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How to Access Internet on Computer through Micromax PC suite via GPRS

Micromax Q7 Internet Connection with your PC/Laptop/Computer for GPRS is as easy as accessing Docomo-Airtel GPRS Internet from the mobile. All you need to do is to have the Micromax Q7 PC suit along with the modem driver (basically Inf file), which are available on their official website.

Connect Micromax PC suit GPRS internet [Windows 7 & Vista]

Step I: First of all you need to download the Micromax PC suit and driver file which is available on, just select your model (say Q7). Now save your modem driver to file location as C:\ Micromax USB Drivers\ and PC suit on any location. Step II : Plug in the Micromax Q& mobile via USB connectivity as of now you can see three option on your mobile as, 1) Mass storage 2)Com port 3)Web cam. Here one has to go for Com port ,press OK. Now, Goto >> Start>>(right click on) Computer >>Manager>>Device manager Here you can see your PC name on the top listed in device manager and go for Add legacy hardware& then proceed to add new device as mentioned in step 1 and 2 on the screen shots.

Step III: Again , Do as directed as mentioned in the screen shot for step no 3 & 4

Step IV: After proceeding further ,here you will be prompted for the big list of various hardware. You need to choose MODEM and click on next:

Step V: Go for manual modem list selector as shown in screen shot step 6. You will be asked to install the modem drivers for Q7, just browse the folder and select the path where you have copied the respective driver files say C:\ Micromax USB Drivers\clcik next and the drivers will get installed.

Step VI: Now your Q7 modem will be on the list named as Media TEK click on MTK GPRS Modem to proceed further as figure out on screen seve step no 7

Step VII: Once you followed all the previous stage successfully ,now you can see the Com port where the USB is connected. Please note that it is/can be different for the all PC/Laptops , so here you can see COM 4 but it may be different for you say Com1 or to like that. So click on next as shown in screen shot no 8. Here you will be through with the Modem installation its now time to connect the Internet.

Step VIII: Run your PC suit from the location where you have copied(downloaded). I have uploaded screen shot of Q7 PC suit , please examine it carefully. At the bottom right of the PC suit You can see the connected message which I have highlighted with round. Guys , please note that unless you dont see that connected message you cant access your PC suit and that might also indicate that PC suit is not connected properly.

Step IX:

Once you get successfully connected with Q& PC suit now go for create connection here you have to create new connection. For Tata Docomo click on Tata Docomo as stp no 8 from screen shot. Just press create button and you are done.

Step X: Now click on Dial up Menu and you can see your created connection say GPRS_Tata_Docomo. Now Just Dial up the selected connection. The same steps can be repeated for the Airtel GPRS as well.

Micromax Q7 GPRS connectivity for Windows XP

Same set of procedure has to be applied for connecting Q7 with win XP as mentioned in our earlier article of LG C2500 Internet connection. So Follow the step 1 to step 5 from the LG c2500 article and rest of the procedure follow from Step VI to X from this article and apply minute changes as needed.