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“Lutheran High School South educates for excellence in a Christ-centered environment, preparing youth for leadership in service

to the church, the home, and the world.”

Mrs. Kayla Anderson English 1, 2010-2011 Website:

Room: 214 Phone: 314-631-2842 x214 Email:

Class Objectives
The student will: - Appreciate the value of language arts and develop both written and oral skills - Acknowledge the importance of language arts and observe historical development - Understand how literature grows from and reflects cultural values - Recognize literary tools, elements, and grammar - Build leadership skills through group exploration of literature - Understand how Christianity and humanity fit into the study of literature

Classroom Expectations
Welcome to English 1! Our classroom is intended to be a place of productive and safe learning. To accomplish this, below are the expectations and requirements to be successful in this class. Behavior: There are two values that are expected of each student: Respect and Responsibility. - Respect: Be respectful of other people, property, and ideas. - Responsibility: Be prepared for class everyday (including supplies, books, and homework completed). You alone are responsible for the grade you receive. If it is not the grade you would like, please let me help you change that. You must make the first move in getting additional help. Academic Honesty: A student is always expected to produce his/her own, best work. Cheating includes copying the work of another student, using direct quotes from a source without giving credit to that source, directly ‘lifting’ an essay/assignment from any website or book, cheating on a quiz or test and any other form as decided by the teacher. The consequence of cheating is: no credit on the assignment, parent contact, and further disciplinary action if needed at the teacher’s discretion. If more than one student is involved (ex. allowing another student to cheat), both will receive the consequence. A second offense could warrant consequences as severe as failing the term. Supplies: You will need the following for class this year: - A binder with dividers - Loose leaf paper or notebook for assignments/ journals - Pen- blue/black ink preferred, no red Please come to class with the following materials everyday: - Book(s) we are reading - Planner

“Lutheran High School South educates for excellence in a Christ-centered environment, preparing youth for leadership in service to the church, the home, and the world.”


Binder with Notes and handouts for class


Completed homework

Grades/Coursework: Grading follows the accepted school-wide grading scale: A 93-100 B+ 88-89 C+ 78-79 D+ 68-69 A- 90-92 B 83-87 C 73-77 D 63-67 B- 80-82 C- 70-72 D- 60-62

F 59 and below

Each assignment is worth points, varied according to difficulty and importance. There are four grade categories: Tests/Long Writing Assignment, Quizzes/Short Writing Assignment, Homework, and Classwork (including participation/discussion grades). Semester grades will be rounded up only if within 0.3% and all assignments have been turned in. Extra Credit: Extra credit will be available to all students equally and will not be created to ‘save’ a student’s grade. Extra credit will be in the form of completed study guides, extra test/quiz questions, or extra worksheets or projects. Extra credit will never be more than 3% of a unit’s points, and thus will only boost a grade, not save it. Absences/Late Work/ Leaving Class: Homework is always due at the start of class and large projects will have a specified due date, given when the project is assigned. All acceptable work is valuable and will be accepted late, but with a penalty of 25% per school day, not dropping below 25% credit. It is the student’s responsibility to collect material from a missed class. All work is posted on the website and handouts are available from the in-class filing cabinet. All students should make every effort to be in class at all times. However, illness does happen and extra-curricular activities do sometimes take a student away from the classroom. If you are ill, try to email me so I can help you stay caught up from home. If you are very ill, we will make special arrangements. For each day you are absent you have one day to make up your work (sick 1 day= 1 extra day, sick 2 days= 2 extra days). If it is a planned absence (doctor’s appt., school activity, etc.) you MUST see me prior to being out of class and submit any work that is due as well as collect all work you will be missing. This work is due the first day you return and will be penalized after that. It is expected that when the bell rings, students have gathered all necessary materials for class and have used the restroom. Therefore, no passes will be given to go to lockers or get materials that were not brought to class.

Class Schedule
Semester 1 Short Stories/Grammar Review To Kill a Mockingbird King Arthur Tales Romeo and Juliet Semester 2 Poetry Murder on the Orient Express Writer’s Workshop Lord of the Flies

“Lutheran High School South educates for excellence in a Christ-centered environment, preparing youth for leadership in service to the church, the home, and the world.”

* Each unit, students will be given a detailed schedule of homework and activities.