Questions about Plan Review

If my project won’t be ready for review for a few months, is there anything I can do now? The first thing you can do is submit an “Initial Application for Plan Review." This
allows us to create a file on the project and get a head start on determining whether this office will do the plan review or whether it will be delegated it to the local code official. The second thing you can do is schedule a preliminary code review meeting with one of our plan reviewers. This gives us a chance to give you feedback on major code compliance matters while you are still in the design-development stage.

What do I need to submit for plan review? The 3 basic components that must be
included for ALL applications for plan review are: (1) The plan review fee; (2) A completed Application for Plan Review; (3) Construction documents. These documents must include as applicable: plans & specifications, Code Record, structural calculations, Special Inspection Program, soils report, sample structural calculations & energy code compliance forms.

What happens if I am missing one of the 3? Your partial application will be set aside
as incomplete and you will be notified in writing as to what is missing. If the material is not received within 30 days, your application materials are discarded.

When my application is complete, what happens next? Your construction
documents are dated and then placed in a rotation for review. Plans are taken for review in a first-come first-served manner. The exceptions are for Preferred Submittals, Repetitive Building Plans, and reroofing or similar very small projects. The plan reviewer will perform a complete plan review that includes an examination for major features of the State Building Code. This includes elements of codes and laws that regulate general health & safety, fire-protection, structural systems, energy conservation, accessibility for the disabled, & mechanical systems. Upon completion of the review, you will receive a detailed report of deficiencies or questions that must be addressed in order for your plan to be approved for construction. You should be aware that all required revisions to the documents must be contractually binding such as through addenda or change order. Letters explaining how deficiencies have been corrected are helpful, but alone do not substantiate code compliance. You should direct all responses to your plan reviewer. Although your resubmittal will normally be given priority, it can take a few days for the reviewer to fit the re-review into their schedule and complete the work. Once it has been determined that all of the items have been adequately addressed, the reviewer will send you a “Plan Review Complete” letter. This signifies that the plans have been approved for construction pending issuance of a Building Permit. In order to expedite, we can e-mail or fax our approving correspondence.

Can I receive approval to begin just the foundation? We do not normally plan review
separate “bid-packs” including those for foundations alone. This makes more work for us and slows down the process for other projects awaiting review. Only the Plan Review Supervisor may authorize a partial review upon submittal of an Application for Partial Plan Review.