(Only Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents who are existing employees of firms may apply) Personal Particulars Name: NRIC: Singaporean / SPR: Email Address: Gender: Marital Status: Date of Birth: Contact Number: Address: HP: Home:


Employment Company Name: Designation: Education Highest Qualification: School Name: Year joined Company:

Year Graduated: Course of Study:

Tenable Part Time Undergraduate Courses (for existing undergraduates) Current Year & Expected Year of Semester of Study Graduation (Please tick the relevant box ) BCA ACADEMY (IN COLLABORATION WITH UNIVERSITY OF NEWCASTLE, AUSTRALIA) Bachelor of Construction Management (Building) UNISIM (IN COLLABORATION WITH BCA ACADEMY/SINGAPORE POLYTECHNIC) Bachelor of Building & Project Management Bachelor of Facilities & Events Management NANYANG TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY (NTU) Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical & Electronic Engineering) Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE (NUS) Bachelor of Technology (Mechanical Engineering)

Rev Date 1 July 2013

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if any) are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. and I have not wilfully suppressed any material fact.e. Declaration by Applicant I declare that all the particulars in this application (and the attached documents. Yes No ____ ___________________________________ Name and Signature of Applicant & Date Rev Date 1 July 2013 Page 2 of 3 . I acknowledge that I will be disqualified without any notice if any particulars are found to be untrue or material facts have been wilfully suppressed.SC-6 BCA-INDUSTRY BUILT ENVIRONMENT UNDERGRADUATE SPONSORSHIP (FOR PART-TIME DEGREE) [FILLED IN BY EMPLOYEE] Other information (Please tick the corresponding boxes) Have you been or are suffering from any disease/illness/major medical condition or physical impairment? Have you ever been convicted in a court of law in any country (including traffic offences)? Do you have any pending court case or police investigation? Documents to be attached with this application • Proof of Citizenship (Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident ) • Diploma Certificate or equivalent local/ foreign qualification • Letter of Offer / Acceptance to University or equivalent proof i. I also agree to serve a two years’ bond with my sponsor upon completion of studies. University Transcript • Most recent 3 months’ pay slip / CPF statement from date of application.

NTU. UniSIM or BCAA • • Each participating sponsor will pay the full course fees of their employee upfront and seek reimbursement of 70% from BCA thereafter. Signature & Date _____________________________________________ Company Director / HR Manager’s Name & Designation Rev Date 1 July 2013 Page 3 of 3 . Co-fund Amount Sponsorship for part-time built environment degree courses at NUS. who have been accepted into the tenable part-time degree courses.SC-6 BCA-INDUSTRY BUILT ENVIRONMENT UNDERGRADUATE SPONSORSHIP (FOR PART-TIME DEGREE) [FILLED IN BY EMPLOYER] Sponsor Details Contact Officer: Company Name : Company Address: Tel : Email : Fax: Designation : Important Note: Eligibility • The sponsorship is open only to existing local (S/SPR) employees of built environment firms. Bond Period • The bond period for the sponsorship is 2 years upon graduation with the participating sponsors. Declaration by Sponsor _______________________________________ (Name of company). for the ________________________________________________ (Name of course) part-time degree course at ____________________________________________ (Name of University/ Academic Institution) for the BCA-Industry Built Environment Undergraduate Sponsorship (for Part-Time Degree) Programme. ______________________________ Company Stamp. The sponsorship period is based on the average candidature period plus one year for the respective courses. The additional 1 year is subject to case-by-case approval. agrees to sponsor _______________________________________ (Name of employee). __________________ (NRIC No).

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