The use of English words in daily routine language The topic given to us is “why we mostly mix up languages”. So firstly we have to know that what language is. Language is the communication words pronounced by mouth/tongue. As there are different people with different cultures, so how can be the languages same. We can see after every 60 kilometers area their is change of words in the city or village. So it means that people going from here and there merges their language to make the communication easy and understandable. Why do we use English words in daily routine language? We use English in our daily life because it is an international language. Now a Question arises why it is our international language it is because they has progressed in all fields of science & technology . It is well said: History is evident over it. When the Greece progress in the field of science the world was in their hand & their language became the dominating language because at that time Greek language was holding all type of existing language from economics, astronomy Which are necessary propagate in the society but because Urdu have no Contribution in the fields of science & technology that’s why no one is Interested in our language We are living in a third world country &

Our language is not making valuable contributions to the human society. 20-30 years back nobody was interested in china, but now a day as china Progressed it is know as the “ASIAN TIGER”. There are many other examples of countries like china who did not leave their Culture and have progressed very well in the society. So if we want to promote Our national language we should work for work for it .light colors’ are always Dominant by bright colors. Still we have time we can promote our national language By making contribution in all fields of science & technology.

All the information is collected through interviews & questionnaire










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Main Body As the British ruled over the sub continent for long time so they have influence on our culture, social values and language. They used English language in all fields, so our forefathers use this language and by the passage of time this language has very much influence on our mother tongue. Today’s generation is also facing the same problem and is misguided that English has high standard than the national language or mother tongue. That’s why most of the people use English Language to impress or to over come others. By doing this they show other how educated or smart they are. They try different languages at different places to make their image best. When a child is born, their elders try to keep him in his culture and use his mother tongue rather than English but when he grows up thinks his/her mother tongue will not suite with his personality. We should criticize our government of making Urdu as National language but English the Official language. And the problems which we face in most of the institutes that they are Urdu mediums and when people clears the intermediate exam ,he directly faces English courses which is no more less than a boxer punches. And it’s a bad luck to our country that we have two mediums of education. (Urdu & English) The children who studied in Urdu medium when go for higher studies sometimes get inferiority complex because the students of English medium treats them in such a way that they get under estimated. Even some of the teachers give preference to the students of English medium. It’s the responsibility of teachers to treat each and every student equally and teach them that they should learn English but always prefer to the mother tongue most. So it’s also a reason which makes us to use both the languages but expert in no one because the base is from Urdu and the High level education in English. And as we know that if base is weak the whole pillar will be weak.

The mix up of different languages depends upon the society you are living at. For example sitting in a class and using your mother tongue should be looking very okward, and you will be facing the crisis of your teacher or your class fellow laughing at you. Now most of the people use English words in their mother language because they are not aware of the real words of his mother language. And think that the word he is using is the original words of his mother language. Further some of the interviewers said that as English is language of science and technology so it has been compulsory for us to be in touch with English, and as we also know that English is international language and used everywhere in the world, without English you will always face troubles because you cannot communicate with anyone who cant speak your mother tongue, so for that English is the best and comfortable to understand and communicate. Some nations think that if they have command over English they can be more developed and ruled over the world. And being so in touch with English language instead of our Mother/National tongue that it has been our habit to mix up the words. Finally we tried to have different views of different peoples through and make our research by taking a percentage of their ideas.

Conclusion: As English is used as an official language in many of the countries. So we should learn English but not favor it more than our mother tongue, and we should not be the slave of English language. No doubt many of the advancements made in the fields of science and technology is in this language because the books and encyclopedia published are in English but it is the wrong opinion that development is only made by the expertness in English. We should take the examples of china,Japan,France and Germany etc. And in Germany if their locals are caught 3 times by speaking any other language instead of Germans they are putted in prison. They all made progress by using their mother tongue and they are rulling on all world without English.. And we shall see that “knowledge is confidence” just learn English don’t be its slaves, as they are also giving respect to our writers, like we can do P.H.D on the great poet REHMAN BABA and AlLAMA IQBAL from London. So gain knowledge but don’t forget your mother tongue and National Language. And we should try to make our National Language as Official language to be fully expert in it and for mother language government shall put an optional subject. For example in Baluchistan (Pushto, Balochi, Bravi) etc, where a student should choose any one language in it. Which will make us perfectly aware with the grammar of our mother tongue and make it easy for us. We can even make progress by using our mother tongue.. AS we have gone through the views & after doing research on finding the factors that Why people use English words in daily routine .we came to the conclusion that because the west had made many development in the fields of science & technology. They have a very strong influence on the whole world. They have complete control on world’s media. In the third world they promote the culture whatever they want, or what ever Is in their favor.

Secondly English has now become our need. All the research material & scholarly books are in English in order to cope with the world English is necessary for us. If we want to promote our language we have to work on it. Our media should promote it & we should publish scholarly books in Urdu.

__________________ SUGGESTIONS As we have gone through the views of others ,we see that some people strongly oppose the use of English language . It is easy to say that our official language should be Urdu, we should promote our national language but hard to do …… Before partition under British raj ,they promoted English in the subcontinent .today although they are not ruling but still they have strong influence on worlds media through which they are promoting English. As it is said first deserve & then desire, so we should first deserve & to deserve we should acquire knowledge & should progress in the world of science & technology. so that in this world of science & technology our language could become an international language