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Roadmap4439 - Profile Summary

§ - Default value Year Born Spouse Born Marital Status Children Work Type Zip Code Salary Spouse's Salary Savings Savings Monthly Income Forecast -In 5 years -In 10 years -In 20 years -At retirement Debt Type Total Debt Home value Mortgage Investment Age at retirement Spouse age at retirement Life Expectancy Spouse Life Expectancy Social Security Spouse Social Security Pension 113,000 121,000 135,000 140,000 Credit Card; Car Loan; 30,000 320,000 170,000 mostlyStocks 65 § Blank 90 § 90 § 2,300 1,500 0§ Retirement Visions and Assumptions 1. travel frequencyAmount=onceTwoYears; selectetedTravelEurope=yes; selectedDailyBudget=350; 2. giveBack donationType=volunteerLocally; donationAmount=3000; 3. familyTime selectedFamilyLocation=sameState; selectedVisitDuration=twoWeeks; Preferences Main Goal If you had to choose just one, which goal is most important? Save for College; 1968 1967 married 2 / First Child's Age:5; Second Child's Age:3; technology / Blank 78718 105,000/ year 40,000/ year 425,000 1,700 Financial Goals and Assumptions 1. payEducation selectedYearlySavings=0; selectedCurrentCollegeSavings=0; annualCollegeCost=20000; selectedPercentageOfExpensesResponsableFor=100; selectedChildren=2; selectedYoungestAge=1; selectedOldestAge=3; 2. investRetirement selectedInvestmentBelief=outperformByPickingTheRightStock; selectedInvestingChallenge=losingTooMuch; selectedNotTOLoseMoney=yes; selectedLittleInvestmentsMonitoring=yes; selectedGuaranteedRetirementIncome=yes; 3. takeDreamVacation selectedTravelEurope=yes; selectedTravelAsia=yes; selectedVacationCost=20000; 4. maxOutRetirement selectedSelfEmployed=no; selectedIncomeType=someVolatility; selectedCompanyMatch=null; selectedMaximumContributionAllowed=20000; selectedCurrentMonthlyContribution=700; selectedExtraMonthlySavingsTowardsRetirement=300; selectedHas401k=yes; selectedHasTraditionalIRA=yes; 5. startBusiness selectedStartupCost=175000; selectedBusinessIncome=82500;

Estate Planning Documents the User Has [ ] Will [ ] Health care directive [ ] Health care power of attorney [ ] Advance medical directive [ ] Power of attorney [ ] Revocable living trust [ ] Joint revocable living trust [ ] Irrevocable life insurance trust [ ] Other Trust Insurance Details What type of health insurance? Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan; How many life insurance policies do you have? 1;

Insurance the User Has Health Life Disability Homeowner Renter Vehicle Umbrella Liability Long term care None

User [x] [x] [] [] [] [x] [] [] []

Spouse [x] [] [x] [] [] [] [] [] []


Roadmap4439 - Profile Summary
What type of life insurance policies do you have? Term life; What is the total death benefit of your life insurance policies? $500,000; What is the total cash value for these life insurance policies? $10,000; Does your vehicle insurance cover all of your vehicles (including boats, etc.)? Yes; Spouse Insurance Details What type of health insurance? Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plan; How many disability insurance policies do you have? 1; Do you have any disability insurance through work or not through work? Through work; What percentage of your salary will your disability insurance through work replace? 50; For how many months will your disability insurance through work pay out? 12; Questionnaire Responses Which of the following statements is closest to your financial reality? I've been able to save at least 5% of my annual income for the past 2 years; Which of the following best describes how you deal with debt, such as student loans or a mortgage? Pay off my debt on schedule; Which of these best describes your knowledge of investing? I know that a bond is a financial product, but I'm not sure how it works; Are you presently experiencing or anticipate experiencing in the near future, any of the following life events (please select all that apply)? Anticipate new child; Anticipate an inheritance; Presently experiencing pay increase; Presently experiencing improper investment strategy; Presently experiencing caring for parents; What is the value of any additional assets you many have, such as trust funds, investment real estate or collectibles? $75,000; Are either you or your spouse self-employed or business owners? My spouse is self-employed or a business owner; Do you have a formal business continuation plan in place for a smooth transfer of ownership to a family member or key employee in the event that you are unable to continue running your business? No; Do you think you might one day be financially responsible for any of the following people in your life? (select all that apply) Father; Mother-in-law;