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Nothing is quite so satisfying as ending a successful year with an
impressive list of accomplishments in hand. 2003 started off on a fast track with the adoption of the 2003 Minnesota State Building Code. However, activities at BCSD never slowed as reflected in meetings, seminars, building official tests, and thousands of customer phone calls. Even as the year ends, we have two special new announcements that reflect the committment of many individuals inside and outside the division working together: u The launch of the website (page 2) u The distribution of the building permit surcharge report manual and forms on CD-ROM and on our website. (page 3) More information about these two announcements are included in the newsletter - just click on them to view the linked documents. The year also ends with BCSD receiving an award from AIA — Minnesota. This award reflects our commitment to make building safety throughout Minnesota our priority. 2004 promises to be another exciting year as we will continue to strive toward making buildings safe throughout Minnesota through adoption of the Minnesota State Building Code. We will also continue to expand our use of the internet for communications with our customers.

In This Issue – Click on red text for links to more info. u launched u Surcharge Report Forms and Manual u AIA-Minnesota Award u Training Updates & New Degree Program u Building Official Update u IMC/IFGC Rules Update u BCSD On the Move: Annual Institute u Energy Committee u Website Updates u Survey & Email Request Wishing You the Best in 2004!

2003: A Very Good Year

The Minnesota Department of Administration Building Codes and Standards Division for their teamwork with the A.I.A.Minnesota Building Codes Committee to explain issues and interpret codes.
December 5, 2003

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Check out the new website: Your one stop for code information.


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BCSD launches website. The drive behind this project came from a growing demand for a ‘one stop’ resource for building code information. Its formation started in the Construction Codes Advisory Council, CCAC meetings. However, after the CCAC was sunset, BCSD took the lead to develop and launch the site. This website is brand new and will continue to be a work-in-progress until its potential is fully realized. However, there is enough valuable information posted on the website now that it was moved past the beta-testers and launched to let you, the people who work in the field, start using it. Your feedback will certainly be welcomed. Is it working successfully on your computer? (Our customer base works with a wide variety of equipment.) How is it working? Are there additional items you would like to see included? Is it a useful tool? Send your comments via email to Fred Driver, fred.driver
Most BCSD programs and projects involve so many different staff we don’t normally mention individuals. However, this project merits recognizing some individuals for their team effort - Scott McLellan, Colleen Chirart, Pat Moore, Fred Driver, and Tom Anderson. Special thanks to Jim Schmit, Admin - InterTech for web development assistance.
Your one stop for building code information.
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Minnesota State Building Code

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For the lastest announcements, check out What’s New at: www.buildingcodes.admin.

New Surcharge Report Forms and Manual
The Monthly/Quarterly Surcharge Report forms have been redesigned and are now available. A companion Surcharge Report Manual has also been developed to help make the forms easier to understand and to ensure accuracy. The new forms are electronic documents with formulas built in to aid in calculations. The manual and the forms were produced in two different electronic formats. However, both have the same documents: 1. On our website: u Business and Accounting. 2. 538 CD-ROMs were mailed to municipalities that administer the state building code. Before users start working the forms we advise they read the manual first. The manual
was developed to assist jurisdictions in processing the state surcharge report forms, as a reference for application and completion of these forms and to serve as an educational tool. This manual will provide and identify the law and codes pertaining to the surcharge report forms. The manual includes: u The surcharge law. u The code for permits and commentary. u Permit Fee Schedule u Questions & Answers u Instructions for Completing the Reports BCSD would like to recognize Cindy Shilts, Stillwater Building Official, and members of the Minnesota Building Permit Technicians Association Patty Belak, Barb Benesh, Michele Enberg, Kathy Pepin, and Britt Sullivan for their work on the manual and the forms.

BCSD Receives Special Award from AIA — Minnesota
The Building Codes and Standards Division, received the Special Award from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Minnesota in recognition of their willingness and availability in helping architects in the interpretation of building codes. “Understanding these complex codes is imperative to an architect’s design. The tremendous amount of teamwork, giveand-take by all entities, and the awareness of issues architects face by Tom and his staff enabled a dialogue that brought these issues to the forefront in interpreting the codes.”
Marlene Erickson, AIA, an architect with DLR Group and AIA Minnesota Building Codes Committee Chair.

projects. Communications were particularly crucial this year given the state of Minnesota’s adoption of the International Building Code (IBC) and Minnesota amendments to the IBC. “BCSD encourages professionals in the building industry to participate in the code process,” explains BCSD Director Tom Joachim, “Whether it is through participation in committees organized by BCSD, or by requesting our participation in events they have organized.” For information about BCSD committees or to request BCSD participation at an event, please contact us at 651.296.6204. For more information about AIA, an organization dedicated to strengthening our communities, improving our built environment, and providing conceptual design go to . AIA also produces an award-winning architectural magazine.

BCSD employee’s worked with architects on the AIA Minnesota Building Codes Committee to explain the issues, interpret the codes, and discuss the effects on design phases of current and future architectural


Building Official Training... the Possibilities Are Endless
Ongoing BCSD training events include Fall and Spring seminars and the four-day Building Official/Building Official Limited/Accessibility Class, offered three times a year. Additional programs are conducted as needed, such as the extensive number of training programs offered prior to the adoption of the Minnesota State Building Code last March. In addition, BCSD staff are frequently asked to make presentations for industry events around the state. The next event is Jan. 5 14, the 48th Annual Institute for Building Officials where seven BCSD staff will make presentations. See article on page 6.
In December Building Code staff participated at a Builder’s Association of Minnesota (BAM), training event. BCSD presenters included Rich Lockrem, Don Sivigny, Peter Kulczyk, and Fred Driver. The BCSD four-day Building Official, Building Official Limited, and Accessibility Specialist class was offered in December. For more information about certification classes visit: and to Education and Technical Opinions. Left - New BCSD employee, Nirmal Jain, discussed the finer points of mechanical code requirements. Below clockwise- Dave Krings, Don Sivigny, Duane DeLonais, and Curt Wiehle are a few of BCSD staff involved as instructors. In addition to the official class agenda, students have the opportunity to receive personalize attention.

Taking Building Training to New Heights - New Degree Programs
Including the Opportunities for Apprenticeship and Internship

The BCSD Education Committee is working closely with the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System, MnSCU, in developing a multi-faceted degree program specifically designed to meet the needs of individuals pursuing careers in the building code industry. The program will use computer on-line classes to offer flexible, accessible training from anywhere in the state. The BCSD Education Committee is also woking closely with the League of Minnesota Cities discussing the parameters for an apprenticeship and an internship program for qualified students to provide avenues for students to enter the building inspection field. Students will have the opportunity to pursue either an AAS Certificate (Associate of Applied Science Certificate) or BAS (Bachelor of Applied Science) degrees. Watch for information posted on the BCSD website and in the Standard. You may also contact Don Sivigny at 651297-3600,



Energy Sub-Committee Calendar

Congratulations to the state’s recently designated municipal Building Officials: • Nick Schmitz – Town of Columbus • Cliff Skogstad – Mille Lacs County • Donald Olson – Andover • Fredrick Patch – Hanover • Murry Ward – Grand Rapids

2000 International Mechanical Code and the 2000 International Fuel Gas Code In correspondence dated November 19, 2003, Administrative Law Judge George A. Beck granted a motion for continuance of the November 13, 2003 hearing on the adoption of the 2000 International Mechanical Code and the 2000 International Fuel Gas Code. The motion was made by David H. Johnson, Rice, Michels & Johnson, LLP, who is representing a coalition of skilled workers and contractors in that industry. The hearing has been continued to February 6, 2004 at 9:30 a.m. in the Building Codes and Standards Division conference room. The purpose of the continuance was to provide the Department time to revise its Statement of Need and Reasonableness so it complies with Minnesota Statutes, section 14 and Minnesota Rules, chapter 1400. To view the complete Notice of Continuance, please refer the Division’s web site at www.buildingcodes.admin

Rules Update

The Energy committee reviews the rules for the energy code. This committee is made up of two subcommittees. Links to: Calendar for both subcommittees Link to: Map to BCSD Questions: Contact Don Sivigny, 651-2973600 or

BCSD staff are always On the Move...
q University of Minnesota 48th Annual Institute for Building Officials Jan. 5-14 Building Section January 5-9 BCSD staff will be involved in the following seminars: Wednesday Jan. 7 General Assembly - State of the State Codes Tom Joachim Building with Compliant Materials Peter Kulczyk Required Locations of Fire and Smoke Dampers per the 2000 IBC Paul Heimkes, Jerry Norman General Assembly - Diaster Preparedness How Local Officials and State Emergency Management Staff Work Together Various BCSD staff Thursday, Jan. 8 MN 1341 Accessibility Code Curt Wiehle Friday. Jan. 9 Manufactured Structures Chapter 1350 Randy Vogt, Duane DeLonais

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There’s a New Section on the website: Business and Accounting u Surcharge Report Forms & Manual Current notices in What’s New: u Cold Weather Concrete & Masonry u Sizing of Secondary Roof Drains u Minnesota State Building Code in PDF. u Accessibility requirements for Group I and R Occupancies u Adoption of Fee Schedule by Ordinance u What is Appealable by a Bd of Appeals u Explanation of the Agricuture Building Exception to the State Building Code
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