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Specialised Tooling for the Electrical Industry

Crimp Tooling
HCPIT For pre-insulated terminals and connectors, red, blue and
Designed with the professional in mind, this crimp tool features ergonomic handles and a positive ratchet operation to ensure the perfect crimp.

Red 0.5-1.5mm
Length: 230mm

Blue 1.0-2.6mm

Yellow 2.6-6.0mm

Applicable range: 0.5-6mm2

HCESS For bootlace ferrules 0.5-6mm2

With a large crimp range this ratchet crimper is designed for both insulated and uninsulated ferrules.

Applicable range: 0.5-6mm2 Length: 230mm

HCESD For twin insulated ferrules 0.5-6.0mm

Applicable range: 0.5-6.0mm Length: 230mm

HCESSM For bootlace ferrules 6-16mm2

The mid range ferrule crimper, featuring stylish design and adjustable crimp settings for the perfect crimp.

Applicable Range: 6-16mm2 Length: 230mm

HCESSL For bootlace ferrules 10-35mm2

This crimper handles the larger sizes of insulated and uninsulated ferrules. With an adjustable crimp setting the crimp jaws provide a serrated finish to the ferrule for the best connection.

Applicable range: 10 -35mm2 Length: 240mm

HCESQ For strip form insulated end sleeves

Combining four functions, the Quadro ferrule crimper cuts, strips, twists and crimps insulated end sleeves. Supplied complete with quick change connector magazines, this unit is designed with termination speed in mind.

Working Range: 0.5mm-2.5mm2

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Specialised Tooling for the Electrical Industry continued CLCIS For standard copper crimp lugs 1.5-16mm2
A ratchet type indent crimper for standard copper lugs 1.5-16mm2

Length: 270mm

CLCHM Hex Crimper 6-50mm2

With rotating self contained dies, this tool offers a true hexagonal crimp to AF measurements. Applicable Range: 6-50mm2 Cu

Length: 390mm

CLCHL For standard copper crimp lugs 10-120mm2. Featuring an over centre
crimp action and rotating self-contained hexagonal dies, this crimper is ideal for the contractor or OEM requiring a consistent hex crimp.

Applicable range: 10-120mm2Cu. Length: 620mm

HC12TR 12 Tonne Remote Crimping Head


Designed for use with either the HP700 or HP35RH hydraulic pumps this C head crimper is ideal for tight situations where a standard tool may not fit. Utilising standard 12 tonne hexagonal dies the crimper head comes with its own carry case. Dies not included.

Crimping Force: 12 tonne. Jaw Opening: 30mm. Length: 240mm. Weight: 6.5kg

HC12T 12 Tonne Hydraulic Crimper

Featuring a new European design and a 2 stage pumping action the HC12T will accommodate compression of copper connectors up to 400mm2 and aluminium connectors up to 300mm2. The crimp head accepts standard 12 tonne hexagonal dies. Tool is supplied in its own carry case. Dies not included.

Crimping Force: 130KN. Jaw Opening: 38mm. Length: 560mm. Weight: 7.5kg

HC630A 630mm2 Crimping Head

For distribution and transmission applications the HC630A will handle up to 800mm2 aluminium and 630mm2 copper. With a 30 tonne crimping force at the die faces the crimper features a flip top opening to allow insertion of the conductor and ease of die replacement. Designed for use with hydraulic pumps HP700, HP35RH and HP45 the crimp head comes with its own case. Dies sold separately. (See compression dies page 45.)

Crimping force: 30 Tonne. Crimp Type: Hex Crimper. Weight: Approx 25 kg. Height: 370mm

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Specialised Tooling for the Electrical Industry continued

Battery Powered Crimper

BCL-12 The BCL-12 hydraulic crimping tool is a lightweight, well balanced battery powered tool designed with the contractor in mind. Featuring a pistol grip design, the BCL-12 crimp head can swivel 180 degrees, so is ideal for use in confined spaces. Powered by a 14.4V battery, the crimper comes complete with 20 minute charger and plastic moulded carry case. Weight: 8kg Crimping Capacity: 25 - 400mm2 Cu, 25-300mm2 AL Operating Pressure: 700 bar Accessories BCL-12B Battery 14.4V

Hydraulic Pumps
HP700 Hydraulic Hand Pump Two stage hand pump capable of delivering 700bar for hydraulic crimp and cutter heads. Includes 2m of hose. Capacity: 900cc. Output: 700bar. Length: 510mm. Weight: 9kg

HP35RH Compact Light Weight Hydraulic Pump One of the smallest and lightest hydraulic pumps on the market, the HP35RH is designed for mobile use and features shoulder straps for ease of carrying. The HP35RH delivers the full 700bar pressure and has enough oil capacity to power all of our crimp and cutter heads models. Pump comes complete with pendant remote control.
Usable oil capacity: 0.8 litre. Power Supply: 230volt. Motor: 0.35KW, 2000rpm Dimensions: L325 x W140 x H160mm. Weight: 7.2 kg
2 stage pumping

Compact 2-stage high flow pump providing portability and flexibility for many varied hydraulic tooling applications. Manufactured with an easy carry handle, the pump comes complete with a remote control pendant.

Usable oil capacity: 2.0 litre. Power Supply: 230volt. Motor: 0.45KW Max working pressure: 1st stage 70 bar, 2nd stage 700 bar Dimensions: L230 x W212 x H341mm. Weight: 17 kg

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