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Effective September 20, 2004: State Adopts Revised Minnesota Rules, Chapter 1346 into the Minnesota State Building Code

Minnesota Rules, Chapter 1346 of the Minnesota State Building Code, known as the “Minnesota Mechanical Code” takes effect September 20, 2004. After several years of hard work, Minnesota has a new mechanical code. The Minnesota Mechanical Code is composed of the 2000 International Mechanical Code and the 2000 International Fuel Gas Code, published by the ICC, with Minnesota amendments. The adoption of this code began with many months of discussion among members of the affected industry and other affected parties resulting in numerous proposed changes to the code. Proposed code changes were presented to the public for comment and two hearings were held before an administrative law judge. After the hearings, the judge provided the Agency with his recommendations. The Agency incorporated the recommendations to provide the state of Minnesota with the final version of the new mechanical code, which is effective September 20, 2004. Representatives of the Department of Administration Building Codes and Standards Division conducted eleven seminars throughout Minnesota for

building officials and other interested parties. These seminars included: - Residential makeup air - ASHRAE 62-2001 addendum ‘n’ - Commercial ventilation - Gas equipment venting - Commercial kitchen venting - Proposed Minnesota Mechanical amendments Chapter 1346 is posted on the Building Codes and Standard’s website in two formats: Rules - Revisor’s version of Chapter 1346. Rules and What’s New - Minnesota Rules, Chapter 1346 in Adobe PDF (reformatted 2-column version with tables). The Minnesota Mechanical Code incorporates by reference the 2000 International Mechanical Code and the 2000 International Fuel Gas Code, which are available for purchase through several resources on the web, including Minnesota’s Bookstore, 651-297-3000, bookstore/bookstore.asp.

The success of the State Fair Codes Information booth and the Governor’s Fire Prevention Day exhibit are the direct result of the many code officials who work at the Fair. Thank you! more on page 2

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Thank You! Because of your hard work 2004
State Fair Codes Information Booth: Gary Anderson, Code Tom Anderson, Code Joe Baber, Elec. Michel Beaupre, Elec. Mike Buck, Elec. Rick Butterfield, Elec. Joe Dabe, Elec. Duane Delonais, Code Steve Erickson, Code Mike Fricke, Code Paul Heimkes, Code Jim Herman, Elec. Jan Gasterland, Code Jim Gangl, Elec. Jim Grampre, Code John Griebler, Code Frank Gurney, Elec. Paul Heimkes, Code Al Henslin, Elec. Jim Herman, Elec. Ron Hilk , Elec. Dave Holmen, Elec. Larry Huff, Code Nirmal Jain, Code Mick Kaehler, Code Randy Kardell, Code Greg Karow, Code Cari Korstad, Elec Peter Kulczyk, Code Rich Lockrem, Code Dennis Lockwood, Code

was a Blue Ribbon Year at the Fair!
Ron Mader, Elec. Faye Magnuson, Code Jim Marka, Code Terry Maruska, Code Jamie McNamara, Elec. Paul Meyers, Elec. Tim Miller, Elec. Glen Moreland, Code Jeff Murray, Code Jim Muyres, Code Steve Nelson, Code Scott Novotny, Elec. Kathy Osmonson, Code Dick Owen, Elec. Joe Pazandak, Code Jeff Pleski, Code Don Rawls, Code Barry Riesch, Code Tom Riddering, Code Ron Ripley, Code Malinda Sampson, Elec. Bill Schlenvogt, Code Dale Schoeppner, Code Gina Schulze, Code Don Sivigny, Code Rick Soderstrom, Elec. Alan Strand, Code Al Suchy, Code John Sunde, Elec. Paul Sunde, Elec. Tom Tobias, Elec. Steve Torell, Code Darryl Trangsrud, Elec. Lisa Vieau, Code Gordon Wagoner, Elec. Bud Warmka, Code Pat Weldon, Elec. Scott Wheeler, Code Jim Williamette, Code Governor’s Fire Prevention Day Exhibit: Gary Anderson, Code Tom Anderson, Code Roger Axel, Code Nell Bean, Code Rick Breezee, Code Rick Davidson, Code Jim Fallon, Code Connie Fournier, Code Mike Fricke, Code Mike Happ, Code Dave Krings, Code Tim Manz, Code Bill Mesaros, Code Dave Scherbel, Code Don Sivigny, Code



Effective Use of the IBC for Apartment Buildings and Underground Parking Seminar Dates and Locations: Wednesday, September 29 Best Western Apache

1517 Southwest 16th Street, Rochester, MN 55902 507-289-8866

Registration is accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. There is limited seating at all sites. On-site registrations will NOT be accepted. A seminar book will be provided. Fill out this form and mail it with your payment to: Building Codes and Standards Division 408 Metro Square Bldg., 121 7th Place East St. Paul, MN 55101-2181 2004 SPRING BUILDING CODE SEMINAR Registration Form
(Please clearly type or print. One registrant per form)

Wednesday, October 6 Holiday Inn East St. Paul

2201 Burns Ave., St. Paul, MN 55119 651-731-2220

Name: Certification # (if applicable) Employer Address City/State/Zip E-Mail Address: q Please put me on your list for future seminars. Registration fee is $35/person. Registrations received later than 10 days prior to the seminar will NOT be accepted.
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Wednesday, October 13 Best Western Kelly Inn


100 4 Ave. S., St. Cloud, MN 56301 320-253-0606

Wednesday, October 20 Holiday Inn Burnsville

14201 Nicollet Ave. So., Burnsville, MN 55337 952-435-2100

Sorry - this class is FULL

Wednesday, October 27 Best Western Edgewater

2400 London Road, Duluth, MN 55812 218-728-3601

Wednesday, November 3 Comfort Inn Plymouth

3000 Harbor Lane, Plymouth, MN 55447 763-559-1222

Wednesday, November 10 Holiday Inn Lakeside

Please make checks payable to State Treasurer. If using a purchase order, please attach a copy. State employees use Bldg Codes & Standards vendor # 200306985 43 State Deposit #

1155 Highway 10 E., Detroit Lakes, MN 56501 218-847-2121

Wednesday, November 17 Earle Brown Heritage Center

6155 Earle Brown Dr, Brooklyn Center, MN 55430 763-569-6300

Indicate choice of seminar you wish to attend: q September 29, Rochester q November 10, Detroit Lakes q October 6, St Paul q November 17, Brooklyn Center q October 13, St. Cloud q November 18, Burnsville q October 20, Burnsville q November 24, North Mankato q October 27, Duluth q December 1, Maplewood q November 3, Plymouth
I have the following special needs: q I require specific accommodations. Please contact me at: _______________________________ (VOICE or TTY, circle one) q Dietary restrictions (specify)_________________________________ q Auxiliary aids (i.e. sign language interpreter, large print or Braille materials), please contact me at: _________________________ (VOICE or TTY, circle one)

Thursday, November 18 Holiday Inn Burnsville

14201 Nicollet Avenue So., Burnsville, MN 55337 952-435-2100

Wednesday, November 24 Best Western

1111 Range Street, North Mankato, MN 56003 507-625-9333

Mail to: Building Codes and Standards Division 408 Metro Square Bldg., 121 7th Place East St. Paul, MN 55101-2181 Questions: Call Kelly at 651.296.1189 TTY 651.297.5353 or Toll Free 1.800.627.3529. Fax 651.297.1973

Wednesday, December 1 Best Western Maplewood

1780 East County Rd. D , Maplewood, MN 55109 651-770-2811


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