” Voldemort yelled and I knew if I didn’t get my

arse to the Malfoy’s I can plan on a lot of pain. So I grabbed the Floo powder and said 'Malfoy Manor'