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29 September 2013 1900 EST

Type of Meeting: Command Corps Meeting (Week of 23 September 2013-29 September 2013 and upcoming week of 30 September 2013-6 October 2013) Meeting Facilitator: CC Tyler Lightsey Attendants: DC Dakine Hinchcliff; DC Corey Meyer; Cpt Caleb Rodgers; Lt V’Soske; Lt Shanahan; Lt Jargilo 1. Agenda Overview 2. Suggestions and Opening Statements 3. Updates and Completions a) Rosters and meetings publications b) Refer to LSES-NOTICE-1011 4. Current Issues a) Account management and missing LSES PSN accounts #017-071 b) Continuity file for Lt Shanahan c) Open-source document LSES hub d) Revising/publication of LSES PSN account hierarchy e) Ticket system for organized operation and logistical task/assignment orders and completions 5. Current Tasks a) Beta Operation New Winds b) LSES PSN account creation and initiation 6. Assignment Progress

a) CC Lightsey- Beta Operation New Winds b) DC Hinchcliff- Beta Operation New Winds c) DC Meyer- Beta Operation New Winds, LSES PSN account creation d) Cpt Rodgers- Beta Operation New Winds e) Lt V’Soske- Beta Operation New Winds f) Lt Shanahan- Beta Operation New Winds g) Lt Jargilo- Beta Operation New Winds 7. Departmental Analysis a) Command (01)- work ethic and staff placement for internal department Operations b) Patrol (02)- member capacity and account #061-071 creation c) Traffic (03)- member placement and new Department Supervisor d) Aviation (09) 8. Suggestions and Closing Statements 9. Dismissal