• You can toggle snap to grid by pressing G. • Ctrl+Shift+Clicking somewhere with an object selected quickly • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
moves the object to that position when in move mode. Pressing M will open the material editor. Show and Hide helpers is bound to Shift + Space by default. Enable AI/Physics is bound to Ctrl + P by default. You can save a viewport location by pressing Ctrl + F1 through F12 and go to that position using Shift + F1 through F12. You can link objects together by using the link command on the top menu of the editor. Pressing 1 through 5 on the keyboard will cycle through brush operations such as move or scale. You can simply bind keyboard shortcuts to editor functions by going to Tools --> Customize Keyboard. Pressing H will hide the selected objects, Ctrl + H will unhide all hidden objects. Pressing F will freeze the selected objects, Ctrl + F will unfreeze all frozen objects. Pressing F3 will toggle wireframe view. Camera/terrain collision can be toggled using Q. Pressing Ctrl + C with an object selected will clone that object. Toggle the console by pressing the tilde (~) key. You can dock windows by dragging them onto the blue helpers that appear when you grab a window by the titlebar. You can select materials by clicking on the dropper icon in the material editor and then clicking on the material you wish to select. You can right click on the previewer in the material editor and change the model to different shapes and background colors. Materials can be saved in the local level folder for re-distribution. reported by the error report screen when you load your level. You must always export to engine before you can run it in pure game mode. (File --> Export to engine) You must re-triangulate AI before playing your level in game mode. (AI --> Generate all navigation) You must always re-generate surface textures after you finish painting the terrain. (File --> Regenerate surface textures) Press Ctrl + G or F12 to go into the Game mode, ESC to return to Editing mode. Quickly rebuild a level (without regenerating the ground texture) by pressing Ctrl + E. up and down. Missing objects are represented by a bright yellow sphere. Hold Alt + Middle Mouse button to rotate around an object. Select multiple objects by holding Ctrl. You can place multiple instances of vegetation by holding Shift and clicking on the terrain. commands. This can also be dragged and docked to the main window.

• • Always keep your level free of errors and immidiately fix errors • • • • •

• Hold down the third mouse button and drag to move the camera • • • •

• A number of useful commands can be found in Tools --> User

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