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Copyright © 2009 by Klaudio Zic, all rights reserved.

Real time reality rendering1 does not happen in time, as reality rendering has nothing to do with time. Events materialized in minutes2 have their ignitioni out of time and space. WHEN TIME3 WAS YOUNG Apart from this brief introduction; RTRR4 initiation5, even True Mind Distiller, is helpful in discardingii one's experience of time6iii. Time is often imagined as a circular, therefore repetitive, flow of events. Even the zodiac has been forced into a Procrustean bed by the dark spell of the lord of the enchanted kingdom. The sleeping beauty shall awaken when kissed by silent knowledge. Knowledge has nothing to do with words or thinking; on the contrary, thinking hardly leads to knowledge while words may confuse many. As false ego is installed with the fall of Adam, who is to kiss sleeping Eve?

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Instant magick. Snow Crash. 3 See also Time by Klaudio Zic © 2009 4 Real Time Reality Rendering. 5 Such as self-initiation with the help of any RTRRT publication as downloadable from 6 Psyche can not analyze psyche. We do not want to analyze, define or even glorify trash. Our methods differ from Freud's, that were dictated by default mind. True mind has no interest in cosmic garbage. Wisdom is the face of creation before the birth time and space, since it is its own objective as reflected through freedom form any concept, nama ~ rupa or mental dungeon. True mind is itself in itself, lacking an objective; having nowhere to go in pursuit of something else.

WHERE MIRACLES HAPPEN When miracles happen? Already the question is a prejudiced one, as if everything should be thrown7 into the dungeons Procrustean tyranny of time and space. If the evil Queen of the enchanted kingdom stands for ::: space, then the King is the dragon of |||| time. TRUE MIND DISTILLER Transcending thought is non-thinking. Only those who do not think shall enter the kingdom of heaven. Thinking is therefore the obstacle to salvation. If there is one thing that the devil does to man, it is thinking. Whoever succeeds in non-thinking, returns to become what one was before time: NEMO, the Lord of the Temple, the avatar of an eternal age out of time. ::: Space is the dungeon of the dragon. The RTRR master will know time to be easily discreated, as opposed to space8. The discreation of space has been therefore filtered through an elaborate scheme, in an attempt to help the initiate towards true mind. ZODIAC Time has been encased as flattened in a gimpy Procrustean zodiac that attempts at mimicking the seasonsiv. The shameful circular twelve-spiked relic of the past is everywhere, as default mind triumphs even in academic quarters. It is so easy to accept9 just any crippled model that mimics the harmony of the fool. However, caveat visitor, since the tiger in the cage is not the tiger in the junglev.

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Housed. True Mind Distiller. 9 Nothing to accept, as already embedded in false ego.

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Initiation. The said event is fueled from without time and space, only to become instant miracle from the perspective of time and space. There are no miracles! The miracle happens only from the perspective of time and space. Discreation as generally postulated through Oberon V or O5 environment. One can mercilessly stalk time as being nothing but a concept, a construct without any value. As default mind is trashed, so are time and space. The initiate does not take directives from default mind, time or space. Nowadays we still have people “believing” in a flat zodiacal model, resembling a circular pizza cut into twelve equal portions. Most formidable superstition “sees” this wheel as rising at east all of the time. Hipparchus may turn in his own grave, but precession has never really penetrated European thought! It is easy to study the tiger in captivity, but that gives us no notion of the real tiger's trajectories within its natural habitat, the jungle. The real thing is mysterious, hardly fathomable and magnificent. The model is a cheap imitation.