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Annual Institute

Training Opportunities Abound


Information is now available for the 49th
Annual Institute for Building Officials:

Fall Seminar

This BCSD Fall Seminar series features

Building Codes and Standards staff are involved as both presenters and participants. The classes are eligible for continuing education units applicable toward recertification. “This year, management classes have been added and classes are in a track format of Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced code information.” explains Don Sivigny, who along with Tom Joachim and Tom Anderson from Building Codes and Standards, are members of the Annual School Planning Building Committee. SESSIONS: January 5-6 January 6-7 January 10-14 January 10-12 January 10-12 January 13-14 January 13-14 Electrical Minnesota Building Permit Technicians Association Building Mechanical Plumbing Fire Housing

the construction of an R-2 Apartment Building with an S-2 underground parking garage. The seminar objective is to establish the effective use of the 2000 edition of the International Building Code for type of construction, allowable building area, allowable height, fire-resistive construction, and penetrations of rated assemblies. This seminar is offered into December and there are still some classes that are not filled. Registration information is posted on our website: Education and Technical Opinions

BCSD staff provide code training at a wide variety of events including BCSD seminars, industry organizations, and educational events.

Special Mechanical Code Seminar
On September 30, 2004 an e-mail notice
was sent out announcing a 2004 Special Mechanical Seminar. The new mechanical code is comprised of the 2000 International Mechanical Code (IMC) and the 2000 International Fuel Gas Code (IFGC) with amendments. A comparison between the 1991 Uniform Mechanical Code (UMC) and the new code is provided and covers the air distribution, ducts, fuel gas distribution and the fuel gas appliances venting, with an emphasis on residential construction. The goal of the Department
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REGISTRATION DEADLINE: December 23, 2004 LOCATION: Unversity of Minnesota - St Paul Campus Earle Brown Continuing Education & Conference Center, 1890 Buford Avenue, St. Paul.

408 METRO SQUARE BUILDING 121 7TH PLACE EAST • ST. PAUL MN 55101 651.296.4639 • FAX: 651.297.1973 • TTY: (1-800) 627.3529 WWW.BUILDINGCODES.ADMIIN.STATE.MN.US

Visit us at booth 552 2004 AIA Convention
Minneapolis Convention Center

November 2 - 4


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of Administration, Building Codes and Standards Division, is to achieve uniform application of building codes by providing education throughout the State of Minnesota. WHO SHOULD ATTEND Building Officials, inspectors, designers, design professionals, contractors, installers, skilled trade persons and other interested parties. CREDITS - Building Official Continuing Education - 2.5 CEUs of instruction. In order to receive credit, you must attend from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. - Other professional continuing education units or credits must be applied for on an individual basis with the respective college or professional organization. Additional classes are added as our staff resources allow. The most currrent information regarding classes that are still open is posted on our website: Education & Technical Opinions


Congratulations to the state’s recently designated municipal Building Officials:

• Lyle Nesvold – Pelican Rapids • Kevin White – Hilltop • Mick Kaehler – Ramsey • Jim Taylor – Deerwood

Thank you to the 140 customers who took time to respond
to our 2-question Customer Service E-mail Survey in October. The first question asked which BCSD unit the customer interacted with and the second question asked: The person you spoke with was Courteous 100% Knowledgeable 100% Understandable 100% Helpful 99.49% Response Time Satisfactory 99.49% According to both the survey responses and the additional comments received, customers are very satisfied with our customer service. Special thanks to those individuals who took the extra time to provide comments. This was the first time we have sent this survey by e-mail. We will continue to send surveys out via e-mail in the furture, however, we will split up our mailing list to limit the number of surveys our customers receive every year. NOTE: The survey form is on the website and customers are invited to mail or fax one at any time.

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Q: How do I find out what courses I can take for CEUs (continuing education units) that Building Codes and Standards will accept for certification or recertfication? A: Section 1301.1000 of the State Building Code lists 14 different items that are approved for continuing education credit. Also, please read the Certification information which is posted on the website. If you want to attend a seminar or class that is not listed, call Greg Karow 651-205-4562 or Don Sivigny, 651-297-3600. They are familiar with most education offerings and will usually be able to give you a quick confirmation. However, if a seminar is not being offered by a Minnesota building industry organization, we advise you to fax a cover letter and copies of the course description to us for review, fax: 651-297-1973. Please allow a minimum of 10 days for our research and confirmation.

Last December the Building Codes and Standards Division
sent new state surcharge forms on CD-ROM with a cover letter to each municipality that administers the Minnesota State Building Code. The new forms are also available on our web site: -- Business and Accounting. Use of the new forms was required beginning with July, 2004.

Surcharge Reports Reminder

Be sure to check out our website at least once a week.

The new forms incorporate some minor adjustments to the old forms and provide for valuation based permits for mechanical, electrical and plumbing. The forms also incorporate an automatic calculator which eliminates math errors and automatically calculates total surcharges collected, retention and total payment. A special feature will not allow an entry that is outside of the range of the entry category. These features insure the accuracy of your report. As a note, we use the same program to record your report in our system. If you have any questions please call Mike Godfrey, 651-296-2922, or Doug Biemborn, 651-215-6306,


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Some training is provided with other agencies .

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