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Date: To: From: April 26, 2007 All Building Officials and Interested Parties Thomas Anderson State Building Official / Executive Director Construction Codes and Licensing Division Disaster Preparedness Training, Resources and Volunteers


The Construction Codes and Licensing Division (CCLD) of the Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) in cooperation with the Association of Minnesota Building Officials (AMBO) have developed a Disaster Preparedness manual for Building Officials and a Disaster Volunteer database. These two resources have helped municipalities in training and in times of natural disaster. In turn, building officials have helped make the volunteer program a successful resource. Disaster Preparedness Manual and Training Building departments should be included in municipal disaster plans to provide timely assistance to the public and identify which structures in the municipality are safe to occupy or need repairs. The Disaster Preparedness manual is used for building official disaster preparedness training and as a resource for initial disaster assessment and post-disaster recovery. Disaster Recovery Volunteers A volunteer database of qualified volunteers (code officials, inspectors and permit technicians) has been developed to assist municipalities after a natural disaster and is available upon request by any municipality needing assistance. A large number of damaged buildings after a flood or tornado cannot be evaluated in a timely manner without assistance. Volunteers usually work in teams of two and place damage assessment placards on structures, complete a report classifying the extent of damage and suitability for occupancy, and provide repair requirements and community resource information to property owners. To keep this program going strong the committee is always looking for qualified volunteers. Allowing municipal staff to assist neighboring communities in a time of disaster not only benefits the affected municipality, but also provides valuable training for the volunteers. Typically volunteers sign up to be available for one or more regions of the state. The League of Minnesota Cities has information regarding volunteer liability on their web site at www.lcit.lmnc.org. Code officials, inspectors and permit technicians willing to volunteer will find the Disaster Assistance Volunteer form online at www.doli.state.mn.us/bc_disaster_preparedness.html. If you would like to schedule a disaster preparedness presentation or have questions regarding the volunteer program, please contact Bill Mesaros at (651) 284-5870 or via e-mail at william.mesaros@state.mn.us or Barry Greive at (651) 284-5863 or via e-mail at barry.greive@state.mn.us. In addition, CCLD has staff and resources available to assist building departments during initial damage assessment. The assistance follows the Minnesota Incident Management System routinely used by most state and municipal agencies to respond to a disaster.