Rules and Regulations

Malhar ‘09 - The Movie
A picture moved. The world was amazed. Enter, the age of the motion picture. Every story of note was put on the big screen. Every tale worth telling was retold through sight and sound. A platform was created, thoughts, ideas and opinions were expressed. From the coming of colour to blu-ray, every effort was made to bring the audience closer to the film. But there was still that one obstacle, the giant screen that kept man from the ultimate interaction. Malhar 09 breaks that very boundary. This year we take that one great leap. A pioneering cinematic experience, a combination of all its elements; a chance not to watch from afar, but to experience first hand the most powerful medium of them all. Malhar 09 Is the movie. The Magnum Opus awaits you.


Contact Details Timeline Please note In Production Conclave Events Administration Fine Arts Literary Arts Indian Performing Arts World Performing Arts ETC Raga Crossovers Workshops Inc. Management 4 5 7 9 15 17 23 29 39 47 53 59 63 69 75


No. of Participants





Quartet | Casting and Direction
Chairperson – Shriya Pilgaonkar Vice Chairperson (Conventions) – Sonia John Vice Chairperson (Events) – Sonali Gupta Vice Chairperson (Management) – Shruti Raghavendran

Administration | Production – Lisanne Noronha ETC | Intermission – Nakul Jayadevan Fine Arts | Art Design - Ginelle D’souza Literary Arts | Script – Shruti Jagirdar Indian Performing Arts | Choreography – Petal Gahlot Raga | Dialogues and Screenplay – Sucharita Kanjilal World Performing Arts | Music and Background Score – Sonika Mehra Workshops Inc. | Assistant Director – Chryslynn D’Costa Introducing Conclave – Preksha Sood

Assistance | Venue Management – Leroy D’sa Computers | Special Effects – Conrad D’sa Finance | Producer – Sebastian Cyriac Graffix | Costumes and Make-up – Habiba Insaf Hospitality | Catering – Arshia Kaul Logistics | Set Design – David Rodrigues Sales and Marketing | Distribution – Tanay Sule Public Relations | Publicity and Promotion – Shweta Radhakrishnan Security | Security – Ayush Banker Souvenirs | Merchandise – Sonia Ramrakhiani Technicals | Lights and Sound – Andrew Salazar

Malhar Office St. Xavier’s College, 5, Mahapalika Marg, Mumbai – 400001. Tel: 022 22632040


CL Meet 12th July, 2009 Sunday, 11:00 Submission of Entry Forms 26th July, 2009 Sunday, 10:00 – 18:00 Participant Meet 2nd August, 2009 Sunday, 16:00 BOOKINGS OPEN Pass Distribution Days 10th, 11th and 12th August, 2009 Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 14:00 – 17:30 WORLD PREMIERE Eliminations 9th August, 2009 Sunday. RELEASE Malhar 14th,15th and 16th August, 2009 Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


We request you to follow the following regulations to certify that Malhar 2009 is carried off smoothly and safely. Please do not carry sharp objects, inflammable objects, and any other that can be used as a weapon. Please do not carry or attempt to sell any narcotics, drugs, cigarettes or addictives of any sort. Any sort of profanity or obscenity in any form will lead to disqualification and possible expulsion. Any misbehaviour on the part of the participants and visitors will lead to expulsion from the premises and will reflect on their college. Anything that can be perceived as being offensive to any national and religious sentiments and gender will lead to immediate disqualification. If contingents wish to bring their props to college in a truck, then these trucks must reach before 8: 30 am on all days. Please also bear in mind that: All venues are subject to change. Malhar passes are not for sale.


In Production

Cause an Effect PR
Documentary Making
The old lady who feeds the strays outside your building everyday, your neighbours who form human chains to protect the environment, the few that work with victims of violence, your friends who volunteer to teach at NGOs. Look around, you’re surrounded by heroes. They fight relentlessly, unseen, unsung and here’s your chance to shine the spotlight on them. Use your skills to help draw attention to an important social cause. The event involves making a short film for a specific cause that is a serious concern in India today. Elims 1: Participants are required to write a script for a one minute movie. Elims 2: Participants will be required to film a movie based on the screenplay submitted. Finals: The finals will involve a movie screening.

Elims 1: 1.5 hours Finals: 1 hour

Elims 1: 2

The Scoring System will be: +2 for Qualifying -1 for not turning up for Elims after having Registered -4 for not turning up for Finals 1st Place : 10 points 2nd Place : 6 points 3rd Place: 4 points



Forty Six and One
Single Shot Film Making


The first ever films were single shot, 46 second long movies made by the famous Lumiere Brothers. Do you think you have what it takes to be their baap? The film should be exactly 46 seconds in duration and must be taken in a single shot. The final video will have to be in .wmv format and is required to be submitted on a CD. A back-up CD is recommended. The film must be devoid of any kind of editing or effects. Titles or credits may be added at the beginning or end of the film but sub-titles and captions during the 46-second play time are not allowed. Background music cannot be added although natural sounds during the shooting of the film are allowed. Elims: The movie must be uploaded on the Malhar website. Details of the procedure shall be given at the CL meet.

2 (exclusive of Actors)


Shake Ya Movie-Maker
Photography and Movie Making


“There is only you and your camera; the limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are.” -Ernst Haas Elims: Participants will have to click a certain number of photographs according to the given theme. All participants are required to carry their own cameras and data cables/USB chords. Only digital cameras with or below 8mgp will be allowed. (SLR not allowed) Please note: Qualifiers are required to attend an offsite workshop.

Elims: 2 hours Finals Round 1: 2 hours Finals Round 2: 2 hours


Campus and Classroom


Finals: Round 1: Finalists will have to click a certain number of photographs according to the given theme. Round 2: Finalists will have to create a silent movie based on the given theme using the photographs taken in round one. They will also have to incorporate a surprise element. Only Windows Movie Maker can be used to create the movie. Material provided: Computers, Movie Maker software.
Judging Criteria: Interpretation of theme, Quality of photograph, Originality, Storyline and Concept, Incorporation of Surprise Element, Overall Presentation.

Power to the Peepal Tree plantation drive
“I think that I shall never see, A billboard lovely as a tree. Perhaps, unless the billboards fall, I’ll never see a tree at all.” - Ogden Nash. Is your only respite from the sun your air-conditioned car? Do the pigeons in your colony build their nests in your loft? Do you miss the simple pleasure of a tyre-swing hanging from a branch in your garden? Here’s your chance to make a difference. Power to the Peepal, Malhar’s tree plantation drive gives you the opportunity to do your bit for the environment and have some fun at the same time.

New trains are immediately given red paan stripes. Garbage is emptied onto beaches, and sewage is drained into the nearest water bodies. Soon the monsoon shall be upon us, and our misery will be doubled by the slush and mire floating about with everything else. You’re not the only one tired of everything in Mumbai going down the drain except the water. Come together; let’s make our city Chakachak!

Radio Malhar
That booming voice you hear on the St. Xavier’s campus is not quite the voice of God. It’s simply Radio Malhar. Be sure to catch some heavenly R.Js as they entertain you through the days of Malhar.


A long haired kurta clad boy on an electric guitar jams on stage with a six foot four inch man sporting a red mohawk and playing the tabla.The cheering barely has time to die down when the sounds of a sitar, a mridangam and a bansuri are accompanied by the lyrics of a country singer. Prepare to be amazed with junkapella tunes, stand up comedy and mimicry.Groove with beat boxing, soar with a capella and infuse yourself with the thrill of fusion music by bands, duets and even solo. Malhar 2009 presents Infusion. Experience eclectic enlightenment.

Here Comes the Sun A workshop for the aged.
“I will never be an old man. To me, old age is always 15 years older than I am.” - Sir Francis Bacon With Here Comes the Sun, a workshop for the aged, we hope to leave them with the very same feeling. This year, we at will work with an old age home, providing its residents some fun and frolic even while doing our bit for society. In doing so, we encourage sensitivity and a sense

Tokyo Drift This Way – The Lounge
Konichiwa! If the hustle and bustle of Malhar is draining out your energy, if you are weary of the thronging crowds, or if you just need to rest your complaining feet, but not miss out on any entertainment; the Literary Arts department brings you, the Lounge! Plush mattresses under colourful origami stars, rejuvenating green tea, and much more on offer. Once you have discovered the comforts of The Lounge, you’ll never want to say sayonara!

Fine Arts Exhibition
However ephemeral our childhood might be, games are immortal. The Fine Arts Exhibition this year promises to uncork our bottle of memories, releasing the aroma of games long forgotten, and drawing you personally into them. What better way to spend a potentially rainy afternoon than to revisit, or perhaps even play, the old staples that helped many a showery day fly by? Let the games begin, or as your toga-toting, chess-playing Romans would say, ludi incipiant!


"Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric." - Bertrand Russell. In a world where opinions are more impassioned than they are informed, Malhar 2009 brings you Conclave, an event unique to St. Xavier’s, unlike any other college festival. Conclave brings together eminent speakers, ardent thinkers and erudite youth to participate in discussions based on several ideologically relevant subjects. The theme of Conclave is ‘A young India in tomorrow’s world’. Conclave is divided into two Keynotes and four Forums. The Keynote is a speech. The topics for the keynotes are “A Young India in Tomorrow’s World” and “Sanctity of Human Life”. Forums are in the form of discussions that will have one Chair and three members on the panel. Each event will be interaction based, where due importance will be given not to consistency of opinion, but to relevant and thought-provoking ideas. If you have a view, but lack an outlet; if you’d like to hear some introspective dialogue, but haven’t had the opportunity to or if you’d just like to be a part of an enlightening experience, Conclave promises to be all that and more.


The Forums:
Faith, Science, Rationalism Faith, science and rationalism are all concepts one has heard of. Everyone has their two-pence to offer on them, but very few have a real, conversant estimation of what the three mean. Through this forum, with its eminent panel, we try to comprehend and analyze the interconnectivity as well as the individual uniqueness of each of these terms and the role that rationality plays in maintaining a balance between faith and science. Millennium Development Goals Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s) are a set of goals drawn from actions and targets contained in the Millennium Declaration that was adopted by 189 nations to respond to the world’s main development challenges. The purpose of this forum with its diverse panel is to create a general awareness of the lesser known MDG’s and also to socio-economically analyze the feasibility, sustainability and achievability of these goals.



Be The People
Media Based Event
Oscar Wilde said, “The public have an insatiable curiosity to know everything. Except what is worth knowing.” Is this the norm media goes by? Does the current media scenario enrage or empower you? If you think you have an opinion we give you a platform to voice it in an event, ‘Be the people’. Elims: Group discussion Only 1 member of each team takes part in the GD. Topic will be given on the spot. Judging criteria: Content, Clarity of thought and Active participation. Finals: Both team members of the selected colleges compete in an event revealed on the spot.
Forum: 1.5 hours Elims: 30 minutes Finals: 2 hours


Elims: Classroom Finals: MMR

Handle With Care
Environment Based Event
“We generate our own environment. How can we resent a life we’ve created ourselves?” - Richard Bach. If you feel strongly about environmental issues and you possess the gift of the gab, this event is meant for you. Elims: Group discussion Only 1 member of each team takes part in the GD. Topic will be given on the spot. Judging criteria: Content, Clarity of thought and Active participation. Finals: Surprise finals are planned for this event.
Forum: 45 minutes Elims: 30 minutes Finals: 3 hours


Elims: Classroom Finals: SCAVI


“We are Americans; we have the right to debate any administration.” – Hillary Clinton Thankfully you aren’t American, but either way, one cannot doubt Administration’s organisational skill. From registration and scoring at each event, to inviting and coordinating with every college that comes to Malhar, Admin turns the cogs of the Malhar machine. Malhar functions because of Admin’s meticulous planning and systematic execution.

Entry Forms: Entry forms are attached at the end of this booklet. The Contingent Leaders (CLs) are required to write ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ in the blank space provided alongside the event name to indicate whether their college will be participating in the event. Registration Procedure Prior to Malhar: The presence of the Contingent Leader (CL) or the Assistant Contingent Leader (ACL) is necessary for submission of entry forms on form submission day. Two ID samples of your college must be submitted along with the entry form. The College Seal is required on the entry form in the space provided for it. Elims and Final days of Malhar: Registration for each event will start half an hour before the event is scheduled to begin and the registration desk will shut half an hour after the event has started. A CL/ ACL is required to register participants. Registration for all events will take place at the event venue, unless otherwise specified. Every participant must have their college ID (of the present academic year) for registration. The minimum number of participants has to be fulfilled for all events. Substitution, with regard to both, participants and CAs will not be permitted. Non-College Accompanists (NCAs) are not allowed. Cross-College Accompanists are not allowed. All CAs must register on the day of the Elims even if they are not required to perform on that day. (Exception: Hook, Line and Singer - Details will be provided at the CL Meet) Workshop registrations will take place on the day of the Participant Meet. CL and ACL badges will be given out at the Participant Meet. On The Spot Entries (OTSE) Some events will have slots open to OTSEs. OTSE registration will take place at the event venue and will happen on a first-come first-serve basis. Your college ID is required at the time of registration. OTSEs can register themselves. The presence of the CL/ ACL is not required for OTSE registration. For FA, PA, W.Inc, ETC and Raga events, the OTSE desk is the same desk where contingents register. For LA events, there will be a separate OTSE desk either alongside or opposite the registration desk for contingents. OTSEs do not carry points towards their respective colleges but they will be awarded certificates and prizes if they win. 19 Cross-College OTSEs are allowed.

Scoring System
General Scssoring on Elims
+2 For qualifying -1 for not turning up for Elims after having registered.

General Scoring on Finals
-4 for not turning up for Finals after having qualified. -4 for not turning up for an event which is a direct final after having registered.

Scoring for Workshops
+3 for participating in a workshop after having registered. -4 for not turning up for a workshop after having registered.

Scoring for Conclave
+5 for participating in a forum/event -4 for not turning up for a forum/event after having registered

Department-wise Scoring
Fine Arts/PR 1st place: 10 points 2nd place: 6 points 3rd place: 4 points ETC/Crossovers/Conclave 1st place: 15 points 2nd place: 9 points 3rd place: 6 points LA/WPA/IPA/Raga/Chakachak! Solo/Duet/Chakachak! Group 1st place:5 points 1st place:10 points 2nd place:3 points 2nd place:6 points 3rd place: 2 points 3rd place: 4 points


Flagship events
Every department has one event that carries the maximum number of points. This event is called the Flagship event. In case of a tie, each team will be awarded full points for an event. For a Flagship event, the scoring system is as follows: 1st place: 15 points 2nd place: 9 points 3rd place: 6 points

Trump Events

You can wager on any two events that you think your contingent will win. In case you trump on an event and you feature anywhere in the top three positions, you will be awarded an additional 5 points. You can indicate your choices in the space provided for the same at the end of the entry form.

Point system for Chakachak!
+10 for turning up for the event after having registered. -5 for not turning up after having registered. 1st place: 5 points 2nd place: 3 points 3rd place: 2 points

Point System for Cause an Effect
+2 for Qualifying -1 for not turning up for Elims after having registered -4 for not turning up for Finals 1st Place : 10 points 2nd Place : 6 points 3rd Place: 4 points


Certificates and Prizes
The department of Finance distributes certificates and prizes on the final days of Malhar outside the Admin office. Only CLs or ACLs may collect them on the day of the event. Time slots will be provided for the collection of certificates and prizes, at a later date.

Trophy System
Trophies are awarded as follows: The Malhar Trophy: is awarded to the college with the highest overall score. This will be a cumulative total of the points earned across all departments. In case of a tie, the trophy will be shared by the colleges with equal points. The 3 sub-trophies: FA, LA and PA trophies: for the colleges that score the highest points in events under those departments. Outstation Trophy: We also have a separate Outstation Trophy for the outstation college that scores the highest points.

Admin Office
The Admin Office will be stationed in Lecture Room (LR) 14 on all days of Malhar.

Please note: All rules are subject to change.


Erik Bulatov, a somewhat rebellious artist hailing from the erstwhile Soviet Union says “…art is a rebellion of man against the everyday reality of life.” The Fine Arts department lives up to this, opening up avenues for artists to come and express themselves without fear. Embracing novelty and innovation, FA outdoes itself this year with its several interactive events. Witness art coming alive as participants break free from the classrooms to create live art. A Malhar staple by now, the FA Exhibition is back with a reel. Shake all your senses alive in this connoisseur’s utopia, with the Exhibition transforming into more than a mere visual treat. Intrigued? Experience it for yourself.

Mixed Doubles
Character Designing
3 hours

There exists no ‘I’ in Team. Where cooperative energies incline, Towards that goal, that one true dream. When the labours of two combine, And create a masterpiece truly divine. Direct Finals: Participants will be required to make a model based on a character sketch that shall be given to them. Halfway through the event, they shall be given a surprise element, which they must incorporate into their model. Participants may carry their own paints. Material provided: Paper, Floral foam for moulding Judging criteria: Interpretation of theme, Originality, Complementary parts, and Aesthetic appeal.



You’ve Been Framed!
I’ve got to take under my wing, A most unattractive old thing, And somehow serve to debase, My lovely caricature for its face. Elims: Participants will have to sketch a caricature of the given photograph/model based on the given theme. The sketches will have to be made in charcoal. Material provided: Paper. Finals: Finalists will have to make caricatures of a group of models based on the given instructions. They may use colour/paint for the finals. Material provided: Paper. Judging criteria: Quality of caricature, Aesthetic appeal, Originality, Creativity. Please note: Qualifiers are required to attend an offsite workshop.
Elims: 2 hours Finals: 2.5 hours


Elims: Classroom Finals: Campus


Grand Theft Art’O
Car Designing and Painting

Elims: 2.5 hours Finals: 3 hours

What would Batman be without his Batmobile? What would Speed Racer do without his Mach V? Would Scooby Doo and the Gang be the same without the Mystery Machine? You have the power, now paint us a car! Elims: Participants will have to design and paint a car for the given character. Material provided: Paper. Finals: Finalists will have to paint on the door of a car according to the given theme Participants may carry any other material needed to enhace aesthetic appeal. Material provided: Car door. Judging criteria: Interpretation of the theme, Use of surface, Originality, Aesthetical Appeal.



Best Foot Forward
Foot Painting
Has Tap dancing let you down? Does Kathakali make you frown? Here’s your chance to put your best foot forward. Literally.

2.5 hours

Direct finals: Participants will have to paint a picture according to the given theme using only their feet. Use of brushes or any other material will lead to diqualification. Material provided: Paper Classroom


Put Your Shades On
Shadow Art

Elims: 2.5 hours Finals: 3 hours

“The true work of art is but a shadow of divine perfection.” - Michelangelo Elims: Participants will be provided with a silhouette. A painting has to be created according to the given theme using this silhouette. Any major deviation from the original border will lead to disqualification. Material provided: Paper Finals: Finalists will have to create a shadow using certain objects based on the given theme. Use of paper, thermocol, cardboard will lead to disqualification. Participants may carry any additional material needed for casting the shadow. Material provided: White screen, Light source, Building material for casting the shadow. Judging criteria: Adherence to theme, Clarity, Use of material, Originality, Use of space (elims only).



It’s A Set-Up!

Model Making and Human Installation
Bend it, paint it, twist it, move it. We give you the freedom to use the human form in any way you please. Elims: Participants will have to create a miniature representation based on the given description. Participants may carry any additional material needed for constructing the model. Material provided: Building Material

Elims: 3 hours Finals: 3 hours (Preparation) + 30 minutes (Set-up+Presentation)

2+ 3-5 Models

Elims: Classroom Finals: Classroom+foyer


Finals: Finalists will have to create an installation using 3 or more human models. Artwork must be done ON the models, using them as the main subjects of your installation. Use of 2 of the given props is compulsory. These will be revealed on the final day. Finalists may carry any other material needed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the installation. No theme will be provided; the installation can be based on any topic of the finalist’s choice. A write-up explaining the installation should be provided. (This write up is only descriptive; no points will be awarded for this.) Material provided: White cloth, 2 chairs, 1 rope, 1 book, 1 square table, 2 plastic bottles. Judging criteria: Use of material, Use of space, Originality, Clarity of message, Aesthetic appeal, Interpretation of theme (Elims).


Welcome to LA! La Tour begins at Talkingham Palace. Pay your respects at the shrine of St. Ax. Take a stroll down Grammar Lane and grab some food for thought on the way. Shop for the LAtest articles at Street Smart. Words and wit are acceptable currency. Be prepared for terrific JAMS and look left and right before crossing your T’s. Climate is warm, friendly and sometimes a little competitive. Here’s wishing you a pleasant stay.

The Wicked Wit of the Best
Are you known for your rib tickling repartee or is meaningless chatter your forte? Immune to the concept of silence, do you always have something to say? Can you be better than the best in Just-A-Minute?


MMR Registration will take place on the Elims day. Judging criteria: Adherence to Grammar and the Queen’s English, Wit, Alertness, Syntax.

Extempore Event
Elims: 3 hours Finals: 3 hours

A thought, a word, a sign, a shoehorn – does just about anything get you talking? Does oral calisthenics interest you more than power yoga? Does your genetic makeup make you incredibly verbose? Get ready to unleash your impassioned speeches, your sparkling wit, your half-baked opinions and your animal magnetism at our extempore event.


Judging criteria: Content, Creativity, Diction, Body language, Vocabulary, Humour and Originality



An Offer You Can’t Refute
Does your vituperative vigour need an outlet? Can you be abstract but not abstracted, and vicious without vice? Come take the floor (but give it back once you’re finished) to quip, quibble and quarrel at LA’s fabulous philosophical fracas.
Elims: 2 hours Semi-Finals: 2 hours Finals: 1.5 hours


Judging criteria: Content, Articulacy, Strength and Logic of Rebuttal.



The General Quiz
Elims: 1.5 hours Finals: 2 hours

Do you know exactly why the Stone Henge was built? From the exact height of the Qutab Minar to Marie Curie’s favourite colour – if you know everything there is to know about anything; and then some, LA invites you to try your luck at the General Quiz.


There shall be a written Elimination.

Elims: Classroom Finals: SCAVI/MMR


221 Booker Street - Get your Wordsworth
Book Exhibition
If you’re looking for Calvin and Hobbes, if fantasy fiction tickles your fancy, if Kafka is your preferred bed-time read, if you turn to the classics when the syntax becomes unbearable and if you really need self help – We are pleased to inform you that you are at the right address. Nothing beats laying hands on your favourite Wodehouse. Except our fabulous discounts and mind numbing variety. Pamper your inner bibliophile; come achieve literary nirvana at our Book Exhibition. Please do not steal books. It is wrong and it messes with our accounts.
Open All Day

LR 25

Inking Laterally
English Creative Writing
Elims: 1.5 hours Finals: 2 hours

Sandpaper those similes, exercise those epigrams, oil those onomatopoeias and prime your penmanship! Bring the full weight of your metaphoric magnificence to your aid at LA’s celebration of inky fingers and chewed-up pencils. Remember that not every writer was meant to be funny. Judging Criteria: Originality, Ability to write in different styles, Tones and Voices , Effectiveness of language.




Maan Gaye Ustaad!
Hindi Event
Elims: 2 hours Finals: 2 hours

Do you use Hindi beyond paying cab drivers or abusing them? Do you feel our national language deserves better than Crazy Kiya Re & Love Mera Hit Hit? Toh nek kaam mein deri kyun? Prove your mettle aur uske baad, sab kahenge maan gaye ustaad!


Details of the event will be given on the spot. Judging Criteria: Use of language (Vocabulary & Grammar), Creativity.


Sangte Aika
Marathi Event
If you are passionate about writing & possess a flair for amchi bhasha, LA presents you with an inspiring event that allows you to combine both. Pick up your pens & rise to the challenge.
3 hours

Direct Finals: The finals will involve a written component as well as presentation.


Judging Criteria: Use of language, Creativity, Effectiveness of Content, Appeal of the Performance, Adherence to the time limit.

Classroom + Volleyball Court


V. Hogwash and I. Scam Inc.
Science Event
Congratulations! You are the latest employees of our tele-shopping company. A rack that has a constant supply of hot air to dry clothes indoors. An inflatable dining room set that can be used for 16 different purposes (including ju-jitsu). Glad bangles – and a toaster that sings. We take pride in saying that these are our prestigious inventions. Now you have the esteemed opportunity to add to our long list of products. Invent, Present, Advertise! Judging Criteria: Originality of the invention, Scientific knowledge and Technical understanding, Promotion and Advertising, Creativity and Innovation, Clarity of Explanation. Guidelines: Participants must invent a device or gadget that is original and ingenious. It could be anything from a machine that sorts out your garbage to a safety pin that doubles up as a TV antenna. As long as it is safe, funny and has come out of your own imagination. As with many such products, there must be no obvious, immediate need for it and you will have to wholly convince us of its necessity in the most scientific manner possible. A blueprint of your invention has to be sent to us before-hand for approval. This includes any chemicals, circuit diagrams, electrical equipment or other nondestructive substances that you might be using. We must know EXACTLY what you intend to do on the day of the exhibition. It would be best if your inventions aren’t too primitive. Get as creative and technologically advanced as you can. Coming up with a 100 different uses for a rubber band is not acceptable. Go ahead and add lights, sounds, colours and all that you can do to get our attention.


Full Day Event


Physics Lab


The participants must explain in detail how they created their product and how it works based on strong scientific facts, reasoning and formulae. Once the actual invention and creation is done, you will need to market your product. A 30-90 second infomercial for your product must be submitted to us in .wmv format on a CD (DVDs are not allowed). This will be presented along with your exhibit on the final day. Make your exhibit entertaining, interesting and interactive to all those who haven’t studied science since their school days. Plagiarism will NOT be tolerated. If the ideas are not original, it will lead to immediate disqualification. This event has a direct final. NO OTSEs allowed. Participants will be provided with a 5 amp plug. To be submitted beforehand: The exact details of the product. A description of the materials used, circuit connections, apparatus for experiments and any thing that you will be using on the day of the event. Last minute additions will not be accepted. A CD containing the advertisement for your product along with an outline of other marketing ideas. Number of plug points you will need and other electrical equipment that you may require. Size, number and types of boards (soft board, blackboard etc) needed, if any. A list of references and sources (a small scale bibliography). An estimation of the area of your workspace. Avoid taking up too much place. Any other requirements. Equipment not allowed: Explosive, corrosive or flammable materials. In short, anything that burns, scars, injures or goes boom. Anything that can give out poisonous or corrosive fumes. Anything that is capable of causing a short circuit and causing an electric shock. All the wires that are used must be well insulated. Weapons or objects with sharp edges.


The Empire Line
Niche Quiz

Elims: 1 hours Finals: 3 hours

Exhausted playing Age of Empires? Is Sim City getting a little cramped? Well, get ready for the real thing. Conquerors, moguls, magnates and monarchs – but it doesn’t end there. Discover how the word empire applies to things you wouldn’t have dreamt of. The arena for the mightiest quiz has been set! Victory is only a few steps away! There shall be a written Elimination.




The Indian Performing Arts department is going back to its roots this year with traditionally - centred events that cater to everyone’s interests. For the conventional, IPA provides a classical dance and song event; the modernist meanwhile might enjoy some Hinglish theatre. Jim Morrison asked God for an hour to let him perform his art, so that his life may be perfect. We’re giving you two days. Live out your passion.


Move It Like Madhuri
Bollywood Dance
“Chahe tum kuchh na kaho, maine sun liya…” “… tujhe mirchi lagi toh main kya karoon?” The connection? These are two quintessential bollywood ‘Hero-heroine’ songs, picturised in typical filmi situations. At Bollywood dance, show us your own version of these sometimes cliché, but distinctly iconic sequences. Elims: Participants are expected to build a story by picking at least 3 scenes from the list which will be provided by us on the Malhar website after the CL meet. Participants must depict the concept of a lead pair i.e. the ‘hero’ and ‘heroine’ which must be incorporated into their dance. Finals: After they qualify, participants will be given a surprise element which they must incorporate in their elims performance. Judging Criteria: Choreography, Synchronization/ Co-ordination Choice of song, Effective use of given surprise element (Finals only), Depiction of story, Overall presentation, Grace, Energy. Please note: A list of songs, props and selected scenes must be submitted at the Participant Meet. No dialogue may be recorded by you to supplement the original recording of the song. No remixes are allowed. No introduction or narration is allowed. A 360 degree stage, 24 feet in Diameter will be available. No OTSEs are allowed.

Elims: 4 minutes Finals: 6-8 minutes

6-8 + 1-2 CAs

(CAs registered at the Elims)



Just Du-et

Light Duet Singing
“Pyaar hua, ikrar hua hai, Pyaar se phir kyun darta hai dil?” IPA brings you a light duet singing competition. This year, it’s your pick from the Black and White era. Elims: Participants are required to sing a song from a Black & White Hindi Film. Only instrumental accompanists are allowed for this round. No A1 tracks will be permitted. Semi finals: Participants will be given a surprise element for the semi-final round after the elims, which will be put up on the Malhar website. Only instrumental accompanists are allowed for this round. No A1 tracks will be permitted. Finals: Participants can sing any song of their choice. A1 tracks are compulsory. A1 tracks must not have any seconds and/or harmony. Violation of this clause will lead to disqualification. Judging Criteria: Sur/Taal, Choice of song, Coordination, Overall presentation. Please note: No remixes are allowed. A list of songs that are selected for the Elims and Finals must be submitted at the Participant Meet. A list of instruments that are going to be used at the Elims must be submitted at the Participant Meet.

Elims: 3-4 minutes Semi-Finals: 3-4 minutes Finals: 5-6 minutes

2 + 1-2 CAs

(CAs registered at the Elims)

Elims: Classroom Semi-Finals: Classroom Finals: 1st Quad


Taan Se Taal Tak
Classical Singing HINDUSTANI
Elims: 5 minutes Finals: 8-10 minutes

Hindustani loyalists, or Carnatic purists, this event is tailor made for your talent. Bringing back the classic ‘Shastriya Kala’, we give you a chance to display your command over melody, rhythm and the nuances of classical Indian singing, all culminating in an exceptionally beautiful form of artistry. Hindustani: Elims: The participant is required to sing any raag for this round. Finals: The participant is required to sing either a Thumri, a Lakshan Geet or a Dadra in the raag that was performed at the Elims. Judging Criteria: Improvisation, Choice of raag, Sur/ taal, Raag bhed including Chalan, Pakad, Vistaar, Swar, Lagav. Carnatic: Elims: The participant is required to sing any raagam for this round. Finals: The participant is required to sing a Varnam in the raagam that was performed at the Elims. Judging Criteria: Improvisation, Choice of raag, Sur/ taal, Raag bhed including Chalan, Pakad, Vistaar, Swar, Lagaav. Please note: Movie and Pop songs are not allowed. The use of tabla and tanpura is compulsory for Hindustani and the use of tanpura is compulsory for Carnatic. An electronic tanpura and an electronic tabla will be provided for the Hindustani singing event. Singers have the choice of using the provided equipment, or bringing their own accompanists. An electronic tanpura will be provided for the Carnatic singing event. The singers have the choice of using the provided equipment, or bringing their own accompanists. Entries for Hindustani and Carnatic singing events will be considered separately.

1 + 0-2 CAs

(CAs registered at the Elims)

Elims: SCAVI Finals: SCAVI/MMR

Elims: 5 minutes Finals: 8-10 minutes

1 + 0-2 CAs

(CAs registered at the Elims)

Elims: SCAVI Finals: SCAVI/MMR


Nritya Jharoka
Classical Dance


“Dance is your pulse, your heartbeat, your breathing. It’s the rhythm of your life. It’s the expression in time and movement, in happiness, joy, sadness and envy.” - Jaques D’ambroise We couldn’t agree more. We therefore present to you, a classical dance event based on the ‘NavRasas’, the nine principle emotions. Elims: Participants need to depict the NavRasas in their performance, with the use of Nritya and Abhinaya. Finals: Participants must present an extended version of their Elims performance. Judging Criteria: Choreography, Angashuddhi, Abhinaya, Lay/Taal, Synchronisation/Co-ordination, Costume, Overall Presentation. Please note: Movie and pop songs will lead to disqualification. Props are allowed and the list for the same must be submitted at Participant Meet. Only pre-recorded music is allowed. No narration of any kind is allowed. A 180 degree stage will be available. All music must be in the Audio CD format. A team may choose only one dance form.

Elims: 4 minutes Finals: 6-8 minutes

3-5 + 1-3 CAs

(CAs registered at the Elims)

Elims: Classroom Finals: Hall


Dhol Wajda
Folk Dance


Move over pashchimi sabhyata, it’s time to ring out the new and bring in the old with the quiet allure of the Folk dance. Vibrant, meaningful, poignant, quaint and delightfully charming, this one celebrates diversity in its truest sense. Participants must pick a state from the given list which will be put up on the Malhar website after the CL meet. Elims: Participants must present any one Indian folk dance. Finals: Participants must present an extended version of their performance in the Elims. Judging Criteria: Choreography, Costume, Utilisation of Space, Grace, Synchronisation/ Co-ordination, Authenticity, and Overall presentation. Please note: Movie and pop songs will lead to disqualification. Only pre-recorded music can be used. You may introduce your state and folk dance. However, it will be included in your performance time. A list of songs and props must be submitted at the Participant Meet. The name of the selected state and its folk dance form must be submitted at the Participant Meet. A 180 degree stage will be available.

Elims: 4-5 minutes Finals: 6-7 minutes

5-8 + 1-2 CAs

(CAs registered at the Elims)

Elims: Gymkhana Finals: Foyer


Folk Singing
“Come o golden friend, break bread with me, let my heart hear music of your sweet-string being.” - Baul song, Bengal. A classic union of harmonious voices and rustic elements. Get ready to be astounded with the variety and flavour of Indian culture at its best. Elims: Participants must present any one Indian folk song, in any language. Finals: Participants must present a medley of folk songs, while retaining their elims piece. The medley must comprise songs in the same language. Judging Criteria: Sur/Taal, Coordination, Authenticity, Overall presentation. Please note: Movie and pop songs will lead to disqualification The group must consist of at least 4 singers. Costumes may be used to enhance your overall performance. A harmonium, tabla and dholak will be provided, but participants are free to use their own instruments if they so wish. A list of songs that have been chosen for both the Elims and the Finals must be submitted at the Participant Meet.

Elims: 4 minutes Finals: 5-6 minutes SET -UP TIME: 1.5 MINUTES

6-8 (including instrumentalists) + 1-2 CAs
(CAs registered at the Elims)

Elims: Classroom Finals: 1st Quad


“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players” Shakespeare got it right, as he usually did. The vibrant World Performing Arts department organizes global events with aplomb. Here, you can find bands jamming to old and new numbers, while couples burn up dance floors in dynamic dances. Performances evolve into something far beyond the mundane, lending a whole new meaning to electrifying. Come, witness a spirited celebration of art forms from across the world. Everything is, after all, as you like it.

Pump Up The Beat
Street Dance
A flash of light blinds you for a second; squinting, you see performers in costumes and masks walking past. Instinctively following them, you reach the foyer. Bright shades assail you, streamers brush past you and there are people walking around in headgear that makes you very thankful for that burly Security volunteer. Another roar goes up as the next performance walks in. Melt into the crowd and jostle with the best of them to experience the madness that is Street Dance – The Carnival. A 360 degree stage, 24 feet in Diameter will be available. Only English songs are permitted. Remixes are not allowed. A list of all props and tracks used must be verified at the Participant Meet. 1 CA is mandatory to handle music for the event. Judging Criteria: Choreography, Co-ordination, Relevance to theme, Effective use of Performance area, and Overall on-stage performance.
Elims: 4 minutes Finals: 6-8 minutes

6-10 + 1-2 CAs

(CAs registered at the Elims)


Unstrung Heroes
Band Event
“There are no new ideas. There are only new ways of making them felt.” – Audre Lorde This year’s band event promises to live up to the epigram. Dust out your old records and charge up your iPods. Be prepared to let music rip the skies apart with innovative reinventions of all-time favorites.

Elims: 4 minutes Finals: 10 minutes SET -UP TIME: 3 MINUTES

4-8 + 1 CA

(CA registered at the Elims)

Elims: Foyer Finals: 1st Quad


A list of bands will be provided for the elims. A list of tunes will be provided for the finals. Both the lists will be provided at the CL meet and will be put up on the website. One CA is compulsory. Elims: The band is required to perform an improvisation of a song from the list of bands provided. Finals: The band is required to perform 2 songs – 1.The song performed at the Elims, incorporating one of the tunes provided in the list. 2.An original Composition. Lyrics of the original composition must be verified after the eliminations. Judging Criteria: Harmony, Rhythm and Timing, Improvisation, Quality of vocals and instruments, Presentation and Overall on-stage performance.

UV Light Dance
“That’s the thing about beauty. You can see it, hear it and feel it, but you can’t define it.” - Anonymous We believe that beauty can be found in the smallest packages. Just as tiny drops form the ocean, the tiniest elements are instrumental in creating a grand spectacle. Show us what ‘Small is Beautiful’ means to you. 1 CA is mandatory to handle music at the event. Participants will be required to perform in a darkened hall using the effects created by UV Lights, which will be provided. Props are optional. If used, the prop list must be verified at the Participant Meet. Only pre-recorded music is permitted, in audio CD format only. No narration is allowed. Judging Criteria: Creative use of theme, Choreography, Visual impact of presentation through effective use of medium and Overall on-stage performance.
Elims: 4 minutes Finals: 6 minutes SET -UP TIME 2 MINUTES

5-8 + 1-3 CAs

(CAs registered at the Elims)



Hook, Line and Singer
Solo Singing
On your own, pretending there’s music around you. If you’re a bathroom singer who can sing in tune, perhaps this is an event for you to take forward your singular talents. Swallow the whole, ‘hook, line and singer’ and jump on board. Elims : Participants are required to perform an improvisation of any one song of their choice while retaining the original lyrics. No A1 tracks allowed for this round. The song must be sung without any accompaniment. Judging Criteria: Pitch and Tone, Rhythm and Timing, Clarity of Voice, Improvisation and Overall Delivery. Semi-Finals: An A1 track is mandatory in this round. A list of 20 artists (10 male and 10 female) will be provided at the CL Meet. After eliminations, participants will have to choose any track from the artists provided and perform it. Harmonies or seconds in A1 track will lead to disqualification. Judging Criteria: Pitch and Tone, Synchronization, Clarity, Voice Modulation, Overall Performance.


Elims: 3 minutes Semi-Finals: 3 minutes Finals: 5 minutes SET -UP TIME: 1 MINUTE (Finals)

1 + 1 CA

(CA registered at the Finals)

Finals: Participants will have to perform a medley of any 2 tracks with an acoustic instrumental accompanist, registered as the CA. The 2 songs performed cannot be by the same artist. Only 1 instrumental accompanist is allowed for the Finals. Only 1 instrument is allowed. Electric guitars are not permitted. Judging Criteria: Creative blend of soundtracks, Pitch and Tone, Clarity and modulation, Synchronization, Overall Performance. Please note: The instrument being used for the Finals must be verified at the Participant Meet. The CA should be registered on the day of the finals.

Elims: SCAVI/MMR Semi-Finals: SCAVI/MMR Finals: Hall


No Strings Attached
Acapella Singing
Before electric guitars and percussion, before orchestras and bongo drums, people created harmony with virtually nothing. We’re going back to the basics here: only the sound of voices coming together in a musical extravaganza. Groups are required to sing songs from Movies. The songs are required to be sung without any musical accompaniment, in the acapella style. No additional music or tracks are permitted. Only English songs are allowed. Choice of songs should be verified at the Participant Meet. Judging Criteria: Harmony and Synchronization, Rhythm and Timing, Vocal Percussion, Delivery, and Overall on-stage performance.
Elims: 3 minutes Finals: 5 minutes SET -UP TIME: 2 MINUTES

8-15 + 1 CA

(CA registered at the Elims)

Elims: MMR Finals: Hall

Sole to Soul

Latin American Ballroom Dance

Elims: 3 minutes Finals: 8 minutes

‘Bolero’ is a 4X4? ‘Cha cha’ is a request for two cups of tea? What are you doing here? Stand back and make way for scintillating performances with participants blazing across the ballroom to intense Latin American dance beats. The dance forms must be picked from the list below: Cha Cha, Rumba, Samba, Jive, Salsa, Mambo,Merengue Bolero. Elims: Each couple will be required to perform to any song of their choice incorporating dance forms from the list above. Finals: After eliminations, the participants will perform an extension of the elims using a minimum of 2 props. Judging Criteria: Choreography, Use of space provided, Synchronization, Relevance of dance style to songs, Body language, Overall on-stage performance and Use of props (Finals only).

2 + 1 CA

(CA registered at the Elims)

Elims: Classroom Finals: Foyer


In the beginning, long before left handed toothbrushes, life insurance, rage against the machine, mastercard ads, Freidrich Nietzsche, the Ice Age and Tyrannosaurus Rex, Keith Richards and the birth of the universe, there existed a pyramid. It was made entirely of old photos of Jerry Seinfeld on holiday in Scandinavia, who could only say “Self referential humour makes me sick to the core” and a chestnut, who in keeping with the general nature of things that grow on trees was very withdrawn and hardly spoke. One day, tired of putting up with the pyramid’s gumption, in a fit of self-pity and confusion, he spiralled into a state of complete mental disarray, and imploded due to the weight of his unreality gland. Out of this implosion was born the universe, the concept of existentialism and ETC. The universe now serves as a medium of physical space in which all objects exist, existentialism is now a regular guest star on almost all American sitcoms. ETC now goes by the name of Billy, and is currently unstuck in time.

Mr. & Ms. Malhar

Quest For The Ultimate Entertainer
If entertaining a crowd seems like your thing Whether you jump, shake, mimic, dance or sing If you feel you have a smart, upper hand Against tasks that may seem to bajao your band Then here's where you should be headed, potential greatness at stake, Mr. & Ms Malhar. Do you have what it takes? Judging Criteria: Changes as per the round.

Round 1: 2.5 hours Round 2: 2 hours Round 3: 1 hour Round 4: 1 hour

1 male 1 female

Round 1,2,3: Classroom Round 4: Foyer

Field Domination
Sports Event
So you can just get up from bed and curl a free kick from 30 yards out right into the top right hand corner leaving the keeper gasping? Or do a double somersault, pause in the air to wave out to the crowd and then make the perfect slamdunk? Big deal! None of that will equip you to deal with what we are going to throw at you at Field Domination. The sports are new, the rules are new, and most importantly, it’s a fresh start for all those who want to make their mark in the world of what we believe sport actually is. Eliminations and finals will consist of intense sporting activities. Teams will be eliminated after each activity. In all matters, the decision of the Sports Official will be final.
Round 1: 4 hours Round 2: 3 hours Round 3: 2 hours Round 4: 2 hours

5 (2 girls compulsory)

1st Quad & Gymkhana


Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Improv. Comedy Event
Make it up. Make it quick. Make it funny. A prop here, a line there, some sound effects. And along with that, we’ll throw oddball topics at you. Rely on your wit and improvisational skills to invent unrehearsed and unhinged skits, games or songs in front of our audience. Poke some fun. It’s the ultimate Improv Comedy Contest. Just remember, even though everything’s made up, the points do matter.

Elims: 2 hours Finals: 1.5 hours


Elims: Classroom Finals: Classroom/ SCAVI

Quis Custodiet ipsos Custodes?
Who Wants To Be A Superhero?
Are your parents forced to sell your family heirlooms, horses and your grandmother to the pay the exorbitant electricity bills that are an outcome of having to defrost your younger brother every two hours because you can’t control the ice rays that burst out of your finger tips every time you’re angry? Do you wear your underwear on the outside every morning, by instinct? If yes, send us a telepathic message and we’ll help. But tell your CL you want to participate, just in case.
Elims: 2 hours Round 2: 4 hours Round 3: 3 hours Round 4: 1 hour


Elims: Classroom Finals: Campus


Unfiction Experience
Alternate Reality Gaming
Malhar 2009’s Alternate reality game will challenge your mind, body and sanity. Once you’re in, we get to own you - which might leave you writhing in agony, yet without it - withdrawal symptoms are guaranteed. So give in to your masochistic side and let us invade your concept of what’s real. Trust us, you will never look at a milk bottle the same way ever again...



A people are characterised by their shared narrative. The Raga plays a similar role in the enigma that is Malhar. As Malhar’s official newspaper, the Raga holds the crucial position of information bearer within the kingdom of Malhar. However, as is any worthy messenger’s wont, the Raga believes that a message delivered without a good yarn is like a stew without salt – necessary, perhaps, but bland and lifeless. Therefore, in the pages of the Raga are to be found a mix of the eclectic, the hilarious, the insightful and the alien, accompanied by tools essential to your survival at Malhar. Messengers must be active men, and the Raga is no exception, keeping your appetite satiated through the months before Malhar via the Online Raga, and with several events designed to tickle your mind. Of note this year is the edition designed for the less trivial pursuits of Malhar’s newest avatar – Conclave, with writing worthy of giving any Op-Ed page a run for its money.

Dhan Dhana Dhan Bol
Sports Commentary Event
“The art of conversation consists as much in listening politely as in talking agreeably.” - Atwell Elims: Participants have to commentate on the spot, on a clip that will be played. The video will depict one of the following sports: Golf, Ice hockey, Roller jam, Cycling, Volleyball, Synchronised swimming, Rodeo. Finals: The qualifying teams will be further tested on their commentary and news casting skills. Judging Criteria: Clarity of thought, Originality, Creativity, Fluency and Technical knowledge of the sport. Elims: Classroom Finals: SCAVI/MMR
Elims: 1.5 minutes Finals: 2 hours


It’s a Blog’s Life
Blog Writing Event
Dear Diary, best friend.
Elims: 2 hours Finals: 2 hours

I have a confession to make. You’re my - Ajay

Déjà vu? We understand. Elims: Participants are required to write a creative piece based on parameters that shall be given to them. Finals: Based on the pieces written in the elims, finalists will be required to write 5 – 7 blog entries each on a given theme. Judging Criteria: Clarity of thought, Originality, Creative exploitation of the given theme, Spelling, Grammar and Use of language. Classroom



The Red Wheelbarrow
Entreprenuership Event
“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” - Steve Jobs The Sensex seems to be looking up and forward to a 100 day revival. Buoyed by this, we have decided to spread a little entrepreneurial cheer. We’re giving you a budget, in return we expect a game. Celebrate the end of the recession, and earn some points while doing so. Elims: The participants have to conceptualise a practical and unique game within a limited budget. They may visit shops accompanied by a volunteer to verify prices for any raw material they might need. They then must create an advertisement for their game. This will be in the form of a poster, which must be lucid and describe what the game entails. Participants will be eliminated on the basis of this ad. Please note: Games containing perishable and inflammable items will be disqualified. Obscenity or vulgarity will lead to disqualification. Judging Criteria: Originality of game, Viability, Clarity of thought and Effectiveness of Advertisement. Finals Round 1: The qualifying teams accompanied by a volunteer, are required to go out and buy the items they will need for their game. They must come back and construct and/or prepare for their game. Round 2: Contestants must conduct their game on the day of Malhar. Judging Criteria: Total number of times the game is played. A combination of the scores of elims and the finals will be used to declare the winner. Elims: Classroom Finals Round 1: Classroom Finals Round 2: Campus

Elims: 3 hours Finals 1: 4 hours Finals 2: 4 hours




Don’t Cross Words With Me
Word Games
All ye lovers of pun and fun, en garde! Dost thou possess a mind sharp - to crack codes and clues? Or a heart stout - to conquer evil spells and crosswords from crypts? Draw thy weapons (among other things) and scrabble for solutions as the hourglass trickleth away. Get set for a duel of epic distortions! There will be a written Elimination. Semi-finals and finals will be interactive. Judging criteria: Wordplay, Wit, Vocabulary, and yes Velocity!

Elims: 2 hours Semi-Finals: 2 hours Finals: 2 hours



Rock and Raag
Fusion Instrumental

Elims: 4 minutes Finals: 6-8 minutes SET -UP TIME: 3 MINUTES

A war to end all wars. Fighting for peace. They might sound incongruous, but not here, since the theme is War and Peace. Fusion is the name of the game, with Western harmony blending with Indian melody. The catch? You have to add your own flavour to your tune, with original instruments. Wicked? Absolutely! Elims: Participants are required to perform an original composition with an addition of 1 created abstract percussion instrument, the details of which must be given at the Participant Meet. Finals: Participants are required to present an extended version of their Elims performance. Judging Criteria: Originality, Harmony and Rhythm, Recall Value, Overall Presentation, Innovation and Incorporation of Created Instrument.

5-7 + 1-2 CAs

(CAs registered at the Elims)




Mono-Act Theatre
Do you have voices that argue in your head? This might be the event for you! Unleash your inner schizophrenic in this demanding and exhilarating on the spot literary and dramatic event. Participants are required to write a script on any 2 characters of their choice. Participants may wear a combined/dual/overlapping costume but they are strictly not allowed to go off-stage to change their costume during their performance. Only 5 props are allowed for the final round. Vulgarity or profanity will not be tolerated and will lead to immediate disqualification. Participants registered at Elims must be the same as those who perform at the Finals. Elims (LA): Participants will be made to pick a topic on the spot. Participants are required to write a script on the chosen topic. This script has to be performed within a time limit of four minutes on the final day. Both the writer and the performer must be present for the written round. Finals (WPA): The participant is required to enact the written script . The 2 CAs are permitted to provide an instrumental background score to enhance the performance, but are not counted as Participants. Only acoustic instruments are permitted. Violation of this clause will lead to disqualification.No pre recorded music, dialogues, beats or lyrics are allowed. Judging Criteria: LA: Originality, Creativity, Characterization, Well Balanced Script, Applicability for Stage Performance. WPA: Acting skills, Costume, Overall on-stage Performance, Effective Incorporation of Music, and Staying True to the Script.

Elims: 2 hours Finals: 4 minutes SET -UP TIME: 1 MINUTE (Finals)

2 (1 writer and 1 performer) + 2CAs (CAs registered at the Elims)

Elims: Classroom Finals: SCAVI/MMR


When Hari Met Sally
Hinglish Theatre

Elims: 4-5 minutes Finals: 8-10 minutes SET -UP TIME: 1 MINUTE

“Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet.” – Rudyard Kipling. We beg to differ. The twain have met, and how! Don your costumes and prepare for a Hinglish drama fest that promises to be a cross-cultural treat. This is a Fusion-Drama event. Participants must create a ‘HINGLISH’ play based on the title that they pick. A balanced use of Hindi and English is mandatory. 1 CA is mandatory. Elims: Participants are required to pick any 1 title from the list which will be provided on the Malhar Website after the CL Meet. Finals: A surprise element will be given after the elims which must be incorporated into the play. Judging Criteria: Script and Creativity, Balanced use of both languages, Content, Effective use of given criteria, Overall onstage performance.

4-7 + 1-2 CAs

Hall (Elims and FInals)


People attend Malhar for various reasons. There are those who participate in events, those who want to win everything in sight and those who come just for fun. Workshops Inc. was created to cater to the lattermost. We at W.Inc promise to keep you occupied throughout the day. If music is your thing, extract a different tune with Kaboom Kazaam Capish - the beat boxing workshop. Everyone gets lost from time to time, that hi-fi phone notwithstanding. Take the right fork with our GPS workshop. More a fan of Frost’s path less travelled? Defend yourself from the forest bandits with a workshop teaching you fencing. We’re retaining our dance workshop, teaching you a fusion of Bollywood and Aerobics. At last, enriched by all this knowledge, answer the eternal question plaguing gourmets – to eat or not to eat? Mosey in for free and come out with an ace or two under your sleeve.


Fencing Workshop
Fancy yourself as Touché Turtle from Cartoon Network? A unique fencing workshop allows you to break out of your shell. The perfect opportunity for those whimpering Senoritas to learn to defend themselves and for the debonair Zorros to win some more hearts.

2 hours



Elementary, My Dear Watson!
Forensics Workshop
2 hours

Do you think you’re a real life Sherlock Holmes? Believe that there’s no such thing as the perfect crime? If your answer is in the affirmative, then look no further. We bring you a workshop in crime scene forensics. Following the workshop, participants will be given the chance to decipher clues at a mock crime scene. Grab your magnifying glass and put your best foot forward for the case is now in your hands.




Kaboom Kazaam Kapish
Beat Boxing Workshop
2 hours

Wham. Bam. Zip. Zoop. Boom. Pop. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a Borivali local train! Workshops Incorporated presents a beat boxing workshop. Can’t play an instrument? Here’s your chance to sound just like one. Join us as we make some noise at Kaboom Kazaam Kapish…Burp!



The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The City
GPS Workshop
“Building up a head of steam, on the trail we blaze” - Elton John, The Road to El Dorado. This one’s for all those of you who are perpetually lost in the maze that is Mumbai. Here, we send you out on a trail and then teach you how to map out the path you took. Learn to use Google Earth for more than just locating your house or your college. You’ll never miss a turn again! Please note: Participants are required to bring sturdy, and comfortable walking shoes as well as rain-gear.
2 hours




Project Broadway

Fashion Designing and Fashion Photography
This year, W.Inc gives you the perfect opportunity to exhibit both talent and individuality. Project Broadway brings you fashion designing, hand-tailoring and photojournalism, all rolled into one great workshop. Of the three participants, one will be the Designer, one the Photographer and one the Model. All tailoring material will be provided. The workshop will be conducted in three stages: Learning, Execution and Judging. The required photo shoot will take place in the college premises. Participants must bring their own 8-megapixel cameras. Props that they may require will be explained to them at the workshop itself.



Photoshoot: 2 hours Workshop: 3 hours

Funky Town
Dance Workshop
You may know how to crank and pump but do you know how to pop and lock? This year, we teach you how to do just that with our Popping dance workshop. Learn to fight with style with our Capoeira workshop and do aerobics not free-style but filmi-ishtyle with Bollyrobics! Two hours of stepping it up and you’ll be ready to burn up the floor.


(Registrations open on the spot)


2 hours

To Eat Or Not To Eat?
Food Workshop
Gluttony – one of the seven deadly sins. W.Inc gives you a chance to engage in some sheer indulgence with our To Eat Or Not To Eat workshops. Be a good host with our Mocktail Making workshop. Learn to put the proverbial cherry atop your perfect cake with our Cake Frosting workshop. This and loads more at our food workshops. I’m lovin’ it. This workshop is open for OTSEs only.



2 hours


Punch Intended
Punch Craft Workshop
Craft isn’t all about papers, scissors and gum anymore! W.Inc shows you exactly how it’s done. Come for our punch craft workshop and you’re bound to be punched and pumped. This workshop is open to pre-registered and OTSE participants.



3 hours

Toon it Up!

Animation Workshop
Wham. Bam. Zip. Zoop. Boom. Pop. Do you want to make scenes come alive? Bored of the routine good conquers evil plotline? Create your own world,make a character and twist a storylinecome for our animation workshop & special effects workshop.Rewind, Recreate and Reanimate!



3 hours



Your friend, philosopher and guide, Assistance is here to help you out. Ask the nice people sitting at the Assistance desk, and otherwise scattered across campus, if you want to know where your favourite show is playing, or if you have a nosebleed and want it to stop. Green room The dimensions of the green room door are 5ft x 2ft. Prop room and Lost and Found • Participants will be given a token when leaving things in the Prop Room. • Each event entry is allowed one token, but any number of items can be stored with that token. • The Log Book must be signed while the props are kept in the room, ONLY by a CL/ACL. • Your belongings may be left overnight on the 14th and 15th of August, but not on any other days. • All items must be collected by 5 pm on the 16th of August. • The Prop Room also doubles as the Lost and Found room. Please contact an Assistance volunteer if you are in need of First Aid or medical help.

Big beefy bouncers, snarling dogs, men in black – We don’t have any of them. What we do promise you is that this year, Security at Malhar is funnier, nicer, friendlier, and more efficient. You can, quite literally, completely Bank on them. Identification Sample College ID cards of the present academic year must be submitted on Form Submission Day to Administration. Participant Meet and Prop List CLs will be given a form where they are required to list all the items they are going to use as Props (Prop List).


List of Banned Items
• Alcohol, glass bottles, fuels and any flammable liquids. • Drugs, pipes, smoking paper, intoxicants. • Condoms. • Cigarettes, lighters, match boxes, candles. • Any pointed or sharp objects—knives, blades, pen knives, scissors, unpacked mirrors, sharp key chains, nail cutters, forks. • Steel chains, anklets or any other accessories considered harmful • Metal combs and hair brushes with sharp or pointed handles. • Geometry boxes with compasses and dividers; steel and wooden foot-rulers. • Deodorants, perfumes. • Laptops, cameras, batteries. • Branded, packaged food. Items which have not been mentioned in the above list may also be confiscated by Security if they are deemed unsafe. If you are carrying medicines, please carry only a day’s dose. Avoid carrying valuable items as the college will not be held responsible for their loss. If a banned item is absolutely necessary for an event, the CLs and ACLs will have to ensure that the item is mentioned in the prop list with a justifiable explanation. The Prop List will have to be verified by Security, otherwise participation shall not be allowed.

On the days of the eliminations and finals
All participants will individually have to carry their college ID cards. The college ID cards of the present academic year or fee receipts of the present academic year along with photo identification will be required for entry on the days of the elimination and final days of Malhar. Entrance will not be granted to choreographers and make-up artists unless they have been registered as CAs on the Elims. Participants must be present at least 1 hour prior to their events. Participants are only allowed to carry items included in the Prop List approved by Security. Participants who have consumed any sort of intoxicating substances will not be permitted entry to Malhar. Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated and will lead to expulsion from campus. Security will be present at all times throughout the day of the eliminations and the final days of Malhar. Please feel free to approach us if you need help or information.


Hey! Who turned out the lights? Will somebody please fetch Texxx? • ALL CDs MUST BE IN AUDIO CD FORMAT ONLY. • No professionals and/or CAs/CLs/ACLs will be allowed to operate the technical equipment. It will be handled by the Malhar crew only. • For each event, one CA will be permitted at the Texxx desk and one CA will be permitted backstage. For events in the Hall, one CA will be permitted in the galleries for the spot lights. • Every CD must be labelled with the college name and the event name. • No mp3 CDs and no audio or video tapes will be allowed. Use audio CDs (non mp3, wma, etc). Quality recording enhances your performance and cueing is simpler. • All performance CDs must be cued in advance. You will not be allowed to cue them before the event using our equipment. The technical team cannot be held responsible for any miscue. • We do not take responsibility for any CD related glitches such as skipping. • All recorded media should be collected immediately after your performance. We cannot account for it if you delay unreasonably. • Black outs are permitted for hall events. • There will be limited set-up time for each event. • No on-stage equipment will be rearranged for any performance. • No sound and/or light demos will be given on the day of the event. • Electric guitars are allowed, but no distortion. • A light and sound plan with a detailed description of the performance should be submitted on the Participant Meet. • All technical queries should be clarified, in advance, at the CL meet.

Public Relations

So we don’t create fake wars to take away attention from a President’s sex scandal or use skywriting to publicise our festival. We do however turn the spotlight on this festival and make sure everybody gets more than their 15 seconds of fame.


Byte by byte we trouble-shoot on site! Check out our website at


“Food glorious food, we’re anxious to try it, Three banquets a day, our favourite diet.” - Oliver! The Musical. Hospitality provides the fuel for the Malhar machine. Other than food, we also take care of all our outstation participants, providing them with accommodation, and making them feel at home.

Money is the root of all evil, so let us be the ones who sin. Producing this grand movie is not the only thing we do. Distributing prizes and managing stationery is our job too.

Sales and Marketing
This year our line-up of extremely talented professionals have been trained for one sole purpose - satisfying your wildest fantasies at Malhar ’09 with an assortment of prizes, freebies and stall contests that promise to leave you begging for more. Malhar S&M: Whipping out the cash!

This department doesn’t churn out goods, it packages memories. If you want to own a piece of Malhar, you should be heading to the nearest Souvenirs stall.

Sunset Boulevard in the foyer and the walk of fame in the woods, Posters of Bachchans, Kapoors, Khans and all the other broods. Playing with fevicol, glitter, crayons and paints all a-mix, If you like what you see, it’s because of Graffix.


Malhar’s original Movers and Shakers, Logs sets the stage for Malhar. Literally. Specifications 1st quad Stage 28’x 18’ Hall Stage 26’8” x 24’ Foyer 18’ x 12’ Foyer circle for street/ bollywood dance 24’ (diameter) SCAVI Stage 18’3” x 7’4” Green room door 5’ x 2’ All Hall events will be provided with the following standard props: 4 chairs 2 small tables 2 benches 1 large table Fire and liquids will not be allowed on stage. Furniture and props provided are expected to be returned in the same condition. Additional props will be provided if the department organising the events feels it necessary.


Registration Form
Please fill in the following details in BLOCK LETTERS:

Registration Form 1/3

Name of College: _________________________________________________ Contingent Leader Name: _________________________________ Telephone Number: ______________________ E-mail Address: _________________________ Assistant Contingent Leader Name: _________________________________ Telephone Number: ______________________ E-mail Address: __________________________ Assistant Contingent Leader Name: _________________________________ Telephone Number: ______________________ E-mail Address: __________________________ Assistant Contingent Leader Name: _________________________________ Telephone Number: ______________________ E-mail Address: __________________________

_________________________ Contingent Leader’s Signature

___________ College Seal

Registration Form 2/3

Cause an Effect _________ Cause an Effect Chakachak! _________ Chakachak! Conclave Session 1 _________ Forum + Media event _________ Forum + Environment event Session 2 _________ Forum 1 _________ Forum 2 Fine Arts _________ Grand Theft Art’O _________ Best Foot Forward _________ Put Your Shades On _________ It’s A Set Up! _________ You’ve Been Framed _________ Mixed Doubles _________ Shake Ya Movie Maker

Literary Arts _________ The Wicked Wit of the Best _________ Jabberwocky _________ An Offer you can’t Refute _________ Sangte Aika _________ Quizmet _________ The Empire Line _________ Inking Laterally _________ Maan Gaye Ustaad! _________ V. Hogwash & I. Scam. Inc.

IPA _________ Move It Like Madhuri _________ Just Du-et _________ Taan Se Taal Tak (Hindustani) _________ Taan Se Taal Tak (Carnatic) _________ Nritya Jharoka _________ Dhol Wajda _________ Folk-‘em’-On WPA _________ Pump up the Beat _________ Unstrung Heroes _________ Phosphorescence _________ Hook, Line and Singer _________ No Strings Attached _________ Sole to Soul

Registration Form 3/3

Raga _________ Dhan Dhana Dhan Bol _________ The Red Wheelbarrow _________ It’s a Blog’s Life ETC _________ Mr. Malhar _________ Ms. Malhar _________ Whose Line Is It Anyway? _________ Quis Custodiet ispos Custodes? _________ Field Domination _________ Unfiction Experience _________ Forty Six & One W.Inc _________ Project Broadway _________ Elementary, my dear Watson! _________ Touché _________ Kaboom Kazaam Capish _________ The Hitchhikers Guide To The City _________ Punch Intended _________ Toon it Up! Crossovers _________ Don’t Cross Words With Me _________ Rock and Raag _________ Face-Off Trump Indicate your choice from: Trump 1 to Trump 4 _________ Trump 5 to Trump 8 _________

Malhar ‘09 and St. Xavier’s College St. Xavier’s College, 5, Mahapalika Marg, Mumbai - 400001 022-22632040

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