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Environmental Statement Report 2010 - 2011 for Sitapuram Power Limited


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Environmental Statement Report 2010 - 2011 for Sitapuram Power Limited

Index of the Audit Report:
The environmental statement report is based on data generated for twelve months during the period April 2010 to March 2011. The report consists of the following chapters: Chapter 1.0 – Introduction This chapter provides background information, location of the plant, process being adopted and scope of the study. It also provides the information about climatic conditions in general in the project area. Chapter 2.0 – Form – V Ministry of Environment and Forest has made it mandatory to all industries which require authorization under Environmental (protection) act to submit an environment statement, for each financial year to the concerned state pollution control board. This chapter presents filled in form-V along with the supporting documents. Chapter 3.0 – Pollution Audit This chapter presents detailed studies on Air Quality, Noise Quality in the 10 km radius taking the plant as a center. 3 sampling locations have been identified in 10 km radius in different directions and ambient air quality has been studied extensively for twelve months during the period April 2010 to March 2011, subsequently. The noise levels have been measured both in the plant for various equipments and at various human settlements within the 10 km radius. This chapter provides an insight of the existing pollution levels and provides the overall description of the existing environmental status during the operation of the plant. Chapter 4.0 - Safety and Energy Aspects This chapter provides information about various safety measures under taken by M/s. Sitapuram Power Limited. In view to safe guard manpower from the occupational health problems. This chapter also depicts the energy consumption for the captive power plant during 2009 - 10. Chapter 5.0 –Auditor’s Comments This chapter presents the exclusive comments on the existing pollution levels, measures taken for abatement of pollution and recurring Investment on operational maintenance of pollution control equipment.

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0 – Introduction Vison Labs.2011 for Sitapuram Power Limited Chapter 1. Hyderabad. 4 .Environmental Statement Report 2010 .

Also over the years. The water (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act. The submission of an environmental statement is applicable to the following. Nalgonda Dist. 1986 and Those who require authorization under Hazardous wastes (Management & Handling) Rules. 1989. awareness has brought in realization to consider environmental protection a bare necessity. which would subsequently evolve into an environmental audit. of India provides for submission of environmental statement by all concerned industries. A. P. Gone are the days when industrialization meant profit making and environment was grossly neglected. recognizing the importance of comprehensive structural mechanism to ensure that the industrial activities do not cause any effects on environment. 1986 has been issued on 1991. A notification under the Environment (Protection) Rules. 1974 and Environment (Protection) Act.0 INTRODUCTION: Industrial pollution in our country is on increase and is creating a high-risk environment. for the year of 2010 . Various legislations viz. Environmental Audit is a technique being introduced for integrating the interest of the industry and the environment so that these could be mutually supportive. In order to comply with the statutory requirement as well as to maintain corporate image in the region.Sitapuram Power Limited.Environmental Statement Report 2010 . Sitapuram Power Limited.The Department of Company Affairs also agreed to include this requirement as a part of the Director’s Annual Report...P. 5 . Hyderabad. Hyderabad the job of studying the various factors to prepare environmental statement. the investments for such a protection are still considered a liability by many industrialists mainly due to lack of up-to-date scientific practices of environmental management. 1974. A.2011 for Sitapuram Power Limited 1. Nalgonda Dist.2011. Those who require consent under the Air (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act. The enclosed report details about the environmental statement for the M/s. M/s. It is being realized that industry and environment should go hand – in – hand so as to achieve sustainable development. This technique is basically a part of industry’s internal procedures in meeting their responsibilities towards better environment. i) ii) iii) Those who require consent under the water (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act. requiring industries to submit an environmental statement for the financial Year ending on March 31 in Form V to the concerned State Pollution Control Boards on or before September 30 every Year beginning 1993. Vison Labs. Yet. entrusted Vison Labs. Also the policy statement for abatement of pollution by the Govt. 1986 have come into force and organization created to combat pollution. Consideration of environmental factors at par with production helps in minimizing material loses and also in reduction of liabilities in the long run.

End-of –the-pipe waste treatment techniques. In the industries. the concept of waste prevention and reduction can workout to be more effective. Facilitating control of environmental practices by a company‘s management. the top management of a company or an industry may not be aware of the factual situation of their industry from environmental angle. Assessing compliance with regulatory requirements. wherein all the wastes are carried to a common facility for treatment. The management should be able to periodically review those environmental practices of the company to formulate / modify the company’s environmental policy accordingly. It is also very essential to periodically monitor this aspect. In this growing complexity of problems. especially in case of the multiplicity of manufacturing product in the same premises. The waste generation may vary hourly. Thus the regulatory risk can overcome and effective steps taken for pollution control.Environmental Statement Report 2010 . and Placing environmental information in the public domain. is proving to be ineffective and uneconomical due to the complexity of problems associated with waste generation. documented. In cases of gaps for compliance with the regulatory requirements.1 PHILOSOPHY OF ENVIRONMENTAL AUDIT: Definition: Environmental auditing is a management tool comprising a systematic. liquid and solid phases. Such unknown facts form hidden liabilities more often than not expose an industry to regulatory risks. 6 . The wastewater characteristics also widely vary from stream to stream discharged from various unit operations of a particular product.2011 for Sitapuram Power Limited 1. their quantity and characteristics. Many times. especially the chemical industries. These excess usages of raw materials. determine the gaps and workout action plans for implementation with in a reasonable time frame keeping in view the financial and other considerations of a company. Vison Labs. Hyderabad. find their way include non-product discharges in gaseous. periodic and objective evaluation of how well the management systems are performing with the aim of: i) ii) iii) iv) Waste prevention and reduction. the regulatory bodies could be apprised of these action plans and time obtained for implementation. raw materials are used in excess of the tachometric requirements because of the limitations on practically achievable operational efficiencies and the raw materials purity. unless recovered. daily and seasonally. It is important to find out whether the industry is complying with environmental standards and other regulatory requirements.

Ensures independent verification identifies matters needing attention. emergencies etc. Helps in understanding the technical capabilities and attitude of the environmental organization in a company.2 BENEFITS OF ENVIRONMENTAL AUDIT Environmental auditing has far reaching benefits to the industry. 7 . The benefits of environmental audit are. 1. Environmental auditing can be viewed as a ‘management tool’ internally. policies and responsibilities. especially to those who are shareholders. and provides timely warning to management on potential future problems and Helps to safeguard environment. and adoption of recycle / recovery/ reduction in pollution load. Identifies potential cost savings which can be accrued through reduction in raw material consumption by way of waste minimization. regional and national laws and regulations. pollution control status. with the company’s policy and with the environmental standards. Public are to be made aware of the environmental information of the company. Provides up-to-date environmental data base for use in plant modification. and assists in complying with local. Hyderabad. Increases awareness of environmental requirements. i) ii) Determines how well the process systems and pollution control systems are performing and identifies the operations of poor performance. to the society and the nation at large. so as to build in among them confidence. and ‘liaison’ externally with the public and regulatory bodies. ii) iii) iv) v) vi) vii) Vison Labs. and their bounden social obligation related to environment so as to decide on the future mode of actions. Unravels surprises and hidden liabilities due to which regulatory risk and exposure to litigation can be reduced.2011 for Sitapuram Power Limited It is also imperative that the management of a company should have a clear picture of ‘attitudes’ and ‘technical capabilities’ of their organizational set-up for protecting environment.Environmental Statement Report 2010 .

Quantities and characteristics To identify the possibilities of waste minimization. sensitive zone. ii) iii) iv) v) vi) vii) Recognizing the importance of the structured and comprehensive mechanism for ensuring that the activities and products do not have any adverse affects on environment. M/s. 8 . The objectives of environmental audit in an industry are: i) To determine the mass balance of various materials used and the performance of various process equipment so as to identify usage of materials in excess than required. to review to conversion efficiencies of process equipment and accordingly fix up norms for equipment / operations performance and minimization of the wastes. SITAPURAM POWER LIMITED retained M/s. To verify compliance with the standards and conditions prescribed by the regulatory bodies under the Water Act.3 OBJECTIVES: The environmental audit helps in pollution control. Hence overall objective can be stated as achieving of sustainable development. and (b) environmental policy of the company. Hyderabad.Environmental Statement Report 2010 . agricultural area. there sources.) due to the disposal of wastewater. and recovery and Recycling of wastes. and viii) To check the effectiveness of (a) organizational set-up of the industry for decision making and environmental management with special reference to their ‘technical’ view point. safety and health and conservation of natural resources. which may yield and contribute to differences in approach thereby influencing the end results.2011 for Sitapuram Power Limited 1. To determine the impact on the surrounding environment ` (groundwater. To determine the performance of the existing waste treatment / control systems so as to modify or install additional or alternative control equipment accordingly. objectives are to be defined clearly or else the audit procedure will be subject to varying interpretations. ‘attitudinal’ view point and training. quantities and Characteristics and (c) To determine the solid wastes and hazardous wastes generated. etc.VISON LABS to under take the Environment Statement Studies. Vison Labs. the Air Act and the Environmental (Protection) Act. However for conducting environmental audit. improving production. (a) To identify the areas of water usage and wastewater generation and Determine the Characteristics of wastewater. residential area. if necessary. their Sources. (b) To determine the emissions. stream. emissions and solid wastes from the industry and accordingly identify suitable preventive measures.

• • • • • Sitapuram Power Limited . 9 . The coal based thermal power plant is located near Dondapadu Village.43 MW coal based power plant for Zuari Cements. Wardha Power Company Limted (WPCL) – 4 x 135 MW coal based power plant at MIDC. KSK has successfully implemented and operating power generation plants in the country.Environmental Statement Report 2010 . District Bikaner. Andhra Pradesh. Warora. Some of the projects are listed below: • Arasmeta Captive Power Company Pvt. Village Gurha. Maharashtra and Kerala. Mellacheruvu Mandal. KSK is currently implementing many projects. Rajastan. The index map of the Power plant 10 km radius study area map shown in figure-1 and figure-2 Respectively. Ltd. Tamil Nadu. Andhra Pradesh.2011 for Sitapuram Power Limited 1. Kasorgod Power Company Limited (KPCL) – 21 MW Independent Power Plant (IPP) based on LSHS at Kasorgod. with an installed capacity of over 800 MW in various states of AP.1 X 135 MW Lignite Based Power Plant. Sai Regency Power Company Private Limited . Ltd at Janjgir-Champa District of Chhattisgarh.4 Project Setting: VS Lignite Power private Limited has been promoted by the KSK Energy Ventures Limited (KSK). Hyderabad. VS Lignite Power Private Limited (VSLP) . Vison Labs. Fugitive emissions are expected from coal handling area. Maharastra. Tamil Nadu. Dist Chandrapur.58 MW Gas Based Power Plant at Ramanathapuram. coal storage area and ash handling area. Chhattisgarh. – 2 X 43 MW (Phase-I & II ) coal based power plant for Lafarge India Pvt. Nalgonda District. Kerala. The 96 m high stack is the main source of air pollution from the power plant. a company engaged in development of power generation projects.

5 Process Description : The Sitapuram Power Limited is a unit with configuration of 2 x 21.5 MW units.5 MW) 90 TPH AFBC type Boiler 43 MW 30 MT/hr. The salient features of the power plant are given in Table-1. N. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Parameter Plant capacity Capacity of steam generator Generator Fuel Ash Generation Water requirement and source Total waste water generation Waste water treatment Description 43 MW (2 X 21. The project involves two AFBC boilers. TABLE .2011 for Sitapuram Power Limited 1. S. 10 . Vison Labs. with one steam turbine and two boilers.Environmental Statement Report 2010 . generating steam at 89 bars at 515 oC with one condensing turbo generator set having generating capacity of 43 MW of power. sourced from SCCL 280 TPD 6000 KLD from river Krishna 1569 KLD with total recycle and reuse • Neutralization pond • Guard pond • RO plant Adequate fire fighting systems as per tariff Advisory Committee(TAC) and OISD Guidelines 96 m and 4.1 SALIENT FEATURES OF SITAPURAM POWER LTD. Hyderabad.0 m ESP’s with four fields for each boiler outlet 9 10 11 Fire fighting system Stack height and diameter at top (m) Air pollution control equipments Source: Sitapuram Power Limited.

Hyderabad. 11 .Environmental Statement Report 2010 .2011 for Sitapuram Power Limited Sitapuram Power Limited SOURCE: MAPS OF INDIA INDEX MAP FIGURE -1 Vison Labs.

Hyderabad. 12 .2011 for Sitapuram Power Limited FIGURE-2 STUDY AREA MAP OF 10 KM RADIUS SHOWING SAMPLING LOCATIONS Vison Labs.Environmental Statement Report 2010 .

The scope of study broadly includes: • • • • 1. Accessibility. 13 . Field studies have been conducted during April 2009 to March2010. Location of villagers / towns/ sensitive areas. Areas which represent baseline conditions. canals and rivers. location of surface water bodies like ponds. The field observations area used to: • • Identify extent of negative impacts on community/ natural resources. which will determine existing conditions of various Environmental attributes. Existing topography. and To identify critical environmental attributes required to be monitored.Environmental Statement Report 2010 . Methodology of the study: The consultants conducted reconnaissance survey and sampling locations were identified on the basis of: • • • • • • Predominant wind directions in the study area as record by Indian meteorological department (IMD) station at khammam.7 To conduct liter rate review and to collect data relevant to the study area. and Identify mitigation measures and monitoring requirements. collation and analysis of baseline data for various environmental Attributes. power availability and security of monitoring equipment.2011 for Sitapuram Power Limited 1. Hyderabad. To identify various existing Pollution loads due to various activities in the Ambient Levels. Vison Labs. To undertake environmental monitoring so as to establish the baseline environmental status of the study area.6 Scope of the study: The study covers core area of 5 km radius circle with the plant site as the center. and Collection. pollution Packets in the area.

Hyderabad.2011 for Sitapuram Power Limited CHAPTER 2.0 – Form – V Vison Labs.Environmental Statement Report 2010 . 14 .

Dondapadu Village. Sitapuram Power Limited. Sastry Director M/s.2010) 4. & Fax No.Environmental Statement Report 2010 .8 9.97 lit/ KWH During the current financial year (2010 .235248. Nalgonda District Andhra Pradesh-508246 Tel. Operation or process : Mr. PART – B Water and Raw Material Consumption (i) Water consumption.0 44.2011 for Sitapuram Power Limited FORM . K.0 DM Plant Cooling Tower Domestic Name of Product Water Consumption per unit of product During the Previous Financial year (2009.: 08683. Mellacheruvu Mandal. 15 . A. Hyderabad. m3/day : Please refer Annexure 1A Previous Year Current Year (2009-2010) (2010-2011) 2.02 9.V (See Rule 14) Environmental Statement Report for the financial year ending the 31st March 2011.2011) 3. PART-A (i) Name and adders of the Owner/Occupier of the Industry.52 lit/ KWH Electricity Vison Labs. : Red Category – Hazardous Coal based power plant : 43MW : 2008 : September 2010 (ii) Industry Category (iii) Production capacity (iv) Year of Establishment (v) Date of the last environmental Audit report submitted.0 4356.06 2737.

16 . 1989) During the current financial year (2010-2011) 0.Environmental Statement Report 2010 .000007749 PART – C Pollution Generated (Parameters as specified in the consent issued) Pollution discharged to Environment/ Unit of output (i) Pollutant a) b) Water Air Quantity of Percentage of Pollution variation from Generated Prescribed standards Please refer Annexure I B & I C Please refer Annexure I D PART – D Hazardous Wastes (As specified under Hazardous wastes / management and handling rules. /KWH of Electricity) During the previous financial year (2009-2010) Coal LDO Oil Electricity Electricity 0. Hyderabad. Nil Nil 11 lit.0008993 0. Consumption of raw material per unit of output (Tons/KWH.0009214 0.0000000216 Hazardous Wastes Total Quantity During the During the Previous current Financial year financial year (2009 .2011) 49 lit. Vison Labs.2010) (2010 .2011 for Sitapuram Power Limited Raw Material consumption: Name of raw Material. Nil Nil (a) From process Waste oil (b) From pollution control Facility (c) Quantity recycled or Re-utilized Waste oil generated in the process will be sold to APPCB authorized waste recycler. Lit. Name of Products.

2011 for Sitapuram Power Limited PART-E Solid Wastes Total Quantity During the During the previous current financial year financial year (2009-2010) (2010-2011) (a) From process Fly ash Bottom ash (b) From Pollution Control facility (c) Quality recycled or re-utilized i) Bottom ash and Fly Ash 1. 100%) fly ash was sent to M/s. Italcementi Group for further disposal. 17 .Environmental Statement Report 2010 . The generated waste oil will be sold to APPCB authorized waste recyclers after having adequate quantity of it.23 0. Also the generated bottom ash was sent to M/s. Italcementi Group (Zuari Cement Limited) for use in Portland Pozzolona Cement manufacturing.e. Italcementi Group (Zuari Cement Limited) for use in Portland Pozzolona Cement manufacturing.15 Nil Lac MT Lac MT 1.133 Lac MT Nil The total generated (i..118 Lac MT 0. Hyderabad. PART – F Please specify the characteristics in terms of composition and quantum of hazardous as well as solid wastes and indicate disposal practice adopted for both these categories of wastes. Vison Labs. The total generated fly ash was sent to M/s.

2011 are follows: I. Cost details of pollution control equipment & environmental monitoring for the financial year 2010 .368 MU Rs. 63. 18 . Regular monitoring of ambient air quality.58. in Lacs) Air pollution control Department Expense (including stores & spares) Waste water treatment plant Solid waste disposal Noise assessment Environmental Monitoring Fire protection/Fire fighting Greenbelt Development/Maintenance Water cess Rs.000/- Total quality of products Cost per unit of product 289.022 per KWH Vison Labs. a) b) c) d) e) f) f) h) Revenue nature (Rs.Environmental Statement Report 2010 . 0.2011 for Sitapuram Power Limited PART – G Impact of the pollution control measures on conservation of natural resources and on the cost of production. Hyderabad. stack emissions and effluent quality have been taken up to evaluate the efficiency of the pollution control systems and control measures on the overall emissions from stack and ambient air.

prevention of pollution. A massive tree plantation is in progress inside as well as outside of the Plant premises. of saplings proposed for next financial year is 2000 no. Italcementi Group (Zuari Cement Limited) for recycle/ reuse. All internal roads are either concreted or black topped to reduce the fugitive dust emission inside the plant premises. The no. Vison Labs. ƒ ƒ 10000 plants have been planted inside & all along the periphery of the plant boundary as on 31st march 2011. Hyderabad. 2. no further capital investment is planned for the next financial year 2011 . Venukumar (Plant Head) M/s. Dondapadu Village. Mr. 3. M. 1. 4. Andhra Pradesh – 508246. Nalgonda District.2011 for Sitapuram Power Limited PART – H Additional measures investment proposal for environmental protection including abatement of pollution. 5. A water sprinkling arrangement is provided in the coal handling area to reduce the fugitive dust emission in the plant. Hence there is no discharge of waste water from the plant area and the unit is zero discharge unit. The remaining waste water from guard pond is sent to M/s. of manpower for maintaining neat and clean environment in the plant premises. Sitapuram Power Limited. PART – I Miscellaneous Any other particulars for improving environment protection and abatement of pollution. As already adequate measures have been taken for pollution control. Mellacheruvu Mandal.2012. A guard pond is constructed in the plant for storage of generated waste water and the same is recycled for plantation and coal dust suppression in the plant area.Environmental Statement Report 2010 . 19 . Housekeeping is taking on top priority and engaged 20 no. Also small patches of gardens are developed inside of the plant premises wherever the open space is available to improve the plant beautification.

4 18.6 2814. Hyderabad.07 2 4 438. Water drawn from river 2. Vison Labs. The remaining wastewater from the guard pond is sent to M/s.08 Effluent 44.02 3 6 5.06 2737. Utilization A} Industrial DM Plant Cooling Towers/Boiler Blow down 2814.2011 for Sitapuram Power Limited ANNEXURE – I A WATER BALANCE STATEMENT (m3/day) (April 2010 – March 2011) 1.06 388.4 18.Environmental Statement Report 2010 .45 B} Domestic Canteen Sanitation C} Miscellaneous Fire Practice Green belt Development Total Note: The generated effluent is reused for green belt development and coal dust suppression in the plant.45 668.5 1 2 5.13 Losses 1680.08 Requirement 44. 20 . Italcementi Group (Zuari Cement Limited) for recycle/reuse.5 Recycle 668.6 1707.

0 38.MARCH 2011) Suspended solids mg/l 42.0 26.0 Month April 10 May 10 June 10 July 10 August 10 September 10 October 10 November 10 December 10 January 11 February 11 March 11 pH 7.0 30.2011 for Sitapuram Power Limited ANNEXURE. Total quantity of wastewater generated during April 2010 to March 2011 is 158557 m3.94 8.0 <1.84 8.0 <1.30 Oil & Grease mg/l <1.0 40.0 22.0 <1.02 8.) • • Average flow considered (Effluent) is 434.0 <1. 21 .0 <1.0 <1.12 8.14 8.62 7.0 <1.Environmental Statement Report 2010 . Hyderabad.23 8.0 28.0 30.18 7.0 <1.0 28.59 Quantity of Pollution Generated.&G.12 8. TPA 4.I B DATA OF INDUSTRIAL EFFLUENT (Guard Pond). Vison Labs.0000158 - Parameter Total Suspended Solids (TSS) Oil & Grease (O.40 m3/d.0 40.0 ANNEXURE – I C WASTE WATER GENERATION AND POLLUTANT DISCHARGE MAIN DRAIN EFFLUENT Quantity of Pollution Generated. (APRIL 2010 .0 26.0 <1.0 26.98 8.20 7.0 <1. Kgs/ Lac MU Electricity 0.0 <1.

8 97. Min. Min.83 62.ve = Below the APPCB prescribed Limit Vison Labs.6 226.2011 for Sitapuram Power Limited ANNEXURE – I D AIR [Source Emissions] (April 2010 – March 2011) Stack Attached to Stack Height (m) Stack Diamet er (m) Average Velocity (m/s) Average Temp (0C) Dust Concentration 3 (mg/Nm ) Max.8 142.07 125.6 280. 22 .3 Percentage variation from Prescribed Standards < 34 --- + ve = Above the APPCB prescribed Limit . CO (PPM) Max Min Dust Control Equipme nt Coal fired Boiler 96. SO2 3 (mg/Nm ) Max.7 129.8 195.6 15. Min. NOx 3 (mg/Nm ) Max.7 40.0 5.4 692 558 ESP’s POLLUTION GENERATED AND QUANTITY OF POLLUTION Pollutants Discharged Particulate Matter Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx) Quantity of pollution Generated in the period April 2010 to March 2011 (In tones) 26. Hyderabad.Environmental Statement Report 2010 .

2011 for Sitapuram Power Limited Chapter 3. Hyderabad. 23 .Environmental Statement Report 2010 .0 – Pollution Audit Vison Labs.

1 Ambient Air Quality 3. NOx concentration levels were estimated using Jacob and Hocheiser modified (Na-As) method using preprogrammed HACH spectrophotometer at a wavelength of 540 nm.1.10 to March 2010 covering to the baseline details of ambient air quality monitoring locations are given in Table 3. using Improved IS 5182 (Part –IX) 1974. Benzo(a)Pyrene (BaP) concentration levels using Improved APHA-401 and Carbon Monoxide concentration levels using indicator tub method. Nickel(Ni) concentration levels using improved ASTMD 4185-90. The environmental quality can be assessed by studying the following: 3. The details are given below in Table-3.0 AAQ 5 Muktishwarpuram Village E 3.Benzene(C6H6) concentration levels using Improved APHA-401.5 AAQ 6 3.1 Sampling and Analytical Techniques: Whatman GF/A filter paper was used in PM10 & PM 2.t Distance from code Plant plant (km) Inside the Premises Top of ENMAS Building Within the plant Within the plant AAQ 1 Top of security office Within the plant Within the plant AAQ 2 Top of Administrative Building Within the plant Within the plant AAQ 3 Outside the Premises Dondapadu Village SW 1. Ambient Air samples were analyzed for SO2 concentration levels using Improved West– Gaeke method using preprogrammed HACH spectrophotometer at a wavelength of 560nm. Ozone (O3) concentration levels.3 Water and Waste Water Quality 3.r. Ammonia (NH3) concentration levels using Improved APHA-401.2 Noise Monitoring 3.0 Pollution Audit The basic objective of pollution audit is to investigative the status/ efficiency of environmental management system and equipment vis-à-vis the regulatory requirements.1 TABLE-3. Hyderabad.2011 for Sitapuram Power Limited 3.1.1: Vison Labs.5 AAQ 4 Ramapuram Village NW 5.Environmental Statement Report 2010 . Lead(Pb) .1 Ambient Air Quality The ambient air quality monitoring was carried out in there locations during April .1 DETAILS OF AMBIENT AIR QUALITY MONITORING LOCATIONS Location Location Name Direction w. Arsenic(As). 24 .5 and weighed in Mettler electronic balance and computed as per standard methods.

0 µg/m3 and 82.No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Parameter PM 10 PM 2. average. maximum and minimum concentrations for the study period have been computed from the observed raw data for all the AAQ monitoring stations. The summary of these results is presented in Table . Nickel (Ni) Benzene (C6H6) Benzo(α)Pyrene (BαP) Carbon Monoxide Testing Method to be Followed IS:5182 (Part–IV) 1999 IS:5182 (Part–IV) 1999 IS:5182 (Part–II) 1969.5: The 98th percentile of maximum and minimum PM 2.3 Observations on Primary Data Inside The Plant PM10: The 98th percentile of maximum and minimum PM 10 concentrations during the study period were observed to be 89. The following techniques have been used for ambient air quality monitoring: TABLE-3. 25 .3 µg/m3 and 19.7 µg/m3 respectively.1.3.0 ng/m3 0. 3.5 concentrations during the study period were observed to be 27.0 µg/m3 5.Environmental Statement Report 2010 .8 µg/m3 and 13. The calibration is carried out whenever new absorbing solutions are prepared. NO2: The 98th percentile of maximum and minimum NO2 concentrations during the study period were observed to be 21.3. Arsenic(As). SO2: The 98th percentile of maximum and minimum SO2 concentrations during the study period were observed to be 15.01 ng/m3 1 mg/m3 3.1. with Improved West & Gaeke Method Modified Jacobs – Hochheiser Method / Arsenite Method IS:5182 (Part – IX) 1974 APHA-401 ASTMD 4185 ASTMD 4185 ASTMD 4185-90 1005 OSHA 58 OSHA Indicator tub Method Minimum detectable 4.1 TECHNIQUES USED FOR AMBIENT AIR QUALITY MONITORING S.5 SO2 (Sulfur Dioxide) NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide) Ozone (O3) Ammonia NH3.1. PM2.0 µg/m3 1.0 µg/m3 4.1.2011 for Sitapuram Power Limited Calibration Calibration charts have been prepared for all gaseous pollutants.0 µg/m3 4.9 µg/m3 and 24. Lead (Pb). Vison Labs.6 µg/m3 respectively.06 ng/m3 1.7 µg/m3 respectively.0 µg/m3 0.0 µg/m3 10.5 µg/m3 respectively.2 Presentation of Primary Data The various statistical parameters like 98th percentile.01µg/m3 0.1 µg/m3 0. Hyderabad.

1 µg/m3 respectively.2 µg/m3 and 28. NH3: The 98th percentile of maximum and minimum NH3 concentrations during the study period were observed to be 12.3 µg/m3 respectively.9 mg/m3 respectively.5 µg/m3 respectively. Pb: The value of Pb observed in all locations are Below Detectable Limit respectively.5: The 98th percentile of maximum and minimum PM 2.1 mg/m3 and 1. 26 .4 µg/m3 and 21. O3: The 98th percentile of maximum and minimum O3 concentrations during the study period were observed to be 23. NO2: The 98th percentile of maximum and minimum NO2 concentrations during the study period were observed to be 15.1. As: The value of AS observed in all locations are Below Detectable Limit respectively.2011 for Sitapuram Power Limited O3 The 98th percentile of maximum and minimum O3 concentrations during the study period were observed to be 34.9 µg/m3 and 11.5 µg/m3 respectively.8 µg/m3 respectively. 3. SO2: The 98th percentile of maximum and minimum SO2 concentrations during the study period were observed to be 13.Environmental Statement Report 2010 . C6H6: The value of C6H6 observed in all locations are Below Detectable Limit respectively. NH3: The 98th percentile of maximum and minimum NH3 concentrations during the study period were observed to be 17. Pb: The value of Pb observed in all locations are Below Detectable Limit respectively. Vison Labs.7 µg/m3 and 14. PM2.6 µg/m3 and 33.5 concentrations during the study period were observed to be 13. Ni: The value of Ni observed in all locations are Below Detectable Limit respectively.4 Observations on Primary Data Outside the Premises PM10: The 98th percentile of maximum and minimum PM 10 concentrations during the study period were observed to be 36. Benzo(α)Pyrene (BaP): The values of BαP observed in all locations are Below Detectable Limit respectively.5 µg/m3 respectively.9 µg/m3 respectively. CO: The 98th percentile of maximum and minimum CO concentrations during the study period were observed to be 2.4 µg/m3 and 12.1 µg/m3 respectively.0 µg/m3 and 11.2 µg/m3 and 14. Hyderabad.

4 98 %tile 14.2 20.9 14.1 Max. 23.8 Avg.3 Max.1 15.8 13.3 Ambient Air quality Results per the year 2010-2011 Inside Plant Area Station Code Min. AAQ-1 AAQ-2 AAQ-3 16.8 mg/m3 and 1. Concentrations (As.1 17.9 15.6 34.9 17.4 98th %tile 1. 2.9 O3 Avg.1 1.2 17. 27 . 14.1 Min. 26. Hyderabad.0 10. AAQ-2 : Top of Security Office 3. 12.4 1. 15.2 NH2 Avg.5 Min. BaP are in Below Detectable Limit.0 82.4 Avg.8 34.1 89.1 98th %tile 15.6 1. AAQ-1 AAQ-2 AAQ-3 30. 1.8 Note: 1.8 13. 9.6 19. NH3 and C6H6) are expressed in µg/m3.6 49.8 14. 18. Ni. The concentrations (PM10.3 1.Environmental Statement Report 2010 .4 mg/m3 respectively. O3. The values of Pb.0 12.2 21. C6H6: The value of C6H6 observed in all locations are Below Detectable Limit respectively. TABLE – 3.1.4 98th %tile 20.8 16.6 1.8 CO Avg. 11. 30.5 1.9 29. 1. 16.1 15.6 83.3 15. NO2. CO: The 98th percentile of maximum and minimum CO concentrations during the study period were observed to be 1.6 28.0 27.1 Max.3 58.3 34. Benzo(α)Pyrene (BaP): The values of BαP observed in all locations are Below Detectable Limit respectively. 12. 1. 10. AAQ-1 : Top of ENMAS Building 2.2 Max.7 14.4 Max.6 12. Pb. AAQ-3 : Top of Administrative Building Vison Labs.7 1.1 16.8 10. PM2.4 22.4 11.1 11.5 th SO2 Min.5.9 Avg.7 th PM2.1 17.7 Station Code Min.9 13.4 PM10 Max. 20. Ni and BaP) are expressed in ng/m3 and Concentrations CO is expressed in mg/m3.8 12.4 98th %tile 30.8 11.7 89. 52.1 9.0 21.2 Max. 84.2 28.2 28.2 25. As.4 25. Ni: The value of Ni observed in all locations are Below Detectable Limit respectively.2011 for Sitapuram Power Limited As: The value of AS observed in all locations are Below Detectable Limit respectively.4 Avg.9 24.5 1.8 98 %tile 84.3 19.8 98 %tile 26.5 Min. C6H6. 9. Location Code and Name: 1. SO2.6 th NO2 Min.

98th %tile Min.9 11.9 13. 98th %tile 31.5 12.6 35.4 12. PM2.0 10.The concentrations (PM10.6 11.8 10.0 21.2011 for Sitapuram Power Limited Ambient Air Quality Results for the year 2010 . AAQ-4 AAQ-5 AAQ-6 Max.9 12.5 1.1 33.5 Min. Ni.2 14.3. Location Code and Name: 4. The day noise levels have been monitored during 6 am to 10 pm and night levels during 10 pm to 6 am at all the locations in the plant area. Avg. Max.1 12.0 15.1 Avg. Avg. Pb.3 30.9 10.5 36.2 1.9 11. Ni and BaP) are expressed in ng/m3 and Concentrations CO is expressed in mg/m3. AAQ-4 : Dondapadu Village 5.8 9. C6H6.8 11.4 10.7 35.1 1. 98th %tile Min.3 18. PM10 Max.2 21. Avg.7 21.1 15.Environmental Statement Report 2010 .3 10.6 23.2. AAQ-5 : Ramapuram Village 6.6 20.4 1. Avg.9 11.1 9.0 12.5 9. 2.2 14.4 12.9 12. NO2. 3. Max. AAQ-4 AAQ-5 AAQ-6 Station Code Min. AAQ-6 : Muktishwarapuram Village 3. As.8 20.5 36.0 13.2011 Outside the Premises Station Code Min. NH3 and C6H6) are expressed in µg/m3. 98 %tile th PM2.2 12.1 Method of monitoring Sound pressure level (SPL) measurements were measured at all locations. Max.8 11.6 10. 28 .1 15. The details of sampling locations along with the monitoring results are presented in the Table .2 CO 14.7 34. Max.6 23.4 1.1 Vison Labs. Max. 98 %tile th NO2 Min. one reading for every hour was taken for 24 hours.3 1.6 12.8 1. Avg. BaP are in Below Detectable Limit. Concentrations (As.4 23.3 NH2 13.3 13.2 27.2 22.7 13.1 13.0 12.2.5 1.5.5 12.9 11.5 O3 10. SO2.2 11.8 11. 98 %tile th SO2 Min.5 13.2 1.4 Note: 1. 98th %tile 19. Avg.1 1. Hyderabad.8 33. O3.7 33.4 12.2 Noise Level Monitoring The Ambient noise levels monitoring were carried out in 12 different locations identified inside of the plant area to find out the day time and night time noise levels.9 12.0 12.4 23.1 30.4 1.1 15. The values of Pb.5 11.3 1.

3 – 69.2 -72.9 71.2011 for Sitapuram Power Limited TABLE .1 – 55. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Locations Turbine area Compressors room Near feed pump Near id fan Near FD fan Near MCW Pump Near martial gate Near main gate Near administrative building Near crushers PFV system Near garden Ld [db(A)] 70.6 dB (A).8 dB (A) to 69. noise levels in the study area are well within the prescribed standards.Environmental Statement Report 2010 .3 43.6 68.5 66.9 63.3 – 70.1– 73.1 – 58.5 – 54.1 – 45.4 – 66.1 48.9 Ln [db(A)] 66.8 – 72.4 – 65.9 48.4 – 54. The result of the water sample is given Table 3.5 – 74.3.2 71. Hyderabad.1 DETAILS OF NOISE MONITORING LOCATIONS AND MONITORING RESULTS S.7 dB (A) it is observed that.5 The day time levels in the study area are ranged from 48. April -2009 to March 2010.6 64.9 70.2 42.6 55.7 65.1 dB(A) to 74.2.6 – 67.1 Vison Labs.e.1 – 72.4 – 73.3 Water Quality One water sample in the plant area was collected and analyzed at a frequency of once in a month during the study period i.9 – 48.8 52.8 62.4 71. where as the night time noise levels are observed to be in the range of 40.9 -68.3. 3.67.8 . 29 .9 – 66.3 69.8 68.8 40.3 – 69.1 – 52.8 – 47. N.5 – 64.9 72.4 50.9 60.

01 20 – 34 3–6 < 1.67 3.3 7.2 50.6 – 12.016 < 0.8 202-378 4.01 – 0.0-92.0 Vison Labs.8 < 0.2011 for Sitapuram Power Limited TABLE .3. Hyderabad.01 < 0.1 Water Analysis Results (April 2010 to March 2011) S.04 – 0.4-5. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Parameter pH Turbidity (NTU) Total Dissolve solids Dissolved Oxygen Total Suspended Solids Total Hardness as CaCO3 Residual Free Chlorine Chloride as Cl Sulphate as SO4 Copper as Cu Iron as Fe Chromium as Cr Zinc as Zn Phosphates as PO4 Chemical oxygen Demand Biochemical Oxygen Demand (3days 270C) Oil & Grease 6+ UOM mg/l mg/l mg/l mg/l mg/l mg/l mg/l mg/l mg/l mg/l mg/l mg/l mg/l mg/l mg/l mg/l Range 8.07-8.04 .< 0.Environmental Statement Report 2010 .3. 30 .07 0.3 30-54 88-144 <0.2-9. N.01 < 0.

0 .Environmental Statement Report 2010 . 31 . Hyderabad.2011 for Sitapuram Power Limited Chapter 4.Safety and Energy Aspects Vison Labs.

I. 4. Hyderabad.2011 for Sitapuram Power Limited 4. 4. II. Approx. conducting safety meetings. Safety function Some of the important safety related activities viz. 4. testing of lifting equipments/ tickles. 13 nos of fire escape points and 3 nos of water monitoring systems are installed in the plant premises Fire direction cum alarm system and manual call points installed in the TG building and electrical control points. 32 . procurement & inventory control of various personal protective equipments &maintaining of safety statistics etc are looked by the SED. plant safety audits.2 Vison Labs. III.3 Specific Energy Consumption Sitapuram Power Limited is commissioned in January 2008 and planning to set up an energy conservation cell to monitor and implement various conservation measures to reduce the specific energy consumption per unit of electricity generated. ESP and boiler area etc.Environmental Statement Report 2010 . LDO oil storage area.0 Safety Aspects The following are the identified fire/ accident-prone areas in captive power plant are coal yard.1 Fire Fighting Equipment Sitapuram power limited has taken up adequate measure to safeguard the worked and property with the following steps. of different types of portable fire extinguishers are available in the plant premises Fire hydrant system consisting of 24 nos of hydrant posts. 34 nos. safety training.

Hyderabad.Environmental Statement Report 2010 .0 –Auditor’s Comments Vison Labs. 33 .2011 for Sitapuram Power Limited Chapter 5.

8. Findings reviewed & passed T. The project authorities have spent Rs. C6H6. 2.2011 for Sitapuram Power Limited 5. PM2. 34 . The present air quality concentration in the plant and out side the plant area shows that the PM10. 1. Good house keeping is in practice to reduce the fugitive emissions from the operations.58 lakhs for Operation and Maintenance of the Air Pollution Control equipment and other pollution control activities and for safety aspects. The total of the fly ash generated in the process is being sent to M/s.0 Auditor’s Comments. the total of 10000 plants have been planted and about 2000 samplings are proposed for plantation in 2010 .2011. The waste oil generated from the plant machinery will be sold to APPCB authorized recyclers. Andhra Pradesh. Pb. 4.63. Ni and BaP are well within the permissible limits prescribed by CPCB.Laxmikanth Reddy Chief Executive Vison Labs.5.As. for M/s.2011. SPL has established an RO plant to treat the waste water generated in the process to recycle/reuse back in the process to reduce the water consumption.Environmental Statement Report 2010 . The water quality is observed to be without any significant change that can cause damage to the existing biotic systems. 3. As on 31st March 2010. O3. NO2.Sitapuram Power Limited. 7. This report presents the findings of study carried out to prepare the Environmental Statement for the year 2010 . Hyderabad. 6. Vison Labs. Nalgonda District. The SPL has taken up the plantation program to develop the green belt around the periphery of the plant area. SO2.Italcementi Group (Zuari Cement Limited) for use in Portland Pozzolona Cement manufacturing. 5. NH3.

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