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The BCSD 2004 Spring Seminar will focus on the proposed mechanical codes and the recently adopted plumbing codes: - Residential Makeup Air - ASHRAE 62-2001 addendum ‘n’ - Commercial Ventilation - Gas Equipment Venting - Commerical Kitchen Venting - Proposed Minnesota Mechanical amendments - Minnesota Plumbing Code (adopted in August 2003) After being adopted, the new Minnesota Mechanical Code and its amendments will replace the current Minnesota Mechanical Code and Minnesota Rules Chapter 1346, and will apply to both residential and commercial construction. The Spring Seminar will include the following subjects: licensing, residential and commercial plumbing, residential makeup air requirements, commercial ventilation requirements, gas equipment venting, and commercial kitchen ventilation and referenced standards. WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Building Officials, inspectors, design professionals, contractors, skilled trade persons and other interested parties. CREDITS: Building Official Continuing Education – 2.5 units of instruction. In order to receive credit, you must attend from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Other professional continuing education units or credits must be applied for on an individual basis with the respective college or professional organization.
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2004 Spring Seminar: Mechanical & Plumbing

Disaster Strikes Mark Hensen, BCSD Region 4 Representative reports on the January 12, 2004 explosion in the city of Lake Wilson. The explosion destroyed the Fire Hall and damaged many other buildings in the SW Minnesota community of 269 people. (page 2)

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Lake Wilson Disaster 01-12-04

79 Structures Inspected Disaster Placards used: Red 9 Orange 12 Yellow 37 Green 21 Priority Structures: Post Office Grocery Store Bank Legion Hall Liquor Store Schmitz Grain Elevator Lutheran Church Methodist Church City Hall

City of Lake Wilson Population 269 Mayor, Neal Gilbertson Assistant Mayor, Jack Vaneck City Clerk, Charlotte Vander Schaaf Fire Chief, Leroy Reese Murray County Sheriff

Disaster Volunteers: Mark Hensen, BCSD Dan Kelsey, BCSD Ray Henrikson, City of Marshall Dan Delgehausen, City of Luverne Ted Hays, Independent, Tyler Bill Boltjes, Independent, Worthington Darrin Tinklenberg, City of Pipestone Jim Kartes, City of Windom Leonard Middleton, PE, Minneapolis

Monday night, January 12, 2004 at 11:15 pm, an explosion in the City of Lake Wilson Fire Hall destroyed that building and damaged many other buildings in the SW Minnesota community of 269 people. The damage in the community created by this explosion was similar to that of a tornado. The City of Lake Wilson is familiar with tornado damage. In 1992, an F-5 tornado tore through the community leaving wide spread damage. 12 years after the tornado, it again has city wide destruction to deal with. Early Tuesday morning following the explosion, the Murray County Sheriff contacted the State Building Codes and Standards SW Regional Rep. Mark Hensen, and requested assistance with damage assessment with all the damaged structures in Lake Wilson. Mark then contacted the SW Chapter of Building Officials via telephone and email to alert the members that they may be asked to volunteer their help to inspect the damaged buildings. A few hours later, Mark was in Lake Wilson to meet with city and state emergency management officials to assess the damage and determine the need for building inspections. Officers of the SW Chapter made phone calls and emails to their members and had a number of building officials scheduled to be in Lake Wilson early the next morning. Wednesday morning a team of 6 volunteer building officials were ready to start inspecting damaged building in the city. Also on hand were two structural engineers to assist in more detailed structural evaluations of some of the heavier damaged buildings. BCSD structural engineer Dan Kelsey and a member of the Structural Engineers Emergency

Response group, worked with the building officials and building owners to inspect the dangerous buildings. The information in the Disaster Preparedness Manual was put to good use as the inspectors paired up to assess the damages. The damaged buildings were in about a 5 city block diameter around the center of the explosion. As the buildings were inspected, a colored placard was placed on the building to identify the degree of damage and habitability. Damage assessment reports were written for each structure and were placed in files for future use by the city. Since the explosion was in the downtown area, many businesses were damaged and needed inspections to determine if they could open for business. Mark Hensen worked with city officials and emergency staff to prioritize inspections for buildings such as the post office, grocery store, American legion, banks, Grain elevator, city hall and churches. By the end of the day, 79 total buildings were inspected. 21 buildings were either destroyed or sustained heavy damage, and 58 buildings had moderate to minor damage. A number of the buildings damaged in this explosion were also damaged or rebuilt after the 1992 Tornado. The Disaster Preparedness Manual was a very effective tool in working at this disaster. The procedures, checklists and information provided in this manual are of great use to the building official when faced with a disaster in a community.
The Disaster Preparedness Manual is posted at: Click on Informational Printouts & Forms


Continued from page 1 SEMINAR DATES & LOCATIONS: Wednesday, March 24 (Registration limit 50) Holiday Inn Lakeside Highway 10, East Detroit Lakes, MN 56501 218-847-2121 Wednesday, March 31 (Registration limit 100) Best Western Maplewood, 1780 E Cty Rd. D Maplewood, MN 55109 651-770-2811

Registration is accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. There is limited seating at all sites. On-site registrations will NOT be accepted. A seminar book will be provided. Fill out this form and mail it with your payment to: Building Codes and Standards Division 408 Metro Square Bldg., 121 7th Place East St. Paul, MN 55101-2181 2004 SPRING BUILDING CODE SEMINAR Registration Form
(Please clearly type or print. One registrant per form)

Wednesday, April 7 (Registration limit 60) Name: Best Western 1111 Range Street, North Mankato, MN 56003 Certification # (if applicable) 507-625-9333 Wednesday, April 14 (Registration limit 60) Holiday Inn Burnsville 14201 Nicollet Ave S, Burnsville, MN 55337 952-435-2100 Wednesday, April 21 (Registration limit 60) Best Western Edgewater 2400 London Road, Duluth, MN 55812 218-728-3601 Wednesday, April 28 (Registration limit 100 Comfort Inn Plymouth 3000 Harbor Lane, Plymouth, MN 55447 763-559-1222 Wednesday, May 5 (Registration limit 60) Best Western Apache 1517 SW 16th St., Rochester, MN 55902 507-289-8866 Wednesday, May 12 (Registration limit 60) Holiday Inn East St. Paul 2201 Burns Ave., St. Paul, MN 55119 651-731-2220 Wednesday, May 19
(Registration limit 75) Employer Address City/State/Zip


E-Mail Address: q Please put me on your list for future seminars. Registration fee is $35/person. Registrations received later than 10 days prior to the seminar will NOT be accepted.
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Please make checks payable to State Treasurer. If using a purchase order, please attach a copy. State employees use Bldg Codes & Standards vendor # 200306985 43 State Deposit #

Indicate choice of seminar you wish to attend: q March 24, Detroit Lakes q May 5, Rochester q March 31, Maplewood q May 12, St. Paul q April 7, North Mankato q May 19, St. Cloud q April 14, Burnsville q May 26, Brooklyn Center q April 21, Duluth q June 2, Maplewood q April 28, Plymouth

Best Western Kelly Inn 100 4th Ave. S., St. Cloud, MN 56301 320-253-0606 Wednesday, May 26 (Registration limit 60) Earle Brown Heritage Center 6155 Earle Brown Dr., Brooklyn Center, MN 55430 763-569-6300 Wednesday, June 2 (Registration limit 100) Best Western Maplewood 1780 E Cty Rd. D, Maplewood, MN 55109 651-770-2811

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Mail to: Building Codes and Standards Division 408 Metro Square Bldg., 121 7th Place East St. Paul, MN 55101-2181 Questions: Voice 651.296.1189 TTY 651.297.5353 or Toll Free 1.800.627.3529. Fax 651.297.1973


BCSD Mechanical Mechanical engineering is a branch of engineering concerned primarily with the industrial application of mechanics and with the production of tools, machinery, and their products. When staff at BCSD say ‘mechanical’ while discussing building construction they are referencing the many items included in Minnesota Chapter 1346. Chapter 1346 governs the installation and maintenance of heating, ventilating cooling and refrigeration systems (HVAC/ ACR) which includes furnaces, ductwork, hot water heat, commercial kitchen ventilation, gas piping, exhaust ventilation, etc. The Minnesota Mechanical code currently consists of the 1991 Uniform Mechanical Code and the amendments to that document located in Chapter 1346. Chapter 1346 applies to all jurisdictions that administer the Minnesota State Building Code and their local building officials and inspectors who enforce this chapter of the code. When you call BCSD with a mechanical code question your call will be directed to: Nirmal Jain, 651-297-4379 Paul Heimkes, 651-205-4715 Gerald Norman, 651-296-4636

Updates from the Mechanical Unit
Nirmal Jain, Mechanical Code Representative I joined BCSD in December 2003 as a Mechanical Code Representative after working 30 years in HVAC engineering and electrical distribution design, including the last 19 years as a Senior Engineering Specialist for 3M. I was looking forward to the unique challenges of a public service position, and I have not been disappointed. Each phone call reflects a wide variety of customers and construction projects. 2004 is already proving to be an exciting year as the rule-making process continues toward adoption of the 2000 International Mechanical Code and 2000 International Fuel Gas Code. A second hearing was held on February 6 and information regarding procedural steps will continue to be posted to the website and emailed to customers. We are grateful that my predecessor, Tim Manz, has continued his involvement in the IMC/ IFGC committee. If you have any questions after viewing the information posted on the website in the Rules Section, feel free to contact us. Because mechanical is a diverse subject, BCSD works closely with other government entities including the Department of Labor and Industry (boiler codes), Department of Health (plumbing codes), and the Department of Commerce (licensing) in developing and conducting training programs. Although I have been with BCSD only a short time, I have already had the opportunity to both participate and present at programs presented at division and industry events. Our next major training program will be the Spring Seminar. The program will cover highlights from the 2003 Minnesota Plumbing Code including licensing, and residential and commercial plumbing. It will also include the Mechanical Code including residential makeup air requirements, gas equipment venting, and commercial kitchen ventilation. Information has been posted on the website regarding dates, locations, and registration information. I look forward to meeting many customers at these training events. Don’t hesitate to contact me, especially if there is something relating to mechanical codes I can help you with. Other News: New Mechanical Bond Contact: Greg Karow has moved from our Administrative Services unit to the Education unit and is handling any questions regarding the Mechanical Bond. Before calling him, please review the information posted at the top of the What’s New page. Greg’s number is 651-205-4562, Mike Fricke has moved from our Education unit to join the Code Administration team in the Administration Services unit. Mike’s number is 651-205-4802. State Appeals Board includes Mechanical Code Appeals The State Appeals Board has heard its first appeal. Disputes regarding mechanical code issues are included in their scope. For more information regarding the State Appeals Board go to: What’s New - State Appeals Board


Active Advisory Committees
As committee information becomes available it is posted on the website: in the Rules Section Information may include committee chairs with contact information, committee members, meeting dates and specific information pertaining to each committee. 1300 - Administration of the State Building Code 1305 - Adoption of the 2003 International Building Code 1307 - Elevators and Related Devices 1309 - Adoption of the 2003 International Residential Code 1311 - Adoption of the Building Conservation Code 1341 - The Minnesota Accessibility Code 1350 - Manufactured Homes Energy Code Advisory Committee Structural Advisory Committee Reminder: In the Rules Section there is a Rule Change Request form.


Congratulations to the state’s recently designated municipal Building Officials:

• David Neisen – Menahga • Jay Kruger – West Concord • Duane Stensland – Afton, St. Mary’s Point, Grey Cloud Island • Jon Ludwig – New Scandia • Paul Waldron – Watkins • Brita Vanhorne – Elko • Paul Waldron – Kimball and Green Isle • Dean Busse – St Peter

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Current notices in What’s New: u Mechanical Bond information is currently posted at the very top of this section because cities frequently access the list. u State Appeals Board information is currently posted near the top of this section. MOST RECENT POSTINGS: What’s New: u Planning review commentary regarding IBC Chapter 29 (number and type of required plumbing fixtures in a “unisex” restroom. u Disaster Memo u Memorandum Regarding the Use of Platform Lifts in Change of Occupancy, Minnesota Rules Chapter 1311 u Information Regarding Manufactured Structures Seminars Rules Section: u Advisory Committee List and Information u Rule Change Request form for Advisory Committees OTHER ITEMS OF INTEREST: u BCSD Calendar (exams, seminars) u The Standard (current and past issues) u Minn. State Building Code in pdf format u Map with directions to BCSD u Counties that have adopted the code. u Question Form and Contact Info

BCSD Updates

Mike Fricke has moved from the Education unit to join the Code Administration team in the Administration Services unit. Mike’s number is 651-205-4802, Greg Karow has moved from the Administrative Services unit to the Education unit. One of his assignments is answering questions regarding the Mechanical Bond. However, before calling him regarding the bond, please review the information that is posted on the website under What’s New. Greg’s number is 651-205-4562, Congratulations to Jeff Conner, Business Unit, for receiving a Certificate of Appreciation from the Minnesota Chapter of the National Institute for Governmental Purchasing (MN NIPG).


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