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Start Off the New Year with Training:
Annual Institute for Building Officials
The Annual Institute for Building Officials provides Electrical, Building, Fire Prevention, Housing, Mechanical and Plumbing Officials the opportunity to stay abreast of today’s codes and industry updates. The Institute also provides a training opportunity for building permit technicians. Building Codes and Standards staff are involved as both presenters and participants. The classes are eligible for continuing education units applicable toward recertification. University of Minnesota - St Paul Campus Earle Brown Continuing Education & Conference Center, 1890 Buford Avenue, St. Paul, Minnesota, 55108 612-624-3208, fax: 612-624-6225
u Updates u

2005 Manufactured Structures Spring Seminar Agenda Announced
re: HUD rule & regulation
(including web, committee, and code info)

MN Plumbing Code (MN Dept. of Health)
Licensing requirements On-site connections/testing/radon Addition to home plumbing (basement sets w/bath added)

u Electrical


Licensing requirements On-site connections (typical set/slab installations/stem wall installations) Additions on property (garages, storage buildings, etc.) Panel requirements for private property set on permanent foundation

Reporting for new HUD units
Consumer information Service or repairs/corrections/ approvals/inspections

Special Mechanical Code Seminar Additional Classes Added
Due to the high volume of interest in this subject, two additional Special Mechanical Code seminars have been added: Monday, January 24 - Willmar Tuesday, January 25 - North Mankato For a detailed seminar description and registration information go to: Education and Technical Opinions

u Manufactured

structures what are they and what codes apply
MSBC Chapter 1350 and HUD CFR 3280 units MSBC Chapter 1360 prefabricated units MSBC Chapter 1361 and Industrialized Building Commission units How to identify units, on-site testing, permits, on-site jurisdiction, etc.

u Installation

Manufacturers installation options/addendums To receive the email notice with dates, locations and registration information give us your email address, name and phone number: or call Jane at 651-296-6204.

Reserve Your Booth Now BUILDING CODES & STANDARDS DIVISION Get your reservation in early for 408 M S B booth use in 2005. See page 4 21 7 P E •S .P MN 55101 651.296.4639 • F : 651.297.1973 • TTY: (1-800) 627.3529 for more details. 1 WWW.BUILDINGCODES.ADMIIN.STATE.MN.US

Building officials have a variety of resources for asking questions regarding the code: 1. Calling our office or visiting our website. Under Division Structure and Information there is a list of contacts according to subject matter with their phone numbers and email addresses.

Code Questions? Building Officials Have Many Resources To Turn To

2. Industry Organizations: the website has organizations listed under other Relevant Resources at the bottom of the first screen. 3. The Building Codes and Standards Division also receives questions through the Uniformity Committee. The Uniformity Committee, comprised of the Minnesota Code Officials, identifies differences in enforcement and interpretation of the various Minnesota State Building Code elements, researches the background and intent of specific code language, and prepares a recommendation statement for uniformity of enforcement. The committee reviews all code issues except: Uniform Fire Code, Electrical Code, and Accessibility Code. For more information about the Uniformity committee contact: Joe Yancey, City of Robbinsdale, Jim Williamette, City of St. Louis Park, Below are some of the questions from the Uniformity Committee that been posted on our website: Education and Technical Opinions

Subject: Locks on egress window wells Code: 2000 IRC Sections: R310.4 Question: The owner wishes to secure a steel cover over his window well with a combination lock on the inside of the window well. Does this section or the code permit such a lock? Answer: A combination lock would not be permitted. Committee Comments: A lock would require a key or tool to open the egress window. A combination is equivalent to a key or a tool. Subject: Guards at openings Code: IRC Section R316 Approved By: Thomas Joachim, State Building Official Question: A builder is constructing a new home with a loft overlooking a living room 9 feet below. The builder wants to place a 6 square foot opening in the loft wall overlooking the living room so that the homeowner will have a view of the room below. The opening will start one foot above the floor and be two feet wide. Does this opening require a guard? A few feet from this opening is a window that has an opening 2 feet wide by 3 feet high and has a sill one-foot above the floor. Does this window require a guard? The window has no screen. If the window does not require a guard, how does the threat of falling through this opening differ from the potential of falling from the interior opening? Answer: This would be an opening not a window. A guard would be required. Committee Comments: A guard would be required for an opening in a wall more than 30” above floor or grade below. A guard would not be required at a window. Guards at windows have been proposed at numerous national code hearings and have consistently been disapproved. Subject: Exterior wall sheathing Inspection requirements Code: MR: 1300.0210, Table R-602.3 (i) and 1309.0703 Question: Can house wrap be installed without a sheathing/nailing inspection? Answer: Exterior wall sheathing must be inspected for compliance with R-602.3 prior to the installation of the weather-resistive sheathing paper.

Subject: Garage Slope Code: 2000 IRC Sections 309.3 and 309.4 Question: How much slope is required for garage and carport floors Answer: IRC 309.3 states “The area of floor used for parking of automobiles or other vehicles shall be sloped to facilitate the movement of liquids to a drain or toward the main vehicle entry doorway.” Committee Comments: No specific slope is required. Subject: Projections of wood decks at property lines. Code: 2000 IRC Sections 302.1 & R-321.2 Question: Does the IRC permit unprotected decks to extend to the property line? Answer: There are no requirements to provide a fireresistive assembly to the adjoining decks or a privacy wall that separates decks. Committee Comments: The language of the code does not require any separation.


Why Should Minimum Safety Codes Apply to Structures in the Community?
u To ensure the communities economic well being by reducing the

potential for fire or catastrophic collapse of structures which can put the community in jeopardy of loss of local businesses, jobs, and assessed value either temporarily or permanently. community by ensuring a minimum of structure safety.

u Reduce the risk of physical injury to citizens and patrons of the

u Insures home buyer confidence in the community where

structures have been built and inspected to the code. On the average homes are sold every five to seven years. U.S. prefer to build regionally using a national model code.

u Companies who design and construct buildings throughout the

u When properly managed, a fee-supported municipal building and

inspection program is self- supporting while reducing community problems.

When you’re asked, “Why are there codes?” how do you respond? Send your comments, and favorite photos to: bcsd.res

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WHAT’S NEW Announcements: ►Radon Resistant Construction:

Radon-resistant construction techniques are available to contractors and homeowners concerned about potential radon infiltration. Minnesotans considering the construction of a new house or adding on to an existing home can learn about radon and its possible health effects from a variety of sources: • The Minnesota Department of Health website: • Environmental Protection Agency website: • Appendix F of the 2000 Residential Construction Code, available at most local libraries. Radon is a radioactive gas produced by the decay of minerals in the soil. Radon is of particular concern in Minnesota because many houses have below-grade living areas. Radon moves through the soil or fill around a house and can enter the house through floors and walls – anywhere there is an opening between the home and the soil. Houses in the state typically operate with negative pressure, which can create a vacuum effect that pulls soil gases into the lower level of the structure. Radon levels can be measured only after a structure is completed.

Your resource to Minnesota construction code information:


Rules Update

The process of amending the Minnesota State Building code is an on-going process that involves many different steps. Committees are now completing the review of comments for proposed amendment changes. Rule chapters that are being considered for amendment in this rule cycle: 1300 – Administration of the State Building Code. The Department intends to revise this chapter to clarify or update provisions for administering the State Building Code, including adding any new provisions needed relative to the adoption of the 2003 International Building Code and 2003 International Residential Code, as well as other chapters of the State Building Code. 1303 – Minnesota Provisions of the State Building Code. The Department intends to revise this chapter to incorporate possible revisions to the snow load map and update statutory requirements located in this chapter. 1305 – Adoption of the 2003 International Building Code. The Department intends to revise this chapter to incorporate by reference the 2003 International Building Code (2003 IBC) published by the International Codes Council. The 2003 IBC is an updated version of the 2000 International Building Code, which is the model building code currently adopted by reference in this rule chapter. 1306 – Special Fire Protection Systems (optional). The Department intends to revise this chapter to exempt open parking garages, to review the thresholds for “M” and “B” occupancies, attached townhouses, and thresholds for membrane structures. 1309 – Adoption of the 2003 International Residential Code. The Department intends to revise this chapter to incorporate by reference the 2003 International Residential Code (2003 IRC) published by the International Codes Council. The 2003 IRC is an updated version of the 2000 International Residential Code, which is the model residential code currently adopted by reference in this rule chapter. 1311 – Adoption of the Guidelines for the Rehabilitation of the Existing Buildings. The Department intends to revise this chapter to incorporate clarifications to existing provisions and adding any new provisions needed relative to the adoption of the 2003 International Building Code, 2003 International Residential Code, updated accessibility provisions, as well as other chapters of the State Building Code. 1315 – Adoption of the 2005 National Electrical Code. The Department intends to revise this chapter to incorporate by reference the 2005 National Electrical Code.

The Department intends to review the document at that time for adoption into the state building code. 1322 (proposed) – Residential Energy Code. The Department intends to create a new chapter in the state building code to incorporate new residential energy provisions, pursuant to Minn. Stat. 16B.617. The Department intends to repeal all old rule chapters related to the current Minnesota Energy Code. 1323 (proposed) – Commercial Energy Code. The Department intends to create a new chapter in the state building code to incorporate new commercial energy provisions, pursuant to Minn. Stat. 16B.617. The Department intends to repeal all old rule chapters related to the current Minnesota Energy Code. If you have any questions regarding the rulemaking process, contact Colleen Chirhart at 651-296-4329, or visit the website - Rules.

Reserve Your Display Case & Supplies Now
BCSD will continue loaning two-part display units to municipalities presenting code-related information at community events. Along with the display units (with display lights) we provide a variety of literature and photos you may use if you wish. Winter and Spring are our highest demand seasons Contact Jane Schmidley at 651-296-6204, to reserve a display. Leave your name, phone number, the title of the community event, and dates of the events.

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We request that you pick up the unit no more than 2 days before the event and return Display case size: 54” long, 26” wide everything 2 days after the 11” deep event.



November 15, 2004 Minnesota Building Officials Scott McLellan, Supervisor Plan Review & Regional Services Administration of Chapter 1306; Public Buildings/State Licensed Facilities

Congratulations to the state’s recently designated municipal Building Officials: • Jim Williamette – Columbia Heights • John Buckley – Landfall • Jim Solheid – Grove City Stewart New London Dovre Atwater Bird Island Pennock Dassel • Tom Bakken – Hastings • Darin Haslip – Sherburn • Lenny Rutledge – Hutchinson


Please take note of a couple reminders: Administration of Chapter 1306 1306: Minnesota Statute 16B.61 Subdivision 1 states in part, “A municipality adopting any optional code provisions shall notify the state building official within 30 days of its adoption.” Attached is a listing of those municipalities that have notified us of their chapter 1306 adoption. If you decide to adopt 1306, make sure to identify within your adopting ordinance either part 1306.0010 Subp. 2 or Subp. 3 and part 1306.0030 E option 1 or option 2. Then send us a copy to satisfy the reporting requirement and for inclusion into our database. This list can provide builders and designers with knowledge of your adoption. Public Buildings & State Licensed Facilities: It has been almost a year since we eliminated the project-by-project delegation agreements in favor of standing three-year agreements. Although we may have delegated building code administration to your municipality, we still must maintain a project file for all work. Therefore, each time you accept a plan review application for one of these building types, make sure you also receive a specific “project jurisdiction agreement” from this division. The design architect or engineer is responsible to initiate this process with us through an “Initial Application” form. If you have any questions regarding any of the above, you are welcome to call me direct at 651.297.1658 or e-mail at
Link to list of 1306 municipalities

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