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Reorganization bill reviewed this summer, slated for next session
The Construction Codes and Licensing Division (CCLD) reorganization bill, SF3176 or HF3525, did not pass this legislative session. Throughout the summer CCLD will conduct meetings with all interested parties to review and provide comments to the commissioner of the Department of Labor and Industry. The bill, with some possible amendments, will be brought forth during the 2007 legislative session. Interested parties may view the legislation at www. At left: Tom Joachim, CCLD executive director; Scott Brener, DLI commissioner; John Schultz, CCLD assistant .html&session=ls84. Comments about the bill language may be sent via e-mail to
director; Nancy Leppink, DLI legal director and Charlie Durenberger, CCLD enforcement services, responded to stakeholder questions July 13, 2006, during a legislative planning meeting at DLI.

CCLD Web site updated with improved customer resources
• Rule adoption updates The Building Codes and Standards rule adoption Web page now includes a link to the DLI rulemaking. Each chapter number is linked to a docket with current contact and status information. • Local government services/reports/forms As announced in the July issue, municipalities are now able to file online their Building Permit Surcharge Reports, make their payment and saveand view previous reports. • Manufactured Structures Manufactured home licensing packets are now online at forms.html. There are three different packets: • Manufactured homes manufactured home dealer license packet • Manufactured home limited dealer license packet • Manufactured homes manufacturer’s license packet The forms are interactive pdfs with a special feature that allows typed information to automatically appear in other places the same information is required. Although the forms cannot be saved with the typed information, users can print as many copies as needed, including the copy that needs to be mailed to CCLD.

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Questions regarding treated wood and sill anchor bolts
Question: When a sill plate is fastened to the top of names chromated copper arsenate (if available, can still the masonry or concrete foundation wall during the be used in residential construction), copper azole, and construction of a new house (dwelling), what concerns alkaline copper quaternary. are there related to corrosion and fasteners? The International Code Council (ICC) and the International Code Council Evaluation Service have offered the following opinions related to copper-based First, if the sill or plate is on top of a concrete or wood treatments and the ICC Evaluation Service masonry exterior wall that is 8 inches or greater above Reports for those products: the exposed ground, then the wood plate can be of any species capable of supporting the design load. It does Question: Can half-inch diameter carbon steel anchor not need to be treated, redwood, cedar or black locust. bolts be used if the sill plate is ACQ (alkaline copper quaternary) or Ca (copper azole) pressure-preservative If the sill or plate is on top of a concrete or masonry treated lumber? exterior wall that is less than 8 inches above the exposed ground, then the wood plate needs to be decay- Answer: Yes. Exception #1 … specifically allows for resistant heartwood of redwood, cedar, black locust or the use of one half-inch diameter or greater steel bolts. treated. If the wood is to be a “treated” wood, it needs to be a Use Category 2 (or better), as designated by Question: ICC-ES Legacy Reports number NER 628 the American Wood Preservers Association Book of and NER 669 state: “Metals used in contact with … Standards “Use Category System.” (a “Use Category 3 treated wood shall be hot-dip galvanized, stainless steel or triple-coated zinc-polymer materials. Carbon or 4” is considered better). steel, aluminum, red brass and bronze shall not be in If the sill or plate is untreated lumber, redwood, cedar contact with (these) products.” Does the answer to the or black locust, there are no special requirements for first question above change based on the evaluation service reports? fasteners, such as galvanizing. Answer: There are a few different answers based on different scenarios. If the sill or plate is a “borate” treated wood (disodium Answer: No, the answer remains the same. ICCoctaborate tetrahydrate), there are no special ES Evaluation Reports do not modify ICC code requirements. requirements for fasteners. In the International Residential Code, 2000 edition, section R323.3, “Fasteners,” it states: “Fasteners (nails, screws, bolt) for pressure preservative and fireretardant-treated wood shall be hot-dipped galvanized steel, stainless steel, silicon bronze or copper.” And, an “Exception: One half-inch diameter or greater steel bolts.” When the code uses the wood “pressure preservative … treated wood” it generally refers to the copper-based green treatments known by the chemical The ICC opinion above is related specifically to half inch diameter anchor bolts (or larger) only. If the sill plate is a copper-based green treatment, such as chromated copper arsenate, alkaline copper quaternary, or copper azole, all other fasteners in contact with that treated sill plate (nails, screws, staples) are required to be hot-dipped galvanized, stainless steel, silicon bronze or copper. Although not specifically noted in the current 2000 edition of the International Residential


Construction codes questions and answers

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Questions regarding treated wood and sill anchor bolts
Construction codes questions and answers continued from page 2

Congratulations to the state’s recently designated municipal Building Officials: • Loren Kohnen City of New Germany • Leslie Nelson City of Atwater • Ron E. Wasmund Lynden Township The Building Official list is online at buildingcodes.html. If a change is needed to the list, please contact Peggi White at Official notices are sent to Building Officials via e-mail. Please send changes to e-mail addresses or business phone numbers to bcsd. Municipalities should report Building Official designation changes to Peggi White at CCLD. The form is online at www.doli. designation_of_certified_ building_official.html.

Code, the galvanizing standard referenced by the chemical manufacturers for the fasteners is ASTM A 153. When the 2006 edition of the International Residential Code is adopted by the State of Minnesota, it will contain new language that will state, “The coating weights for zinc-coated fasteners shall be in accordance with ASTM A 153.” One last note. In conversations with the ICC after receiving its opinion related to the one half-inch anchor-bolt exception, the ICC noted that the opinion is based on a few criteria. First, the relative mass of steel in the one half-inch diameter bolt. Second, the issue related to corrosion of metal with treated woods is a function of wood in a liquid environment, such as the exterior of a house with the rain and snow that has a continuous wet and dry cycle. Also, when used as a sill plate on the interior of a basement, it is assumed that the constant relative humidity stays below 75 percent.

Come join us at the Minnesota State Fair, Aug. 24 through Sept. 4, 2006. CCLD will again participate in the Governor’s Fire Safety Day, Friday, Aug. 25.

Building Official, Building Official limited and accessibility classes

If you wish to submit a construction codes question, please contact Peter Kulczyk at He is coordinating the submissions and responses in this column. All are welcome to contact any of the CCLD technical staff at DLI regarding code questions.

Sept. 26 - 29 and Dec. 19 - 22, 2006 Additional information and registration form are online at certification.html.

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CCLD staff representing the division at recent events
At right: Building code representatives, Jim Marka, Region 3, and Kevin Mealhouse, Region 6, represented CCLD June 28, 2006, at the 2006 League of Minnesota Cities Conference in St. Cloud.

A Chinese labor delegation met with DLI representatives July 17, 2006, to discuss how the agency communicates labor and code laws to its stakeholders. At right: Tom Joachim, CCLD executive director, responded to questions regarding CCLD asked through an interpreter.

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