1311 Rule – Minnesota Code for Existing Buildings

Advisory committee from 10-08-04
Members present: Daniel Callahan, Gordon Bates, Paul Nahurski, Ron Boose, Dennis Olson, Marlene Evenson, David Macdonald,

Interested parties: Greg Mathis, Allan Olson B.C.S.D. Members present:

Fred Driver, Greg Karow, Mike Fricke Fred Driver called the meeting to order @ 8:40am. Fred Driver reported to the committee about the legislative history of the conservation code. Originally, a Legislation took action and initiated the mandate to adopt an existing buildings code.

community who, by ordinance, wanted to eliminate older buildings in their community drove the concept.

Section 1311.0010 Adoption by reference. Ron B. needs previous meeting notes and past code amendments and minutes to revise this section. Greg will update. Section 403.4.1: Greg K. Committee reviewed proposed language and approved with minor revisions.

Section 406.1.4 New draft language for fire separation. Add the Group “I” occupancies. Greg K. will revise amendment and forward to Dan C. for review. Final draft will be proposed at next meeting. Section 407.1: Dan C. went through the draft proposal. Chapter 1306 intent.
(special sprinkler provisions)

part of this section. This section will be tied back to the scoping parameters as well as purpose and Scoping provisions: Fred D. will work on this section and report back to the committee with draft

will not be


Fred D. will report on electrical provisions and installation of electrical outlets and “arc fault” parameters in existing construction.

Chapter 5

covered in the new accessibility code. If that’s the case, accessibility requirements can come out of the Section 501.5.1:change to “all hazard categories” instead of 5 categories. Greg K will update. Section 501.5.2 through 501.5.4:Mike F. will condense into a single section. Section 501.6.1: Add the following: 5 The provisions of 407 shall apply conservation code and reference the state accessibility code.

Section 504.1:Verify with Curt Wiehle that accessibility requirements for existing building will be

Greg k. will add this language for approval.

6 The provisions of chapter 1306 shall apply when specifically adopted.

Section 502.1: Exception #2 delete “ when approved by the building official”. Add exception 7- add fire code provisions for escape windows. Greg K. will draft change.

Section 503: Add to title “Separation of Occupancies” update.

Section 503.1: add “existing shafts are permitted to be in accordance with section 405” Greg K will Section 503.3: Mike F. will address additional language to clarify separation of occupancies.

Fred D. set a goal for the committee to be virtually finished with the document by 12/17/04. Adjourned at 11:55am. Meeting schedule: 10/29/04, 11/19/04, 12/03/04, 12/17/04 Respectfully submitted, Greg Karow