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State Fair Volunteers - Sign Up Now! The 2004 State Fair bulletin is posted under What’s New - March notices State Fair Bulletin. Education is an important aspect of the State Fair as demonstrated below. On Governor’s Fire Safety Day children are walked through each step of a safe escape.

Disaster Preparedness

A seat belt on before the crash... A life jacket on before the capsize... A review of the Disaster Preparedness manual before the disaster strikes. Disasters can strike at any moment. However, there are some disasters that Albertville, Minnesota are more predictable than others... floods from snowmelt and heavy spring rains, and storm damage from wind storms and tornadoes that seem to affect at least one community every year. Yours could be next -- are you ready?

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The 10,000 Lakes Chapter of the International Codes Council, Disaster Preparedness Committee is currently updating the Disaster Preparedness Manual and support forms. They need your assistance with updating the list of volunteers that can be called upon in the event of a disaster. Please download the new form, fill it out and return it promptly. Click on: Disaster Assistance Volunteer Form
State of Minnesota Building Codes and Standards Division
The purpose of this form is to expedite volunteer inspection assistance available following a disaster. Note: Submittal of this document does not obligate anyone to participate if contacted.

Disaster Assistance Volunteer Form

Name of Organization/Company:________________________________________________

Organization/Company Main Phone: _____________________________________________

Submitted by: (print name and title) _________________________________________________________________

Signature: _____________________________ Phone: ___________________ Email: ________________________


The organization/company is responsible for notifiying each individual included on this list and providing appropriate information regarding their organization authorization policies and procedures. Please include this information in your Disaster Plan. Remember - the best way to prepare and train for a disaster is to assist with the aftermath of a disaster in another municipality.










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MAIL TO: BUILDING CODES & STANDARDS, Attn: Code Admin, 408 Metro Square Bldg, 121 East 7TH Place, St Paul, MN 55101-2181

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Check the Schedule and Sign up Now.

State Fair 2004


BUILDING SAFETY WEEK RECEIVED A FINE KICKOFF this year with the signing of the Building Safety Week Proclamation. On hand for the event were (from left to right) Tom Joachim, State Building Official; Department of Administration, Building Codes and Standards Division; Brian Lamb, Commissioner, Department of Administration; Pat Sheehan, Bureau Chief, Department of Public Safety, Office of the State Fire Marshal; Tim Leslie, Assistant Commissioner, Department of Public Safety; Greg Johnson, Director, International Codes Council; Bob Dahm, Bureau Chief, Department of Public Safety, Office of the State Fire Marshal; Governor Tim Palenty; Bob James, President, Fire Marshals Association of Minnesota; Roger Axel, Association of Minnesota Building Officials; Jerry Rosendahl, State Fire Marshal, Department of Public Safety.

WHEREAS: The safety of the buildings we occupy daily is essential to the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of the world; and WHEREAS: Among the world’s most fundamental laws and ordinances are those that provide standards for the safe construction of buildings in which people live, work, and play; and WHEREAS: It often goes unnoticed that building safety affects so many aspects of our daily lives, thanks to building safety code enforcement, we enjoy the comfort of structures that are safe and sound; and, WHEREAS: For construction and building codes to be effective and enforced, understanding and cooperation must exist between code officials and the people they serve; and WHEREAS: Through the efforts of code officials worldwide, and their cooperative relationship with the construction industry, the administration of these health and life-safety standards is ensured; and WHEREAS: Building Safety Week, sponsored by the International Code Council, is an opportunity to educate the public and a perfect time to increase public awareness of the life safety services provided by local and state building departments as well as federal agencies; and,
WHEREAS: The International Code Council, in partnership with dedicated building safety and fire officials, architects, engineers, and the construction industry, develops and enforces the codes that safeguard us in our homes, at school, and the buildings we work in; and,

Building Safety Week Proclamation

WHEREAS: The theme of Building Safety Week 2004, is “You Can Be A Part of Building Safety Week,” encourages all Americans to raise our awareness of building safety, and to take appropriate steps to ensure that the places where we live, work, play, and learn are safe; and WHEREAS: Countless lives have been saved because of the building safety codes adopted and enforced by building safety and fire prevention officials in local government and state agencies; NOW, THEREFORE I, TIM PAWLENTY, Governor of the State of Minnesota, do hereby proclaim the week of April 4 - 10, 2004, to be MINNESOTA BUILDING SAFETY WEEK



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The BCSD brochures have been updated and are posted on our website: Go to: Informational Printouts and Forms

Questions Anyone?

A number of items of interest have come our way for this issue which we are happy to pass along...

Internship Feedback Sought

We have received many good comments for providing this information. However we also welcome constructive comments that will improve these brochures. For example, we recently received some questions and comments from that resulted in some changes being made. The brochures are used by many Building Officials and we are asking that you look over the updates posted on the web. If you have questions or comments regarding the information presented, let us know. The brochures will be provided at the State Fair. Send suggestions to Jane Schmidley: jane.schmidley@, 651-296-6204, fax: 651-297-1973. Thank you.
admin.s tate www.m ncodes .org
BCSDGI012 3-04

The Education Advisory committee would appreciate your taking a few moments to fill out and return a brief questionnaire regarding internship opportunities. The survey will only take a moment. Just print it out and send it to Ron Sonnek. If you would like any additional information, feel free to contact Ron Sonnek, City of St. Louis Park, 5005 Minnetonka Blvd., St. Louis Park, MN 55416


Welcome to the “Wrong Way House”

Congratulations to the state’s recently designated municipal Building Officials:

• Robert Stenzel – Wells • Chad Lunder – Scott County (Interim) • Ryan Whiting – Grand Rapids • Michael Miller – Cass Lake • Paul Waldron – Faxon Township • Cliff Skogstad – Pease

Gary Anderson, Building Official for Monticello sent us photos of the “Wrong Way House”. This project was constructed by the Suburban Northwest Builders Association with the support of numerous sponsors. It features 23 common mistakes made when building or remodeling showing an incorrect example vs. a correct installation. If you are interested in finding out more about the “Wrong Way House” contact Gary Anderson at 763-271-3212 or ____________________ BCSD was not involved in the design nor construction of

Be sure to check the website at least once a week:
MOST RECENT POSTINGS: What’s New: u Alert: Select Proper hardware when using pressure treated lumber Rules Section: u Advisory Committee web pages u Rule Change Request form for Advisory Committees OTHER ITEMS OF INTEREST: u BCSD Calendar (exams, seminars) u The Standard (current and past issues) u Minn. State Building Code in pdf format u Map with directions to BCSD u Counties that have adopted the code. u Question Form and Contact Info

Training Opportunity
Fire Marshal’s Association of Minnesota International Fire Code Training June 29 - 30, 2004 This seminar will assist fire officials, building officials, inspectors, and design professionals. Topics covered will include: - code administration, including application of alternate methods and materials provisions; - general fire safety requirements - fire department access and water supply; - fire protection systems; - means of egress; - interior finish requirements; - special processes and occupancies; and, - hazardous materials. For registration information contact Bob James at Bloomington Fire Prevention at 952-563-8968, email: Space is limited.


Q: We are finishing an addition onto our home of approximately 15’ x 23’. Does the installation of electrical or finishing materials create a habitable space? What is “habitable space”? A: The 2000 edition of the International Residential Code (2000 IRC), would be used for permits obtained on March 31, 2003 and thereafter. The definition of ‘habitable space’ makes no reference to “finished.” The definition is based on ‘use’ and ‘occupancy’ of the space, not how or if it is finished. Chapter 2, Section R202, Definitions: “Habitable space is a space in a building for living, sleeping, eating or cooking. Bathrooms, toilet rooms, closets, halls, storage or utility spaces and similar areas are not considered habitable space.” Further, 2000 IRC Section R310 for Emergency Escape and Rescue states “Basements with habitable space and every sleeping room shall have at least one openable emergency escape and rescue window or exterior door opening for emergency escape and rescue.” If a portion of an unfinished basement is used for sleeping purposes, it needs an egress. Although not specifically addressed, the word “living” might also include spaces used as sleeping rooms, offices, recreational rooms, and living rooms because the intent of the code is to protect public safety. As a completely different situation, a person decides to install energy walls around the exterior of their concrete foundation wall, completely wire the basement, and sheetrock the walls and ceiling to encase all of the insulation materials... do they need an egress window in that basement? Only if they intend to use the space for sleeping, or as a “habitable space.” If the use of the space is for storage and utility (such as a laundry room), no egress is needed. Plan ahead -- if you build a house with only a family room in the basement, you would only need one egress. If that room is later made into two rooms - a family room and a separate sleeping room, egress windows would only be required - in the sleeping room.


BCSD receives phone calls regarding a wide range of building code questions. Although each situation is different, some merit publication in this Q&A column. If you have a question, use the Request Form on the BCSD website. Q: We are replacing existing double hung windows in the sleeping rooms of a 1989 home. Do we need to meet the current egress requirements? A: When the State of Minnesota adopted the 2000 International Residential Code (IRC) as part of the state building code, the provisions in IRC section R310 were amended to include a section for “Replacement Windows.” This is contained in Minnesota Rules 1309.0310, section R310.1.5. It reads: “Replacement windows installed in buildings meeting the scope of the International Residential Code shall be exempt from the requirements of sections R310.1.1 (the 5.7 sq. ft.), R310.1.2 (24” minimum net clear height) and R310.1.3 (20” minimum net clear width), if the replacement window meets the following conditions: 1. The existing height and width net clear opening shall not be reduced by more than 2 inches in either dimension; 2. The rooms or areas are not used for any Minnesota state licensed purpose (such as a daycare); 3. The window is not required pursuant to the Minnesota Fire Code; 4. The sleeping room is not undergoing an addition, remodeling, or a change in occupancy; and 5. The window is not required to be replaced pursuant to a locally adopted housing, property maintenance, or rental licensing code.” The original purpose of this state amendment was to provide a means to replace old deteriorated, painted shut, windows in sleeping rooms with an energy efficient “working” window, without having to alter the rough opening or the interior/exterior wall finishes. The IRC Advisory committee (that originally proposed this amendment), and this division felt that the trade-off to a slightly smaller window would be better than to have somebody decide not to replace the window at all due to the cost incurred by altering the rough opening, interior wall finish, and exterior wall finish. Simply stated, the provision says that no matter what size of window you started with, that you can reduce it by 2 inches in width and height. You don’t need to start with a code complying window under this amendment.

Questions regarding emergency escapes? Please refer to the Escape brochure posted on our website: under Informational Printouts and Forms. If you have further questions regarding this subject, contact: Peter Kulczyk Building Code Representative Building Codes and Standards Division 651/205-4707 phone 651/297-1973 fax Don Sivigny Building Code Representative Building Codes and Standards Division 651-297-3600 phone 651/297-1973 fax


Seminars are filling up fast...
The remaining Spring Seminar and Manufactured Homes seminars are filling up fast. NOTE: - You must be registered before the class - walk-ins will be turned away.

DATES & LOCATIONS FOR REMAINING CLASSES: Wednesday, April 21 Best Western Edgewater 2400 London Road, Duluth, MN 55812 218-728-3601 Wednesday, April 28 S LAS Comfort Inn Plymouth RY C FULL SOR 3000 Harbor Lane IS Plymouth, MN 55447 763-559-1222 Wednesday, May 5 S LAS Best Western Apache RY C FULL SOR IS 1517 SW 16th St. Rochester, MN 55902 507-289-8866 Wednesday, May 12 S LAS Holiday Inn East St. Paul RY C FULL SOR 2201 Burns Ave. IS St. Paul, MN 55119 651-731-2220 Wednesday, May 19 S LAS Best Western Kelly Inn ORRY C ULL S IS F 100 4th Ave. S. St. Cloud, MN 56301 320-253-0606 Wednesday, May 26 Earle Brown Heritage Center 6155 Earle Brown Dr. Brooklyn Center, MN 55430 763-569-6300 Wednesday, June 2 Best Western Maplewood 1780 E Cty Rd. D Maplewood, MN 55109 651-770-2811

DATES & LOCATIONS FOR REMAINING CLASSES: Tuesday, April 20 Holiday Inn Duluth 200 W. 1st Street Duluth, MN 55802 218-727-7492 Thursday, April 22 Best Western Maplewood 1780 E. County Rd D Maplewood, MN 55109 651-770-2811 Tuesday, April 27 Willmar Holiday Inn 2100 E. Highway 12 Willmar, MN 56201 320-235-6060 Thursday, April 29 Austin Holiday Inn 1701 4th St. NW Austin, MN 55912 507-433-1000

For registration forms and additional information, go to: Education Seminars

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