Joachim named executive director of State’s Construction Codes and Licensing Division
Tom Joachim has been named as executive director of the newly formed Construction Codes and Licensing Division (CCLD) at the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry (DLI). Joachim, the State of Minnesota Building Official, has worked for the State’s Building Codes and Standards for the past 22 years – most recently as its director. The newly created position will oversee the CCLD, which was built upon Governor Tim Pawlenty’s “Drive to Excellence” initiative to consolidate the State’s construction codes and licensing units at DLI in St. Paul. The new division includes building codes and standards, boilers and high-pressure piping, electrical licensing and inspection, plumbing and engineering, and residential building contractors. “Tom brings a wealth of knowledge, understanding and expertise of Minnesota codes to this position,” said Scott Brener, Department of Labor and Industry commissioner. “Tom’s leadership is critical as we begin to identify ways to improve and streamline the division’s operations and structure.” Joachim assumed his new position Dec. 14, 2005. He will help guide efforts to better align previously separate CCLD activities in the areas of licensing, plan review, education, code development, enforcement and inspection. “This ambitious project has been building momentum and support for many years and I am grateful for the opportunity to continue to champion the success of this new division in my new role,” said Joachim. “I appreciate all the energy and effort that people have invested to make consolidation of state construction codes and licensing a reality.” Prior to working with the state, Joachim worked as a city building official, planning and zoning administrator in Little Falls, Minn. He also worked as a city inspector in Faribault, Minn. Tom and his wife, Cathy, reside in Rosemount, Minnesota. Department of Labor and Industry 443 Lafayette Road N., St. Paul, MN 55155 (651) 284-5067 TTY: (651) 297-4198

Building Codes and Standards Construction Codes and Licensing Division

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December 2005

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 CCLD updates  Thanks to volunteers  New Building Officials  Certification renewal tips  Recent opinion: accessibility  Four training opportunities  F.Y.I. Plumbing Inspections  CCLD at municipal events

CCLD Function Teams meet to share ideas, recommendations

Construction Codes and Licensing Division Function Teams started to meet during the month of November and December 2005. The teams are working to identify and make recommendations to streamline processes in the areas of: licensing, code adoption, enforcement, inspection, education and plan review. Participants described the opportunity to meet and work with coworkers and counterparts in other units as “educational” and “enlightening.” Although many individuals had worked together on code and presentation projects in the past, this was their first opportunity to evaluate each other’s processes and resources.

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State Fair Codes Information Booth — Education Building Code. Code. Code. Elec. Code. Elec. Code. Elec. Elec. Code. Code. Elec. Elec. Code. Code. Code. Code. Code. Code. Code. Code. Code. Code. Code. Code. Elec. Elec. Code. Code. Elec. Code. Gary Anderson Tom Anderson Roger Axel Joe Baber William Becklin Rick Butterfield Herb Castle Larry Clark Joe Dabe Steve Erickson Mike Fricke Jim Gangl Sylvia Gonzalez John Grabrick John Griebler Barry Greive Mike Happ Scott Holm Larry Huff Nirmal Jain Mick Kaehler Randy Kardell Greg Karow Rich Lockrem Dennis Lockwood Dave Long Ron Mader Terry Maruska Scott McKown Jamie McNamara Bill Mesaros Elec. Sheldon Monson Code. Glen Moreland Elec. Dan Moynihan Code. Jim Muyres Code. Doug Nord Elec. Dick Owen Code. Joe Pazandak Code. Larry Pepin Elec. Mike Popovich Code. Tom Riddering Elec. Liz Riel Code. Ron Ripley Code. Lenny Rutledge Elec. Sam Sampson Code. Don Sivigny Elec. Rick Soderstrom Code. Ron Sonnek Code. Alan Strand Code. Al Suchy Code. Chuck Tatro Code. Russell Thornburg Elec. Tom Tobias Elec. Darryl Transgrud Code. Lisa Vieau Code. Cari Villella Elec. Gordon Wagoner Code. Bud Warmka Elec. Pat Weldon Elec. Cari Williamette Code. Jim Williamette

2005 State Fair Volunteers

Thank You

Congratulations to the state’s recently designated municipal Building Officials:

• Harry J. Jenness — City of Arlington • Ed Locke — City of Dellwood
For the current list, go to buildingcodes.html

Sending in your certification renewal? a a a
Be sure you have included: the form the fee verifcation of all continuing education units submitted for credit

Recent Opinions
Building Codes and Standards Opinions may be found at: http://www.doli.state.

Governor’s Fire Safety Day Volunteers Dave Krings, Building Code Representative, BCS (Coordinator) Don Sivigny, Building Code Representative, BCS (Coordinator) Gary Anderson, Building Inspector, City of Monticello Rick Breezee, Building Official, Metropolitan Airport Commission Kelly Denno, Education/Certification Administrative Support, BCS Jim Fallon, Building Code Representative, BCS Mike Fricke, Building Code Representative, BCS Mike Happ, Building Code Representative , BCS Tom Joachim, State Building Official, BCS Rich Lockrem, Building Code Representative, BCS Tim Manz, University Mechanical Inspector, University of Minnesota Bill Mesaros, Building Code Representative, BCS Dave Scherbel, Building Official, City of Arden Hills Peggi White, Business Manager, BCS

The most recent addition is: Staff Opinion Accessibility 05-03 Accessible Counters Code: 1341 http://www.doli.state. accessible_counter.html


Coming training events College of Continuing Association of Minnesota Education Annual Institute for Building Officials (AMBO) Building Officials First Educational Institute
January 4 — 13, 2006 Registration deadline: Dec. 23 Continuing Education and Conference Center, St. Paul, Minn. and the Minnesota Rules how land use and planning principles relate to building code administration  situational problem solving  how land use and planning principles relate to building code administration  administrative provisions and amendments to the State Building Code  ducts and air transfer opening protectives in the 2003 International Building Code  disaster preparedness for building departments  modular and manufactured structures  concrete and masonry and foam plastics  the new proposed Accessibility Code  what you should know about the elevator code
  power-limited wiring — National Electrical Code

February 6 — 10, 2006 Early Registration: Dec. 1 Final Registration: Jan. 6 The Northland Inn, Booklyn Park, Minn. Building Codes and Standards will be involved both as presenters and participants at this new training venue. Programs division staff will be part of at this year’s institute are:
 agricultural buildings and hazardous buildings,  proposed Minnesota Amendments to the

2003 International Residential Code and 2003 International Building Code, and, Mechanical Code and International Fuel Gas Code.

 Minnesota Provisions to the International

New Mechanical Code Class Offering at MCTC
A new mechanical code class will be offered at Minneapolis Community and Technical College (MCTC) for the Spring 2006 Semester.

Register for Spring Building Inspection Technology (BIT) courses now!
North Hennepin Community College has the Building Inspection Technology (BIT) Program schedule set for Spring of 2006.

On-line courses that are on the schedule include:  Mechanical Inspections  Building Department Administration HVAC 2750  Legal Aspects “Mechanical Building Code” is a 2 credit class held on  Introduction to Building Inspection, and Field Tuesday afternoons from 4 pm to 6 pm at the MCTC in Inspection. downtown Minneapolis. It will cover all aspects of the Visit, and view under “class 2004 Minnesota Mechanical Code and is an schedule” for class listings and information on excellent educational opportunity for housing and whether the class is an “on-line” class or if the class building inspectors that enforce mechanical code is taught in a traditional classroom environment. If issues. For more information, contact the taking courses through InverHills Community College instructor, Tim Manz, at (651) 485-7870. is more convenient, you can view their class schedule at

For a current posting of: • Seminars • Certified/Limited/Accessibility classes • Certification exams Go to Calendar under Quick Links at:

Calendar Jan 1 • 2006

If BIT classes interest you and you would like more information about either school’s program, feel free to contact: Ron Sonnek (763) 488-0208 BIT Program Coordinator North Hennepin Community College (763)488-0208


Plumbing inspections: what we do, who to call
The proper administrative authority must inspect installations of plumbing for public, commercial and industrial facilities. This outline explains whom to contact for inspections of these projects. The state rules describing these requirements are attached. Please be aware that these projects also have plan review, bond or license requirements.1 Contact DLI for inspections for the following projects • All new plumbing installations for public, commercial and industrial facilities located in areas where the building code has not been adopted by local ordinance. A list of cities and counties that have adopted local building code ordinances is available at • State contract projects where DLI’s Building Codes and Standards unit and the Plumbing and Engineering unit have completed the building plan review, and inspections have been contracted to the state. For the projects listed, the Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) will issue inspections numbers where the Plumbing and Engineering unit (DLI commissioner) is the administrative authority and the regional plumbing standards representative cannot make the inspection. The inspection number provides documentation of notification of the department, as required by Minnesota Rules 4715.2810. You must contact the regional plumbing standards representative to schedule an on-site inspection. The Plumbing and Engineering unit does not inspect projects in areas that have a local inspection department and building official. To determine whether the area you are working in is administered under local building code ordinance by local authorities, visit Other inspections and assistance The DLI Plumbing and Engineering unit will assist city and county code enforcement officials, when possible, with plumbing inspections requested by either the code official for the jurisdiction or the plumbing contractor. The DLI commissioner retains the authority to audit projects for plan submittal, licensing and bond requirements (see Minnesota Rules 4715.0100 subp. 2). The Plumbing and Engineering unit will provide assistance to local administrative authorities when requested. Minnesota Rules about inspection, notification and testing Minnesota Rules Part 4715.2800 – Inspections New plumbing systems and parts of existing systems which have been altered, extended or repaired shall be inspected and tested by the proper administrative authority to ensure compliance with all the requirements of this code and the installation and construction of the system in accordance with the approved plan and the permit, except that testing may be waived for work which does not include addition to, replacement, alteration or relocation of any water supply, drainage or vent piping. All the piping shall be tested and after the plumbing fixtures have been set, and before the system is put into use, the system shall be given a final inspection and test by the proper administrative authority. The equipment, material, power and labor necessary for the inspection must be furnished by the plumbing contractor. Minnesota Rules Part 4715.2810 – Notifications It shall be the duty of the plumbing contractor to notify the proper administrative authority and the owner or the owner’s authorized agent orally, by telephone or in writing, not less than eight working hours between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. before the work is to be inspected or tested. It shall be the duty of the plumbing contractor to make sure that the work will stand the test prescribed before giving the above notification. If the proper administrative authority finds that the work will not stand the test, the plumbing contractor shall be required to re-notify as above. If the proper administrative authority does not appear for an inspection within 24 hours of the time set, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, the inspection or test shall be deemed to have been made, and the plumbing contractor is required to file an affidavit with the proper administrative authority that the work was installed in accordance with the code, the approved plans and permit, and that it was free from defects and that the required tests had been made and the system found free from leaks; also whether the owner or the owner’s authorized agent was present when such inspection or test was made.

1 Important notes: Plans for all installations of plumbing in public, commercial and industrial facilities must be reviewed and approved in advance of installation. Contact DLI for information about plan review at (651) 284-5067 or Also, please note that all plumbing contractors working in Minnesota must file and register a $25,000 plumbing code compliance bond annually with DLI in any city that has an ordinance requiring the same. All plumbing performed in any building in cities of more than 5,000 must be performed or directly supervised by a plumber licensed by DLI. Visit for additional license and bond information or call (651) 284-5067.

Plumbing and Engineering • 443 Lafayette Road N., St. Paul, MN 55155-4343 Phone: (651) 284-5067 • Fax: (651) 284-5748


Construction Codes and Licensing Division on the road ...
2005 Association of Minnesota Counties Conference in St. Paul
Paul Heimkes (left) and Scott McLellan (below) from the Building Codes and Standards, plan review and regional staff visit with conference participants.

2005 League of Minnesota Cities Annual Conference in Rochester

Above: Paul Heimkes, Building Codes and Standards plan review, visits with a conference participant. Right: Kathy Bropy, City of Aitkin requests additional materials.


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