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Manufactured Homes Code Non-Compliance Checklist
Following is a list of the most commonly found non-compliances. These are only examples and non-compliances are not limited to the examples given. These areas of concern happen after the home is out of the factory, usually during the time it is occupied or in some cases, during dealer alterations.


Exterior receptacles missing weatherproof protector covers; this includes heat tape receptacles mounted under the home. CFR 3280.808(a) and NEC 410-57(a) or (b). _______ Complies ________ Correction Required


N-M cable added under or on the exterior of the home not protected by rigid metal conduit and conductors not suitable for wet locations. 3280.808(k) and NEC 550-10(h). _______ Complies ________ Correction Required


Boxes fittings, and cabinets not securely fastened in place. Common examples are duplex receptacle boxes, electric range and clothes dryer receptacles. CFR 3280.808(n) and NEC 550-10(h). _______ Complies ________ Correction Required


Unprotected N-M cable located 15 inches or less above the floor or N-M cable likely to be damaged when exposed (i.e. wiring in closet or storage areas). CFR 3208.808(c). (This would include wiring added without permits and inspection.) _______ Complies ________ Correction Required


Electric ranges and clothes dryers without the required 4-conductor cords and plugs. CFR 3280.809(b)(2). _______ Complies ________ Correction Required.


Solid fuel-burning fireplaces or stoves that are not listed for use in manufactured homes, CFR 3280.709(g), or listed but not installed correctly in accordance with their listing or standards (i.e. chimney, doors, hearth, combustion or intake, etc.) CFR 3280.709(g)(i). _______ Complies ________ Correction Required


Replacement gas water heaters or furnaces not listed for manufactured home use, CFR 3208.709(d)(1 or 2). _______ Complies ________ Correction Required


Furnace, water heater, or wood burner flue/stacks that are not listed for use with the appliance. CFR 3208.707 and 3280.709. _______ Complies ________ Correction Required


Gas appliances (i.e. range, clothes dryer, furnace, water heater, etc.) without the required shutoff upstream of the union connector. CFR 3280.705(k)(3). The shutoff is also required to within 6 feet of a cooking appliance and within 3 feet of other appliances. _______ Complies ________ Correction Required

10. Incorrect plastic pipe fitting or materials used for drain lines. Commonly found item is ABS fittings glued to PVC fittings and/or pipe. CFR 3280.610(e). _______ Complies ________ Correction Required

11. Exterior water faucets installed without backflow preventers. CFR 3280.609(b)(2) options for correction include addition of a non-removable vacuum breaker or removal of exterior water faucet and capping water line. _______ Complies ________ Correction Required

12. Water heaters without a pressure-temperature relief valve. CFR 3280.609(c)(ii). Relief valve element must relieve pressure at 150 p.s.i. and at or below a water temperature of 210°F. and must also have a full size drain line with cross section area equal to that of the relief valve, extended to discharge beneath the home. 3280.609(c)(iii). _______ Complies ________ Correction Required

13. Fire stop collars missing at ceiling line on furnace and water heater flue/stack. CFR 3280.206(c). _______ Complies ________ Correction Required

14. Smoke detectors removed. Required between bedroom areas and living areas. CFR 3280.208. Homes with bedrooms at each end and living areas in center would require a minimum of two detectors. _______ Complies ________ Correction Required

15. Rotted or decayed floor decking that will not support a 40 p.s.f. uniform live load. CFR 3280.305(g). _______ Complies ________ Correction Required



Decking in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry areas, water heater compartments that is not protected from moisture damage. CFR 3280.305(g)(2) allows for protection of decking by sealing with an approved sealer or an overlay of nonabsorbent material. When retro fitting kitchen or bathroom areas with carpet, the decking must remain protected with one of the approved methods. _______ Complies ________ Correction Required


Holes in bottom board material or around pipes, ducts, etc. that are not sealed to resist entrance of rodents. CFR 3280.307(d) and 3280.705(a). _______ Complies ________ Correction Required


Holes in exterior coverings of homes or broken and missing exterior doors and/or windows which allow the elements (i.e. rain, snow, etc.) into exposed interior materials. CFR 3280.307(a) and (b). _______ Complies ________ Correction Required

19. Homes with windows remodeled or removed which do not comply with light, vent, egress, and energy requirements. CFR 3280.103, “Light and Ventilation” a. Each habitable room requires 8% of gross floor area light and 4% ventilation. _______ Complies ________ Correction Required b. Kitchens may be provided with artificial light and mechanical ventilation capable of producing an air change every 30 minutes. _______ Complies ________ Correction Required

c. Bathroom and toilet compartments, 1 ½ sq. ft. of openable window or ventilation system capable of a change in air every 12 minutes. _______ d. Complies ________ Correction Required

CFR 3280.106, “Egress Windows,” every bedroom requires an egress window a net clear opening of 20” wide and 24” high, 5 sq. ft. in area, with the bottom of windows opening no more than 36” above the floor. Locks, latches, operating handles, tabs or other operational devices shall not be located more than 54” above the finished floor. _______ Complies ________ Correction Required

e. CFR 3280.506(c): Homes designed for use in Minnesota shall be factory equipped with storm windows or insulated glass. _______ Complies ________ Correction Required


20. Homes with replaced door/patio door glass, tub surround and shower door glass, or window glass around bathtubs; not replaced with safety glazing, CFR 3280.113. Glazing in all entrance doors, sliding glass doors, unbacked mirrored wardrobe doors, shower and bathtub enclosures to a height of 6 feet above the floor, and sidelights within 12 inches of either side of an entrance door must be safety glazing materials which comply with ANSI Z97.1-1984. _______ Complies ________ Correction Required

21. Electrical distribution panel boards re-worked or added in non-compliance of location and protection requirements, CFR 3280.804(f). Panel boards shall not be located in bathrooms. Six (6) inches of clearance to easily ignitable materials must be maintained in front of panel board, clear working space of 30 inches wide and 30 inches front of panel shall be maintained. _______ Complies ________ Correction Required

22. Gas line piping shall not be used for electrical ground. CFR 3280.705(l)(5). _______ Complies ________ Correction Required

23. Homes missing construction labels or data plates. CFR 3280.8 requires homes manufactured after June 14, 1976 to have permanently applied on the exterior of each section a HUD construction label. CFR 3280.5, requires homes manufactured after June 14, 1976 to have permanently applied to each home a data plate with the manufacturer’s name/address, date of manufacturer, roof design load, wind design load, heating design and list of all major appliances installed at the manufacturer’s facility. Minnesota Statute 327.32 requires a state construction label be affixed to manufactured homes manufactured between July 1, 1972 and June 14, 1976. _______ Complies ________ Correction Required

24. Homes that have been altered without approval or in violation of codes and standards which affect the structure, egress, electrical, mechanical, required light/ventilation, etc. MSBC 1350.3800. _______ Complies ________ Correction Required

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