Manufactured Homes Advisory Committee

Meeting Minutes
Date: June 26, 2003 Attendee’s Joel Buller Larry Hesse Mike Ives Dave Lindberg Duane Sanow Scott Lund Mark Brunner Randy Vogt Duane DeLonais Guests Jeff Murray-Building Codes and Standards Division

Informed Absence Ken Kammerer Charles Durenberger Absent: Dave Johnson Loren Kohnen

The meeting was called to order by Randy Vogt and the meeting minutes (March 25, 2003) were approved. Jeff Murray a new member of the Manufactured Structures Section of the BCSD was introduced. A copy of the second Draft of the installation subcommittee of the Manufactured Housing Consensus Committee was distributed to the members present and we were asked to review the document for inclusion (whole or part) into chapter 1350 of Minnesota Rules. This would be when the final installation document was approved. Randy updated the committee on some of the other items taking place nationally at the direction of HUD through the Consensus Committee- they are programs to certify installers, creating a protocol to test anchoring equipment and setting minimum requirements for states for dispute resolution. HUD is also looking at having DAPIA’s review and approve items for onsite completion as a part of the production line process and not a part of the AC process. The question here being jurisdiction and codes to follow for the onsite portion-IPIA’s to provide over site but not for each home. We started a discussion on the use of the “24 Item Checklist” as a disclosure of compliance for used manufactured home sales rather than the present statute that requires total compliance. Statute Page 2

June 26 meeting 327.34 Subdivision 1(a) in part reads “…manufactured home manufactured after July 1, 1972 which does not comply to the Manufactured Building Code…”. We are asked to create a new name for the document and provide any updates to the list as seen fit. Also Larry Hesse had sent out a number of inquires (60) to other interested people to get any feed back on Safety Feature Disclosure and the 24 Item Checklist. He received minimal comments and one pertained to the removal of the hitch from the site to be recycled. That is a federal requirement which the states do not have any control over, the states bulletin covering the matter was only to emphasis the federal definition of manufactured home. Some of the discussion about the “list” was to add items referencing ceiling stains (cause) and if the leaks had been repaired. Had a new roof (pitched) had been added to the home and were inspections made. The web site to look up information concerning the Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards Act-statute, federal construction standards 3280-rules, responsibilities of participants in the program (retailers, manufacturers, states, IPIA’s DAPIA’s) standards can be found at This is the home page for Manufactured Housing, in the middle of the page is a section headed “business” below that are listed the Statutes, Rules and Regulations. The web site for the Manufactured Housing Consensus Committee is as follows: This web site has the information concerning the proposed installation standards, dispute resolution and a number of related manufactured housing topics. Our next meeting is scheduled for Thursday September 25th 1:00-3:30 in the conference room of the Building Codes and Standards Division. Be prepared to discuss the “2Draft” of the installation standard and its use in 1350, the 24 item check list – its future use, name, additions or deletions along with possible ramifications statute changes 327.31-.35 also 327C.07 the Safety Feature Disclosure Forms. Also time permitting licensing and bonding of sales people. Submitted by Duane DeLonais Secretary