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‘Building Safety Week’ Launched at Construction Services Consolidation Meeting
Back row:

John Schultz, Board of Electricity Jerry Rosendahl, State Fire Marshal Michael Campion, Commissioner, Dept. of Public Safety Scott Brener, Commissioner, Dept. of Labor and Industry Kevin Wilkins, Boilers and High-Pressure Piping Charlie Petersen, Transition Team Leader Charles Durenberger, Investigation Supervisor
Front row:

Randy Ellingboe, Plumbing and Engineering Roslyn Wade, Asst. Commissioner, Dept. of Labor and Industry Tom Joachim, State Building Official Michael Houliston, Dep. Commissioner, Dept. of Labor and Industry

Governor Tim Pawlenty proclaimed May 8-14 as Building Safety Week in Minnesota. The event was recognized May 9 at the first organization meeting conducted to begin implementation of the Governor’s reorganization order, a part of the Governor’s Drive for Excellence Initiative (announced in the Standard, April, 2005.) The Building Codes and Standards Division as of May 16 is now officially a part of the Department of Labor and Industry. The goal of the Governor’s reorganization order is to consolidate the construction codes and licensing agencies into one agency, creating a “One Stop Shop” to better serve the construction industry. “It seemed fitting that the beginning to a new Construction Service Organization coincided with Building Safety Week,” said Tom Joachim, State Building Official.
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Currently, the activities, Web site, mailing address, and phone numbers of the Building Codes and Standards Division will remain the same as planning for the new consolidation agency is being developed. The Building Codes Division does anticipate a physical move to Labor and Industry within a year, at which time address and phone numbers will likely change. Look for updates in the coming months on our website and in future newsletters. You may continue to access our Web site: There is also a link on the Department of Labor and Industry Web site: T To read the Governor’s Order, please visit

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The State Construction Code and Licensing units became part of the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry by Governor’s Order on May 16, 2005. This move consolidates all of he construction codes and licensing agencies into one common location to better serve the construction industry. Each unit listed below will physically move its office to Labor and Industry within the year, at which time addresses and phone numbers will likely change. Building Codes and Standard pressure vessels Plumbing and engineering Board of Electricity Boilers, high-pressure piping and boats-for-hire (currently at DLI) Residential contractors and remodelers Rulemaking and code activities of the fire marshal

What’s new Minimum wage increase As of Aug. 2, 2005 Codes consolidation The State Construction Codes divisions will become part of the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry by Governor’s Order on May 16, 2005.

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HUD Update: Model Manufactured Home Installation Standards
Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) 24 CFR Parts 3280 and 3285 Model Manufactured Home Installation Standards; Proposed Rule Published in the Federal Register, Tuesday, April 26, 2005 Comments Due Date: June 27, 2005

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(From page FR 21498) Interested parties are invited to submit comments regarding this rule to: Regulations Division Office of General Counsel Room 10276 Department of Housing and Urban Development 451 Seventh Street SW Washington, DC 20410-0500. Interested persons may also submit comments electronically through either: The Federal eRulemaking Portal at: or The HUD electronic Web site: Follow the link entitled “View Open HUD Dockets.” Commenters should follow the instructions provided on that site to submit comments electronically. Facsimile (FAX) comments are NOT acceptable. In all cases, communications must refer to the docket number and title. All comments and communications submitted will be available, without revision, for public inspection and copying between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays at the above address. Copies are also available for inspection and downloading at http:// feddocket.

Items included in the 63 page publication include: page 21498 Background page 21499 Summary of HUD’s Model Manufactured Home Installation Standards page 21505 Summary of Changes to MHCC Proposed Installation Standards page 21516 OMB is required to make a decision concerning this collection of information between 30 and 60 days after Federal Register publication date. Therefore, any comment on the information collection requirement is best assured of having it full effect if OMB receives the comment within 30 days of publication date. However, this time frame does not affect the deadline for comments to the agency on the proposed rule. (Comment requirements and addresses are provided.) page 21516 HUD is required by statute to establish Model Manufactured Home Installation Standards through the National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards Act of 1974 (42 U.S.C. 5401 - 5426). However, in accordance with the language of the Act and as set forth in §3285,1 of this proposed rule, these Model Installation Standards are not preemptive but rather establish minimum levels of protection to residents of manufactured homes. The Model Installation Standards, without the implementing regulations to be developed for the Federal Installation program, establish requirements for installation instructions but do not have an impact on State-based installation programs and standards. These minimum requirements do not affect governmental relationships or distribution of power. This proposed rule does not establish any responsibilities for States and localities but rather establishes minimum requirements to be used by home manufacturers in the design of manufactured home installation instructions. Therefore, HUD has determined that the Model Installation Standards, if adopted, have no Federalism implications that warrant the preparation of a Federalism Assessment in accordance with Executive Order 13132.

page 21517 Notwithstanding HUD’s determination that this rule would not have a significant economic effect on a substantial number of small entities, HUD specifically invites comments regarding any less burdensome alternatives to this rule that will meet HUD’s and Federal statutory objectives.


“This award is for everyone I work with in the Education unit at Building Codes! Thanks to Kelly and the guys I work with they make my involvement in educational outreach possible.” Don Sivigny.

It Takes a Team

Don Sivigny was presented with the Russ Smith Education Award from the 10,000 Lakes Chapter of the International Code Council on April 22, 2005. The award was presented at the 54th Annual Awards Dinner. “Congratulations Don, you earned it!”
Michael Godfrey, Section Chief, Education

Congratulations to the state’s recently designated municipal Building Officials:


In addition to BCSD Fall and Spring seminars and Building Official/Building Official Limited/Accessiblilty classes, the Education unit makes presentations throughout the year. In 2005 topics have included: At the Annual Institute: Introduction to the Building Codes, IBC, Administration, Accessibility, Accessibility Plan Review,, Elevators and Lifts, Pressure Treated Wood, Field Inspection, Energy, Mechanical Code, Manufactured Structures, State Tests, Disaster Preparedness; and Existing Buildings. Topics presented at industry organization events and municipalities have included: Treated Wood, Fasteners, and IRC changes; Mechanical and Fuel Gas Codes; Exterior Envelope; License Issues; Energy; Structural; Masonary Veneers; Moisture and Foundation; Fire Separation Issues; GREB; Townhomes and Condos; and Foam Plastics. And when they aren’t on the road, they are busy responding to the approximately 1,000 plus calls they receive each month!

• Pamela Swanson — Ada • Nancy J. Scott — Holdingford • Daniel J. Hennessey — Little Falls

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With support from the State Energy Office and the U.S. DOE the Minnesota Building Industry Foundation has created a Web site to help resolve and answer consumer questions on a variety of topics ranging from choosing a homebuilder to maintenance questions. Contact: Bruce Nelson Minnesota Department of Commerce, State Energy Office 85 7th Place E, Suite 500 St. Paul, MN 55101-2198 Phone: (651) 297-2313 Fax: (651) 297-7891

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Another local resource is maintained by Roger Axel, Building Official, City of New Hope — A Plastic and Composite Decking Materials List. For more information regarding the list, or to request a copy, contact: Roger Axel, C.B.O. Building Official, City of New Hope, MN 55428 Office: (763) 531-5122 Fax: (763) 531-5136 Email:


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